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MJKOP commented on Video: Ink Yourself Over Splatoon's Two New We...:

Heading to work now,but no doubt my son will try them out while I'm away. I'll check them out this evening before European Splatfest begins... MoonWalk to victory my fellow dancers! Do it for #MJ on his birthday!



MJKOP commented on Gunman Clive HD Collection Will Shoot Its Way ...:

Wow, I have the first one on 3DS and as much as I enjoyed it I wasn't planning on getting this for Wii U... but I'm very impressed with his effort and very generous price point for both games, I think he actually deserves our money & support! Hats off to you Sir!



MJKOP commented on Two New Weapons Are Heading to Splatoon This Week:

I'm really looking forward to this weekends European Splatfest! This Saturday is Michael Jacksons birthday, he would have been 57 on August 29th, I've convinced myself someone at Nintendo is an MJ fan, hence the Singing Vs. Dancing theme lol. I'm going with dancing by the way, hopefully we'll MoonWalk to victory! Look out for me, I'm MoonWalker for the weekend! My son is WeeJamie, he's only four and he's genuinely awesome at the game, Level 20!



MJKOP commented on Splatoon and Super Smash Bros. Lead a Lonely F...:

This is the worst Nintendo showing for a while in the UK charts, pity Nintendo Life picked this week to do an update for us :-/ I know that sales are modest at best but there had been more of a Nintendo presence recently



MJKOP commented on Mario Memories: Treasuring Mario Games Across ...:

His games are, like the previous comment said consistently awesome. Every single one is literally top drawer, and is special to many, many gamers around the world. Thirty years of the highest quality games?! Hats off to Nintendo, that's all I can say! Here's to 30more years



MJKOP commented on Mario History: Super Mario Kart - 1992:

Between the shortcuts, feather and the battle mode, this game was incredible. I'm afraid to go back to it now in case I don't enjoy it after playing the likes of MK8 so much, but I have so many great memories of playing the original Super Mario Kart



MJKOP commented on Mario History: Super Mario World - 1991:

I love Super Mario World, I remember being in the USA and seeing it in someone's house, I was fascinated by it, by the world map alone. The game is incredible and I recently completed it again on my GamePad. Well, I'm missing an exit actually and it's driving me mad!



MJKOP commented on Freedom Planet Release Bound by Bug:

@Henmii my Wii U has never crashed. I've multiple disc games and plenty of downloads. I bought my son Skylanders Swap Force the other day as I seen the starter pack for £10, he fell through the scenery & just kept on falling, so we had to restart it, but that's about the worst I've ever come across in almost 3years



MJKOP commented on Mario Memories: Super Mario Galaxy 2: A Tale o...:

This was like a dream come true for me, more Super Mario Galaxy?! Yes please! Both those games are near perfect, I had myself convinced we'd get an HD Galaxy game on Wii U... maybe on NX, if so, count me in Nintendo!



MJKOP commented on Club Nintendo Adds Some Snappy Coaster Sets in...:

I logged in to Club Nintendo over the weekend, and you can now sign in with your NNID, linking the Club Nintendo account with your NNID will net you another 750 Stars. Maybe old news but I wasn't aware of it, so check it out!



MJKOP commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: Super Mario Maker New Fe...:

@night call me a fool then... Yes the man goofed and he has had to pay the price, as has his family, and I think the whole thing is unfortunate, regrettable and I simply cannot help feeling some sympathy for him... I don't blame Nintendo in the slightest, they had no other choice, but we're all human and humans make mistakes



MJKOP commented on Mario Memories: Being Taken To A New World In ...:

Super Mario Galaxy is an absolute joy to play. That first level, the music, the controls, I found it absolutely magical, easily one of my favourite games of all time, and I've been playing since the C64. When they announced SMG2, I was so happy, I couldn't think of anything better than more Super Mario Galaxy! I recently played it again on my Wii U, and just this morning my four year old son asked could he play it. It's a masterpiece, one of the greatest of all time.. in my humble opinion.



MJKOP commented on Poll: We Want Your Views on Splatoon Version 2.0:

I usually have a look and see what friends are playing before I jump in so I probably joined you! I'm not great but I'm getting better, had a good run last night, that lazy cat even game me some cash because my... vibe was good or something lol



MJKOP commented on Poll: We Want Your Views on Splatoon Version 2.0:

I've had the game for nearly two weeks, and it's been played a LOT in my house. My son and daughter are both in to it and I'm playing in the evening. I've no idea how good or bad broadband is in my area, but we'd had no problems at all, seriously. I'm in Northern Ireland and with Sky Broadband, the game works perfectly for us. We've been having so much fun online we haven't even looked at the offline single player stuff yet, but I'm gonna get to that soon. Fantastic game, in our opinion



MJKOP commented on Weirdness: The Next Splatoon European Splatfes...:

Just a bit of craic isn't it? Pick your side and have #FUN! There's enough serious stuff in the world, keep it out of Splatfest Nintendo! North for me by the way. You can't beat Father Christmas! Also: Polar Bears EAT penguins. Probably



MJKOP commented on Range Blaster And Inkbrush Nouveau Coming To ...:

I just got Splatoon yesterday ,unfortunately I was heading to work when it arrived... :-/ My kids have been loving it though! I've my two nephews this morning so I still haven't got a chance to play myself lol. They don't even have a Wii U but know all about it as they've been watching videos on YouTube



MJKOP commented on Feature: Hands On With The Spooktacular Luigi'...:

I was playing Luigis Mansion on 3DS just over two years ago, great game and I was really enjoying it. My Dad passed away very suddenly on July 8th & I never had the heart to go back to it. This looks just like it, reminds me just how good that game is, maybe I'll try to revisit Luigis Mansion



MJKOP commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

I'll stand up for the system! Got my Wii U the day Super Mario 3D World was released, along with NSMBU & NSLU. Along the way I've picked up DKC:TF, MK8, Rayman Legends, ZombiU, Pikmin3, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Yoshi's Woolly World, & I ordered Splatoon last night. Every single one of those games is top, top quality, in my personal opinion. Some of the best I've ever played, & I've been gaming since the C64. From the Virtual Console I've got Super Mario World, SMB3, SM64, Balloon Fight, (for you Iwata-San). Color Zen Kids, SteamWorld Dig, Spin The Bottle, Mighty Switch Force HD, Armillo, RUSH, Toki Tori, Runner2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien & Thomas Was Alone have all been quality buys from the eShop. My son is 4, my daughter is almost 7, we all have our own NNID, all use the Wii U, playing together or alone. We love it in my house, I work full-time and my gaming time is limited but we have had many, many happy hours with Wii U & we'll have many more. There are games I'm looking forward to still to come and many I've missed that will get picked up in time. There you go @ThomasBW84, I'm a fan!



MJKOP commented on The Miiverse Redesign Will Go Live on 29th July:

The comments are hilarious on Miiverse, they are really not happy... The end is nigh, folks! Lol I like Miiverse and I'm pretty sure I'll still like it after whatever happens next Wednesday, looking forward to it



MJKOP commented on Nintendo Explains Reasoning Behind Upcoming Mi...:

Meh, I'll make my mind up when the changes come in to effect. I like Miiverse, love posting screenshots, asking for & giving help, seeing other people's impressions of games I'm playing and games I'm considering. I've come across some nice people and I've faith whatever Nintendo do it will be for the best