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Fri 17th May 2013

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Mamegoma commented on European Gamers Bemoan PAL Version of Super Me...:

Indeed, Starwolf_UK and GEOFF....

Great article work, Andy Green. :/ It almost seems like you are spreading false information on purpose. I am the one who reported this to Nintendo Life. This is what I wrote:

"Can you please take up about this in your news:

First Kirby's Adventure in its horrid, "optimized" 50Hz version (and with horrid translations for Germans) - now, one of Nintendo's finest games ever - Super Metroid - ALSO will be in "optimized" 50Hz (and, again, with horrid translations for Germans). Further explanations that are brought up in the NeoGAF thread also explain why these "optimized" versions run much worse on the Wii U than on the Super NES (or the NES, in regards to Kirby's Adventure).

This is simply unacceptable for the year 2013. Crippled 50Hz gaming should've ended with the Dreamcast, when Sega introduced the option of 60Hz for most PAL Dreamcast games, yet fourteen and a half years later, Nintendo still can't even let people choose which release they want of digital downloads! If some person wants King Dedede to be named König Nickerchen in his/her download of Kirby's Adventure, and play it in the otherwise crippled, choppy 50Hz version where Kirby's speed has been "optimized" into 60Hz-like speed, while all enemies still move in 50Hz speed, making the game much easier and just worse than if they simply had left it at unoptimized 50Hz, then that person should be free to download that crippled version (instead of being forced to have the German version, if you live in Germany, like it is today). Meanwhile, everyone else should be free to download the U.S. version, or why not even the Japanese? Why is it so incredibly difficult for Nintendo to provide these options for their customers? (I also could ask why Nintendo do not get how much more money they could make if they released their Virtual Console games at reasonable prices, rather than asking people to pay several times too much for them, but that is a whole other discussion.)

...Well, that ends my rant, I suppose. =_=; Could you please bring up about this in your news...? Many Europeans and Australians are sure to be thankful, if you do. If not enough sites bring up about this, Nintendo clearly are just not going to stop with this. :/"

That it is so cheap is no excuse, by the way. It only will be so for a month, and after that, it will be ridiculously overpriced, instead, for a defective version, possibly for the whole lifespan of the Wii U. Honestly, sometimes it seems as if Nintendo WANTS people to emulate.