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MEKsLP commented on Wii U System Update 4.1.0 Available Now:

I notice that the program icons on the main menu seem to be loading quicker. Wonder if there are any other minor performance increases system wide? For one it would be nice if loading was sped up from software running on external harddrives.



MEKsLP commented on Club Nintendo in North America to Remove Post-...:

Fair enough
So does this mean they will stop peddling DS and Wii games as rewards then as well? My point being that if you can't redeem those games anymore than you should stop sending out cheaper rewards by using the same outdated systems.



MEKsLP commented on Former Criterion Boss Alex Ward Laments Issues...:

No offense to Alex but it sounds like he is venting his frustrations with the industry at large towards his ex-parent company and Nintendo. As a Nintendo fan and PC gamer I have learned throughout the years not to trust or buy EA products. Every once in awhile EA will release a title that interests me enough to splurge (I bought Most Wanted U) but the company itself is into ripping off its consumer-base with countless retreds that are filled to the brim with advertisements and cross-marketing. This is why gamers immediately become skeptical when EA cannibalizes the market by buying up studios only to run their IPs into the ground within the few years following.
Need for Speed isn't exactly in its prime anymore:

Its suffering from the same issues franchises like Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero, Madden and other big name IPs are going through. When I purchase a Criterion game today I know I am signing up for flashes of brilliance that was present in the Burnout games mixed EA's lifeless and dull UI and overall presentation. Alex was working for one of the least liked video game publishers in the world and is pissed that one game, ported half a year later to a struggling console, didn't go as planned. As if the issues his team was facing are removed from the general state of the console industry at large right now.

I hate to break it to this guy but had they done the same thing on the Xbox One or PS4 it would have ended up pretty much the same:

In the middle of both those charts is a brand new NFS game which barley cracked 2 million in combined sales between 5 platforms (pc, 360, Xboxone, PS4, PS3) and they have actually established their userbase on those platforms with previous entries in the franchise.

EA's approach to the Wii U was destined to fail no matter if the Wii U had sold better vs how its actually performed. Mass Effect 3 released for $60 while the other consoles get the full collection for cheaper? Throw away ports of FIFA and Madden? This is going to build the publishers brand on the system? I bought MW because I am a fan of Criterion, not EA, and honestly this version of NFS is good, but is lacking in a lot of key ways. Its Burnout Paradise mixed with the police chases from Hot Pursuit minus all the vehicle defense options developed in HP and lacking the exhilarating crashes from the Burnout series. Its a pretty good game that doesn't focus on the strengths in the franchise and it sold poorly on the Wii U because of timing and the general state of the franchise.

Sorry Alex that your big corporate job at EA worked out as could have been expected. I doubt he ended up quitting his job because of this one port of one game. It probably has to do more with EA being about as fun to work at as it would seem:



MEKsLP commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd January (North America):

I hate reading unfounded rarnts but seriously Nintendo, are you trying to make us all buy into the news that you are in trouble? This trickle of crappy VC releases going back and forth between the WiiU and 3DS is becoming annoying! That is not the user-experience that is desired, no?
My theory is they are trying to over-think and be overly adventageious with the VC releases, hoping that this is a bigger user-base at some point to eat up SMB3 and all the other high-profile releases. That user-base may never develop if you don't at least give the current base something to praise about the system.
Remember how you handled the VC when the Wii came out? How about looking there for some inspiration?!?