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Wed 30th Dec 2015

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MadAussieBloke commented on Video: Digital Foundry Tackles the Native Reso...:

Twilight Princess is such an empty world to revisit and one of the worst in the series right next to Zelda II & Skyward Sword... I don't believe Nintendo gamers are that starved for games that they will run out and buy a lazy remaster of a mediocre title for $60+



MadAussieBloke commented on GameStop Survey Suggests We'll See Nintendo NX...:

@Hotfusion @gatorboi352
Yeah, I have found when I visit this site it is mandatory to leave reality at the main gate before entering... Fanboy ramblings I have heard

PS4/Xbone still don't have any games
Wii U will still be supported until 2018
Wii U is selling 4 million units per year
Nintendo doesn't need 3rd party to survive
NX is a handheld that is more powerful than PS4 (It will cost $600 with a battery that lasts 5 minutes)