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Sat 29th Aug 2009

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MJRyder commented on Review: Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (DS):

I agree there are certainly Scribblenauts comparissons to be made. Scribblenauts is however the far superior game. The main difference here of course is not only that this is drawing (obviously), but you very rarely actually use drawing to solve problems or challenges. There are a few very small examples of 'drawing challenges' using the 'altar' which you design fairly early on but the disappointment comes in the fact that the altar challenges are so limited, so poorly constructed, that you wonder why they bothered with them at all.

As I said in my review: the potential is certainly there, but ultimately, this is a game that (yet again) fails to live up to its promise.



MJRyder commented on Review: LEGO Battles (DS):

@mega: Please see my closing comments. As a Lego game, this game is a bit of a let down, but as an RTS it's quite fun - especially considering it's on the DS. If you're looking for a 'Lego' game specifically, you should probably look at other games, but if the Lego side is just a bonus, then the game is certainly worth a look.



MJRyder commented on Review: MechAssault: Phantom War (DS):

It's fine - I'd rather have this discussion here, as it means people can read my expanded comments on my review. You have to remember of course that we have a strictly limited word count, so it's hard to fit absolutely everything in while keeping it interesting, relevant and easy to read

My point in that it was 'solid enough' meant specifically the gameplay dynamics - ie the game as a TPS. The controls are pretty good considering this is a game on the DS - a system not really designed with FPS/TPS primarily in mind. In terms of other positives... one of the few plus points I would put in this area is that the game doesn't really stagnate in terms of mech variety. You certainly do change between mechs quite a bit - even doing so 'mid-level' at times, getting out of your mech and getting into another one. In the above review I never really mentioned this as this small positive seems to me almost an irrelevance when I found myself just sitting there gritting my teeth and the steep learning curve early-on, wondering all the while why on earth I was bothering when the game offered me very little incentive to actually continue playing it.

To be honest if you find it at a bargain price, then it might be worth a look if you think you might be in to this sort of thing. As a full-price game though, it's definately not worth it, even if you're the world's biggest MW fan.

[And off topic: I was fortunate enough that I was able to borrow a copy of MW:PW from my housemate so didn't have to spend any money on actually purchasing it.]



MJRyder commented on Review: MechAssault: Phantom War (DS):

@longtimegamer: Certainly there are going to be some people out there who like this game - I guess that's why this review has triggered so many varied responses. As a TPS for the DS, the game is solid enough, however the problems I outlined in my main review do alot to detract from what should be a fun shooter on a portable system. In response to some of your other questions, firstly I would say there was an impied comment on replayability in that the game is so dull, just playing it through once was enough for me! Sure, some people out there will get some enjoyment out of it, and there will always be the hardcore fanbase that won't hear a bad word said about the MW series, but as a long-time 'oldschool' MW fan myself, I found myself bitterly disappointed.

Regarding scores:
1. This game came out in 2006. I write this review now in 2009, looking at the game with a 2009 perspective. I think given that the DS has moved on somewhat since 2006, you might well expect something of a lower score than you might if I had written this in 2006.
2. This point gets brought up alot on here, but it needs restating as often as possible: here on NL, we strictly class 5 as average. Many games sites (for reasons beyond my comprehension) seem to see 6 or 7 as average. When reading the scores I give games, I start off with a score of 5 in mind and then adjust accordingly given whether my experience was positive or negative. Sure, the TPS mechanic was a positive influence on my score, but the graphics, linearity, plot and difficulty were negative influences. Please don't think I was just 'going off on one' with my review - I really did want MW:PW to be a good game!



MJRyder commented on Review: Big Brain Academy (DS):

@ KnucklesSonic8: I think you will find if you read the last paragraph before the conclusion I said that you can play 'up to seven other players in multiplayer mode via wireless, or failing that the game has space for up to four different players to ‘register’ with the academy and so rate themselves on the same DS'

And to everyone regarding the score: sure this game is probably more enjoyable than the rather bland brain training games, but it falls down on the variety, scoring and progression fronts. Compared to Brain Training, perhaps this game might be considered an 8, but as a game in its own right, I don't think it contains enough to warrent an 8. You need to remember that here on NL we very much assume 5 is the average, and not 7 like so many other gaming sites out there.




MJRyder commented on Review: DJ Star (DS):

@theblackdragon: There is an Eric Prydz track on there (Pjanoo), but you need to remember that most of the 40 tracks included are covers by the 'John Stage Band'. To a non-clubbing fan like myself, this doesn't make much difference, but some of you out there might be disappointed to learn most of the tracks aren't performed by their original artists.

Tracks on the game (deep breath...):

Calabria, Trans Boulogne Express, My Friend Dario, Lady Marmalade, Lap Dance, I'm not alone, Wait (The whisper song), Pjanoo, 4 to the floor - remix, Ride on time, The Chase, Show me love, Canned heat, Last night a Dj saved my life, That's the way (I like it), Ladies night, Celebration, Fame, Acceptable in the 80's, Banquet, Can I have it like that, Change clothes, Number one, Trick me, Run it, Excuse me Miss, Here I come, Infinity 2008, Move on up, Sound of freedom, World Hold On, Rock this Party, I Need You, Rolling, Big Hit, Why Don't You Stay, Je Suis Music (Armand Van Helden Radio Edit), Hysteria, Love and Dance Ritual (Martin Nocera & Montanari Club Remix), Laisser Toucher (Daddy's Groove Remix).



MJRyder commented on Review: Learning with the PooYoos - Episode 1 ...:

I played some of this game with Tom when he was reviewing it. It's actually remarkably fun. I think it would possibly even got an 8 were it not for the debatable level of actual 'learning' content (the game is called 'Learning with the PooYoos' after all). For £4/5 you really can't go wrong.



MJRyder commented on Review: Rayman DS (DS):

As far as I can recall in one of the cut scenes Admiral Razorbeard eats the 1000th lum and the total lum count drops to 999.

Does anyone know why there were only 800 lums in the ps1 version?