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Male, 16, United States

I am probably one of the biggest Super Mario Fans and i have all his games and systems. i also love sonic and kirby. i am mainly only into those three video games. i also love playing golf, basketball, tennis, and baseball. i have few friends but there loyal , and a girlfriend so im takin.

Mon 18th June, 2012

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Mario-Fan commented on GBA Titles Super Mario Ball And Pac-Man Collec...:

oh my god i am so happy! i was literally just playing Mario Pinball Land today and thinking in my head how much id love to see the game on the Virtual Consol or make a new Mario Pinball land and they did one out of the two i was hoping for. I really hope it comes in the US. it probably will though. But sadly its not also coming to the 3DS. hopefully it will later in the year? anyway.. i would love to see Mario Golf Advance Tour, Mario Party Advance, and Mario Tennis: Power Tour made available digitally since all the other Mario games i love are already on the virtual console... i think. lol



Mario-Fan commented on Rumour: Nintendo to Launch Wii U on 18th Novem...:

I guessed the 18th. I can't wate to get the Wii U (hopefully in black) but I wish it came out the week before or the week after because I'm going on a cruise during Thanksgiving. The whole week. Me being a huge fan of Nintendo and not being able to play the Wii U on the day it comes out, knowing that others in north America will be playing it. This will ruin about 30% of my vacation. I hope I can find a way to get the Wii U on the day it comes out but not have it interrupt my vacation? Mama Mia



Mario-Fan commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Global Coin Total Surp...:

I got 1,000,000 coins last night and Ive only had the game for a week and a day if you count today. And I've only played the game for 17 hours and 11 minutes. I do admit that 50,610,416,353 coins is a lot. Keep up the great coin collecting everyone. =)



Mario-Fan commented on Those Wii U Launch Details Might be Coming in ...:

I agree with PunnyGuy The 18th sounds correct because the earlier systems (Gamecube and Wii) was released in November on a Sunday and during the 18 and 19. Also the system should be $300 to $350 tops. And the Wii U also should come with Nintendo land. I certainly look forward to September 13th to hear the news. ( =



Mario-Fan commented on First Impressions: New Super Mario Bros. U:

Definitely getting the game. I love the flying squirrel Mario but I really hope Nintendo will think of at least 1 or 2 more New power ups. I don't really like only 1 new power up per Super Mario game. For example, Mario Galaxy. Nintendo Made 6 new power ups for that game. But I also have to remember that it looks harder to invent power ups for Mario in a 2D Side-scrolling adventure. I can't think of any.



Mario-Fan commented on New Super Mario Bros. U is 'Accessible and Int...:

As you can see from my user name, I am a huge fan of Mario. When I first saw New Super Mario Bros. U I notice a lot of change in graphics, the baby yoshi's are back with 3 colors and each color does different techniques. I've also seen the background which in one level, looks like a Vincent van Gogh painting. I'm not going to go to far into detail on everything but I've listened to the theme song a lot. Maybe 30 times or more and it's much different then the other New Super Mario Bros. Series theme song.

Overall the game looks amazing and this will be the first new super mario bros game that I will really love. Not that I hate the others. I love them to, but there wasn't much change. I can compare them like crazy other then in graphics Wise. Even though I was hoping for a 3D adventure like the galaxy games I am looking forward to getting the game as long as they keep up with things like new enemies or even bosses. Also I would like to see the final boss (Bowser) to be a little hard this time. Not just waiting for Bowser to jump high and run under him and hit the switch. I can't think of any ways to make Bowser Hard as a boss. But that's Nintendo's job.



Mario-Fan commented on Wii U Will be a 'Great Value Proposition':

I expect to pay $350 to $400 with out tax and I think it will come with the system, 1 Gamepad, the Standard cabling, an instruction manual, a club Nintendo code card, and Nintendo Land.

I hope Nintendo will sell the black Wii U at the same time the white one comes out. But if they only sell one, I guess I'll get that color because I won't wait longer than I should be.