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Fri 19th April, 2013

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MJKOP commented on Video: Enjoy Some Nostalgia With This Stylish ...:

The original Yoshi's Island on SNES is one of my favourite games of all time... would you believe I haven't played any of the others from this video?! That'll all change with Woolly World though, can't wait!



MJKOP commented on Nintendo Download: 25th June (Europe):

I have Yoshi's Woolly World preordered, I'm away on Thursday though so it'll be a week before I get my grubby hands on it! I've been looking forward to it since the first screenshots in ONM. My nephew is interested in that Minecraft inspired game, don't think he's ever played Minecraft but he loves watching it on YouTube. I... just don't get that lol



MJKOP commented on Feature: Five Key Moments from Nintendo's E3:

@Dr_Corndog I felt the same, I was quite down, puzzled after the end of the Digital Event, and I just couldn't bring myself to watch the Treehouse Live straight away. I enjoyed the NWC final so much and I got myself all hyped up that I just felt deflated after the DE. Ended up being my loss, because when I did tune in to Treehouse it was really enjoyable. Roll on the next Direct!



MJKOP commented on Take More Risks With Your eShop Purchases, Ple...:

I have a family and I can't afford the time or money to take more risks, unfortunately. In saying that, I have Armillo, Steamworld Dig, Gunman Clive, some Curve titles and a few more. I was also that bit happier taking a risk when I knew I was slowly but surely getting closer to £5 back via the DDP, they really shoulda continued that... But yeah, I'll give the indies a go, no problem, but I have to be as sure as possible of the quality. So far I've been more than happy, too, bit.trip Runner2 being a particular highlight.



MJKOP commented on Best Buy Canada Message Suggests a Mario Maker...:

@rjejr he played the Monday night before it happened, and the Friday before that, it was his 30th Anniversary celebrations, of his solo career. I was at both shows, all the way from Northern Ireland to see Michael. He did a signing at a record store just a few weeks later, gave the city a boost, and organised a benefit concert.



MJKOP commented on Best Buy Canada Message Suggests a Mario Maker...:

I was in New York that day ,to see Michael Jackson perform at MSG would you believe, not something anyone will 'get over' really, but I don't think there's a need to avoid releasing on that particular date. Although as @rjejr said, just the fact that it's even come up ,it's still extremely sensitive



MJKOP commented on Latest Wii U System Update Removes TVii On Eur...:

Thank goodness ,that icon was starting to bug me lol. I started the update before I left for work, seen that there was one on Twitter, but it wasn't finished before I left the house. Also, more of that lovely lovely stability is always welcome...



MJKOP commented on Reminder: Time's Running Out to Grab the Humbl...:

I hope, when the dust settles, all involved are happy with the success of this and that it's just the beginning. Pick it up while you can people, I hope we get the same opportunity in the not too distant future!



MJKOP commented on Cube Life: Island Survival Confirmed for 25th ...:

My nephew is forever watching Minecraft videos on YouTube, he's been asking me a few questions about this, I'm glad the early response has been positive! I will wait for a review from Nintendo Life before I tell him to go for it, when we see it over here



MJKOP commented on World of Goo and Little Inferno Developers Ann...:

Has there ever been a sale on Little Inferno? I have World Of Goo and I'm interested in checking out Little Inferno but it's currently £8.99 on the eShop. I'm not sure what the craic is with the game and I'm reluctant to spend that on it...



MJKOP commented on Nintendo UK Confirms Its Community's Top 10 Wi...:

I voted Mario Kart 8, I had to for the sheer number of hours I've put in to it, I'm still flippen playing it and I got it the day before release! But I adore Pikmin 3, so I voted for it on my sons behalf, he loves it too. Top list but DKC:TF is right up there for me, fantastic, beautiful game



MJKOP commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach is Often Peculi...:

Great article. Nintendo are awesome, how boring would it be without them?! I'll tell you how boring, I wouldn't bother with gaming anymore. Keep it up Nintendo, I'm 34 but I love you, and so do my kids



MJKOP commented on No FIFA For Nintendo Fans This Year, States EA:

Well I've never bought a Fifa game, bar possibly Fifa 95, but I have a ten year old nephew and I feel really sorry for him stuck With Fifa 13. This game WOULD turn a profit for them, just not a big enough one I guess. Lousy EA :-/



MJKOP commented on Splatoon Grabs Second Place in UK Chart Début:

I haven't done my bit yet .. but I will will! Playing quite a few games at the minute, both my kids play the Wii U so my game time is limited, and I'm really looking forward to Yoshi's Woolly World next month so I gotta put some money away for it. But Splatoon will be mine some time over the Summer. I'm from Northern Ireland, never been bullied regarding Nintendo, but I remember at my cousins Wedding her new husband & brother were talking about gaming & they laughed at me for having a Wii, which I remember being really annoyed about! I'm been gaming since the C64. Badly bullied at school for being an MJ fan, now that was hard, but I always stayed loyal to King



MJKOP commented on ​Lego Jurassic World Pre-Order Freebies Comi...:

@EngieBengie like I said, his 'facts' aren't always that... choose to take them as Gospel if you like, if it suits you, but they aren't! Yes I was just teasing and I can see he's upset others but not me. Check his history on here, he clearly has an agenda, or a chip on his shoulder, and he comes here to push that agenda, or wind people up, I don't know. It's boring more than anything



MJKOP commented on Feature: Explaining Humble Bundle and What it ...:

I think it's excellent, I never knew what the heck a Humble Bundle is and now I do, & yes I'm jealous, it's not something I can participate in being from the UK, but I have faith we'll be able to join in sooner rather than later. I applaud it and I'm delighted NOA have been able to take this step



MJKOP commented on RCMADIAX Announces Three New Titles For The Wi...:

I said it at the time, I reckon it was just a publicity stunt when he announced he wasn't making any more games for the Nintendo eShop. This guy is clever and I reckon he's doing alright. Won't get any money from me with his current stuff but good luck to him, I guess!



MJKOP commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Sells Over 37,000 Units i...:

I think this is fantastic, I actually never knew what the heck a humble bundle was.... but I do now lol. I'd love to take part myself and hopefully some day I'll see it in my region. Well done to everyone paying a little bit extra, and fair play to anyone getting some really good games for next to nothing!



MJKOP commented on Feature: Yoshi's Woolly World, Like Kirby's Ep...:

If it makes you feel better @ThomasBW84, I've been excited for this since the very first screenshots I saw in ONM! I'm 34 and I can't wait for it. I may or may not pick up Splatoon, but I'm getting this day 1. As for Tropical Freeze, that game is stunning I love it.



MJKOP commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

@JaxonH you're 100% right. It is literally unacceptable, they simply don't seseem bothered about trying to make it run, and run properly, on Wii U. I know people waiting for this on Wii U. They've made the twins their priority, ignoring the Wii U version, got it out and are making money and now don't wanna bother doing what they promised. It is unacceptable



MJKOP commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

@Quorthon Nintendo haven't been around as long as they have on the back of dozens of failures and a couple of flukes, come on. Why do you come here, this place is for Nintendo fans, which you're clearly not. You blame everything on Nintendo and Nintendo fans for crying out loud! Nintendo aren't perfect and nobody, not one person on Nintendo Life claims they are, but it's very tiring seeing you pop up in every article to basically lay the blame for all your issues with gaming exclusively at their feet. I'm sorry to have a go mate but that's how it comes across