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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Makeda commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo 64:

That was a nice article there, and I couldnt help but to agree on some aspects there.My gripe with the N64 at the time was that it's games were hilariously exspensive comapredto the PS1's titles and in retrospective there was too few gmes released at one time (well, stellar ones anyways). What I loved (and still do) about my N64 is that it had some of the best games I have ever played and despite its shortcomings it remains my fave console as it was also the first console I played till the birth and death of and more importantly games such as Perfect Dark, LoZ: Marjora's Mask, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Mario Tennis etc mademe happpy.

What I find ironic is that of the three big points of death ypou mentioned at the end "expensive, too narrow in its demographic focus, and too difficult to program " Sony seem to have two of these already which isn't exactly a great start to any console >_>. Now Nintendo have the unmentioned fourth problem which is a "lack of power" while M$ seem to be in the driving seat with no aspects that could hinder their sales (besides the poor quality of the consoles themsleves that is)