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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Marioman64 commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Lacks Circle Pad Pro ...:

i'm fine with this, screw the c-stick in smash

also, i'm impressed enough they got something running on the 3ds that's going to run just as smooth as it's full console counterpart, the device "reboot" it does when returning to the home menu from the demo is mind blowing enough. can't wait for that New 3DS to come stateside



Marioman64 commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (North America):

WOOOO ARMILLO! Been waiting for this to come out for months, especially after 2 delays. Can't wait to download it right after work. Mario galaxy gameplay with an adorable armadillo ball? Yes Please! (btw no interest in guacamelee, never heard of it)



Marioman64 commented on Ubisoft Reconfirms Watch Dogs For Fall 2014 Re...:

what's with all you people not buying games because they get delayed? kind of stupid, actually, a lot stupid. if they made a really late release date to start with you wouldn't be complaining. Be patient for the game you want, or you never wanted to get it in the first place. Don't act like you "used to want to get it" but got over it.
I for one am definitely getting this, as it will go nicely with Deus Ex that I also have on my Wii U for AAA third party games



Marioman64 commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

pffft silly people. by making everyone the same it allows a "blank canvas" feel where they can impose personalities without using racial cues. I know it's white, but if they used yellow like the simpsons it would look weird. AND I think the mushroom kingdom is european... italian... places where i imagine 99% white ratio



Marioman64 commented on Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wi...:

um... duh? the gamepad is fantastic. choose to use it, or not. play on the tv, or not (if someone's hogging it), or use both to interact with each other. plus it's got not only an accelerometer and gyroscope, but also a magnetic thing that improves 1-1 motion and allows for some innovative gameplay