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Sun 22nd Jan 2012

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Macattack commented on You'll Be Able To Choose Bulbasaur, Charmander...:

Don't worry, Squirtle, I'll protect you from the harmful effects of the megastone.
Blastoise has been my favorite Pokemon since the dawn of time. As a fan, I am horrified by this needless decision to 'upgrade' him with a megastone. Besides which, his mega evolution design is insanely disfiguring, unflattering, etc. I can barely bring myself to lay eyes on him. Worst Pokemon-based decision made by Nintendo.
Am I the only one who thinks Charizard looks like a Digimon?

On the bright side, it seems I'll finally get two water starters this time around.



Macattack commented on Interview: Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma Talks DL...:

At least they decided to reveal a truly new Zelda game this year, even if it's for the handheld. I'm stoked for the big Zelda reveal at E3 2014.

@bezerker99: Right you are. xD
It's a good thing they didn't add much if any new content though. Who wouldn't want this 'new' Wind Waker experience to feel exactly the same as it did on Gamecube? After all, it's really for people who never got the chance to play the original.



Macattack commented on You Can Now Use Your GameCube Pad On Your Wii U:

Oh man, YES!!! You have no idea how awkward it is for me to play Smash Bros. among other titles on the Wii U with the pro controller. I just can't shake that comfy grip/layout I'm used to having with my 'ol GCN controller.
I will most definitely be picking this up~!



Macattack commented on Talking Point: Wii U vs Xbox One - Online Requ...:

@LDXD: Brilliant idea. Still, they would have to make it so that any fees that might occur could automatically be billed to your account. 'Cause, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't appreciate having to press "accept" every time someone might pick up one of my extra controllers. Ease of use is very important to me.



Macattack commented on Video: Sonic Lost World Debut Trailer Blasts A...:

Oh give me a break. This looks to be another generic, sonic-only game. The trailer ran smoothly with great 3D animation, but I couldn't get over how 'empty' everything felt. And those enemies… facepalm I had a bad feeling about those silhouettes and this trailer only served to confirm my fears.
I can only hope that Tails and (heaven forbid) Knuckles even make an appearance in this game. I used to be crossing my fingers for the chance that they might become playable again, but it seems Sega is too busy making Sonic a one-size-fits-all.
You proved that different styles of gameplay with different characters could be fun, Sega. (STH2, STH3) Do it again.



Macattack commented on Capcom USA Senior VP Responds to Ace Attorney ...:

Is it just me, or do his 'answers' sound more like threats? This is just another way a company like Capcom is trying to force download-only gaming to its customers. WE'RE the ones who should be offended here, yet Capcom would have you believe it the other way around.
I'm quite frankly ticked off that Capcom would threaten me as a fan in this way, especially when I own every game in the franchise. As far as I'm concerned, Capcom can keep their Dual Destinies, and any other they happen to release as download-only. Besides how they've pleaded with me while spitting in my face, I hated the fact that they moved from the memorable and classy 2D artwork to an awkward, step-down 3D experience. Not cool, Capcom. -_-
I don't know about everyone else here, but I will not forced to buy their game for my own good, just because I happen to like the series... a lot...