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Fri 30th December, 2011

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Mk_II commented on Nintendo Held Back Western Launch Of New 3DS D...:

You guys obviously have no idea what it takes to bring a product to the international market. How much stock would you make? BTW: if you overestimate demand, the profit margin disappears into warehousing and inventory costs and you will be fired.



Mk_II commented on Nintendo's Wii U TVii Service is Formally Canc...:

I am seriously miffed about this. Not unexpected that it is cancelled after all this time but TVii was one of the reasons why the Wii U appealed to me. Very disappointing news and no, i'm not going to watch some lame kiddie stuff instead.



Mk_II commented on Talking Point: Star Fox for Wii U is an Ongoin...:

I'm not worried the game will be too short. Back then, SF64 was severly restricted by the limitations of available cartridge memory. Just look at how they re-used almost every texture to squeeze the most out of it. But now a game has so much more resources available that there are almost no limits to what could be done.



Mk_II commented on Reminder: Club Nintendo New 3DS Ambassador Pro...:

Yup, ordered one first thing this morning after i spent yesterday evening frantically searching for my credit card :)

@bouncer0304 These promotions are limited by design. They are intended to generate excitement and a "must have" feeling before the launch, not as an alternative distribution channel. When the original Phat DS was launched, NoE did a similar VIP program to get people talking about it.



Mk_II commented on Nintendo Europe Shipping Ambassador Edition Ne...:

Got the special offer in the mail... woot! I will certainly buy it, even though i don't really have the money. It's an instant collectable and i will keep it sealed for my collection.

BTW: NoE did a similar thing when the DS was launched, the DS VIP program and i took part in that as well



Mk_II commented on Satoru Iwata Chipped In To Make Sure Super Sma...:

Iwata often gets a lot of flak here but I've often said that he's crucial to keep Nintendo on the right path. There are very few CEO's in the business who "grok" the development process or even the fun of playing games. Replace him with a typical beancounter and the Nintendo we love will cease to exist.



Mk_II commented on Review: Lode Runner (Wii U eShop / NES):

Friend of mine had an Apple II back in 1983 and i fondly remember playing this game, Choplifter and the original Castle Wolfenstein over and over again. Good times!



Mk_II commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

No way! It would eat up an awful lot of money for R&D and marketing and the chances of it being a succes AND make some money are very close to zero. Look what happened to Sony Erickson, Nokia or the Windows Phone platform.



Mk_II commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

MediaMarkt in the Netherlands also jacked up it's price from a very reasonable 12,99 euro to 14,99. They've been restocked this week but only with the most popular characters likecMario, Yoshi, Pikachu etc. Marth, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer or even Kirby are nowhere to be seen



Mk_II commented on Parent Trap: amiibo Packs a Hidden Family Payload:

They're selling alright... a large retail chain has a "buy two, get one free" deal for all amiibo, Skylanders and Infinity figures. After two days, all the amiibo in the 3 stores near to me have nearly sold out. One store had some Pikachu and Peach figures left and that was it. Glad i managed to pick up six different models before they ran out of stock.



Mk_II commented on Nintendo UK Store Launches "24 Days of Christm...:

great... i paid a lot of Club Nintendo stars for that soundtrack. And now i can't order it or anything else because im not a UK resident. Nintendo please get your act together and launch a pan-European online store