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Sat 23rd Mar 2013

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MajorBritten commented on Wii U Finally Hits One Million Sales in Japan:

The biggest problem Nintendo face is the lack of games. Japanese devs have pretty much given up completely on the system and even the strongest supporting western devs are dropping out as well. With the PS3 that was never a problem, no matter how badly the system was selling, third parties still blindly put all of their big games on there.

What Nintendo needs to do is either buy up some developers or carry on arranging partnerships similar to Platinum Games as its pretty clear at this point that third parties have no interest in supporting Wii U, no matter if Nintendo do manage to turn things around.



MajorBritten commented on Soapbox: Retail Games Cost Too Much To Downloa...:

To be fair I think Nintendo are getting better, all of their recent 3DS eShop games have been priced at £34.99 now instead of £39.99, while buying the physical copies from places like GAME are a bit more expensive. I think the main issue is with the older games that need a price cut. For example Ocarina of Time, Starfox and Pilotwings are still £39.99 on the eShop, even though they have been out for years they are still more expensive than new titles. If they were lowered to £19.99 they would be much more appealing.



MajorBritten commented on Konami: We Had To Take Risks With Castlevania ...:

I really enjoyed LoS but I do prefer the GBA and DS games. I can understand why they would want to shake things up a bit but I dont see why we cant have both styles of games that would keep everyone happy. Nintendo have been doing this with the NSMB series and the main 3D marios. Have the LoS type action games every few years and have a more traditional style 2D Castlevania digital release in-between.