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Fri 27th September, 2013

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MadameJynx commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Brings Life to the 3DS...:

Would one be able to transfer their data on their current 3DS XL to one of these new systems? Like my streetpass, pokebank, and other games I've downloaded from eshop?

If it comes in pink then I'll seriously consider upgrading lol



MadameJynx commented on Video: Nintendo Releases a Pokémon Series Sho...:

Ah yes Crystal version. I remember me and my sister being super excited about finally being able to be a girl in the game

I can imagine myself sticking with this series til I'm old and grey and transferring all my favorite pokemon to my grandkids



MadameJynx commented on Pokémon X & Y Torchic Distribution Announced:

I don't want Torchic in my starting party but I'll most likely train it for my competitive team. To the box with you, my dear Torchic!

And even though we've known about this for a while, the site recently updated with more information on how to get it so this is just.. updated old news instead of brand new news lol and not everyone is up-to-date all the time so no harm in putting it out there for people who might not have known!



MadameJynx commented on Pokémon X & Y:

Pre-ordered my copy of Y at Gamestop the other day. I'm seriously drowning in the hype