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Don't forget the crackers, Gromit!

Tue 11th Mar 2014

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ManateeBlubber commented on Mario Memories: Basking in the Glow of Super M...:

Sunshine was so great. About all the problems of the game people mention qre there, but the blue coin issue can be fixed in a remake. I just love the goofiness and nonchalantness of the game. The boss fights being ridiculous is part of its charm for me. But it can be a little punishing. And in a remake, LET US GET TO THE STUPID HIDDEN BOOK



ManateeBlubber commented on Mighty No. 9 Delayed Until Early 2016:

Don't announce a solid release date and then crotch kick your fans by not bug testing until right before release, and then saying, "Oh, the game's broken. Time for another delay". Come on, Inafune.



ManateeBlubber commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

Iwata's gone... Wow. My prayers go out to his family, and for his sake I hope he went to a better place. Directs will never be the same without his presence. It's so sad that he died in the midst of all the Nintendo Digital Event backlash.



ManateeBlubber commented on Hands On: Blast Ball Brings Crude Button Mashi...:

I'm fed up with the hate about this game.
People tell Nintendo to branch out with their IP, and when they do, fans complain, write countless hate articles, and start petitions to cancel the game.
I understand everything about Amiibo Festival. I do. But this game actually presents something new and expands the Metroid universe. Why would they expand the universe if they weren't going to make another?
I'm going to buy this game. But I'm not reading any more hate articles.