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Mon 23rd Dec 2013

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Maest commented on Namco Bandai Appears Impressed By Demand For D...:

I have been a loyal fan of Digimon since it first aired here, in Spain. I loved this series, merchandising, toys and plushies and videogames like if there was nothing better. I have also been checking my local videogame stores looking for any new Digimon videogame for ages, but it has been so long since last game arrived my region. They were coming to Europe since to long... I have been years waiting for anything of my all-time favourite anime and it has just been in vain. I just bought my 3DS when I knew about the very first news about this videogame.

Now, if they take this petition seriously and they realise how many fans already love their creation, I beg they also take this game to Europe.