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Fri 19th Apr 2013

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MJKOP commented on Custom Range Blaster And Custom E-litre 3K Sco...:

My son is still playing every single day. I don't have that luxury unfortunately, and I'm trying to finish up Yoshi's Woolly World, but I'm still splatting a few times a week at least. Fantastic game



MJKOP commented on Video: Indulge in the Weirdness of This Genei ...:

@rjejr me too, I remember getting Sonic The Hedgehog 2... but on the MasterSystem. I was gutted you couldn't actually be Tails! Sonic Adventure was something else though, dunno how it holds up today & I don't care to find out, I'll just stick with the good memories! Think I bought Ready2Rumble Boxing with it too, was it a launch title? I still have the case for Ready2Rumble Boxing: Round 2, another game I bought because Michael Jackson was in it! Did his own motion capture for that game, I was in my element, big time! 'They call me the King Of Pop!', great taunt.



MJKOP commented on PS4 and Sony Enjoy Dominant Week in Japan With...:

I went for Wii U the day Super Mario 3D World was released, that was the game I wasn't prepared to miss out on. It was Black Friday, & I got the NSMBU / NSLU Premium pack for £179.99. I think it was a great price & I've not regretted it for a second. Got it along with SM3DW, obviously, & treated myself to the Mario & Luigi remotes. I'd love to see a price cut because I'd love others to get the joy out of it that myself and my family have had. I'd really, dearly love to see it in more people's hands



MJKOP commented on The YouTube Wii U App Has Another Update:

My 7yr old daughter watches Seven Super Girls on YouTube, and even she knows it's better to use the Wii U Internet browser rather than the app... In saying that, updates are always welcome, & I'll check this out.



MJKOP commented on Video: Indulge in the Weirdness of This Genei ...:

@rjejr loved my Dreamcast, I was working part-time, still at home. I remember my Mum picking me up from work one night & taking me to Curry's, think they had a one-off sale on all electric goods, & buying it with my own money. I put it away for Christmas, but I must confess to setting it up & playing the opening of Sonic Adventure... good times indeed!



MJKOP commented on Nintendo Drops Out of Interbrand 'Best Global ...:

@dkxcalibur But looking at the list, there are many that I have no doubt Nintendo are more recognisable than. They might be struggling at the minute but as far as a recognisable brand name? They should be there. Of course if the current struggles continue yes they will slip further from the publics radar but right now people know and recognise Nintendo. IMO, anyway



MJKOP commented on Nintendo's UK Store Gives Free eShop Copy of A...:

Nice one, I noticed a few angry / disappointed replies to tweets from their official Twitter feed, from people who hadn't received their copy of the game. Hopefully this will repair the damage, good job Nintendo!



MJKOP commented on Whisper It - You Can Still Download Rewards Fr...:

Cool, I used up all my stars before I went to work yesterday afternoon, but I couldn't get on last night to try get something for my son and nephew, who still have a few stars left. I'll try later today! RIP Club Nintendo, thanks for everything! Bring on the replacement, I'm excited



MJKOP commented on Editorial: Nintendo is a Toy Company, and That...:

I'm 34, I've a house, partner, full time job and two kids. My kids love the Wii U, but I bought it primarily for myself, with the added bonus of knowing I could share and play it with my kids. Call it a toy or whatever you like, makes no difference to me, I love Nintendo games. They bring me & my family huge entertainment and I very much hope they continue for years to come.



MJKOP commented on Feature: Have You Played... ZombiU?:

I have the game, tried it briefly, I intend to get back to it somewhere along the way. Two kids and a full time job means my gaming time is limited



MJKOP commented on More Than A Million Super Mario Maker Levels H...:

@Kirk what's your NNID, I'll check out your levels. I've uploaded a couple, I'm not particularly creative, but it's fun making them anyway. If someone plays it, and enjoys it, even better. Have fun Makers.... that's what it's all about, right Iwata-San?



MJKOP commented on Feature: The Short But Sweet Games Journalism ...:

I loved C&VG, miss those days too... miss the likes of Digitizer, a Teletext page on Channel4. I was a subscriber of Official Nintendo Magazine till it closed, that was the last magazine I had, or am ever likely to again



MJKOP commented on Mario History: Mario Kart 8 - 2014:

An incredible game, yes the battle mode is a disappointment, but to me they all have been since Super Mario Kart on SNES. I'm still playing and I got it the day before it's official release date! I would love more DLC... not very often I'd say that!



MJKOP commented on Mario History: Super Mario 3D World - 2013:

I bought my Wii U the day this came out, I felt I couldn't miss it. I did the right thing. I loved every minute of it, my own save file is 100%, perfect. My kids have a file on their own profiles and it's insane playing with them too, a completely different experience. Amazing game I love it



MJKOP commented on Mario History: Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 2010:

My reaction to Super Mario Galaxy 2... more Super Mario Galaxy?! Yes please! Not as magical as the first one, (how could it be?!), but another absolute masterpiece as far as I'm concerned. Super Mario Galaxy 3 in HD? Yes please Nintendo!



MJKOP commented on GAME Promises Quick Refunds After Charging Cus...:

Ouch... Hope all those affected get sorted quickly. I've a family and a mortgage and this would seriously hurt me if it happened, I know they'll refund and I'm sure any charges incurred will be reversed but in the short term? Like I said, ouch



MJKOP commented on Pikmin 4 is "Very Close to Completion", Though...:

@bezerker99 I did the same as you, I chose Pikmin3 as my free game with Mario Kart 8 as I'd never played the series before... I tried it and it didn't grab me but I was too busy playing MK8 to really care... but I eventually gave it another shot and I ended up adoring the game, my son too. I hope you give it another try!



MJKOP commented on Mario History: Super Mario Galaxy - 2007:

Well, not having experienced every game ever created, I'll just have to say it's one of, if not THE Greatest game I've ever played. I've been playing games since the C64 so that's quite a back catalogue... The fun, excitement, music, the setting, the beauty of it all was exhilarating, I adored it. When Galaxy 2 was revealed I was so happy... I could think of nothing better than MORE Galaxy! I would absolutely love a SMG in HD for my Wii U