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United Kingdom

Tue 6th Aug 2013

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MadDragon1846 commented on Bravely Default Deluxe Collector's Edition Det...:

Hmm... Thats a bit better price, but I'd of prefered around £60 though, beings the chances are the figure is just the usual plastic like many other collector's editions, and the game on it's own is £31.85. I've pre-ordered it for the time being. It don't come out for ages so theres a good chance it'll go down in price a bit more before it comes out. If it don't I can always cancel and get the normal edition.



MadDragon1846 commented on GAME Offers Musical Chest With Collector's Edi...:

Wow, pre-ordered this from game instead of shopto even though it was a few quid more, thinking a few quid for the chest was a good deal. Now they want me to pay £49.99!? Think I'll be getting the normal edition from shopto for £31.85 like I was going to before the news of the pre-order chest...