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LztheQuack commented on Target Reservation Cards Re-Affirm Fire Emblem...:

@DarkKirby I've already spoiled myself, but I won't give specifics. The 3rd path does have the best and "canon" ending, but the two games themselves are still pretty important in building up to that 3rd ending. Heck, one of the big twists is given in Nohr, while in the DLC it is only mentioned at the end.



LztheQuack commented on Rumour: Retro Is Working On A Game It Pitched ...:

@Xenocity Because not all gamers want the same thing. Over one million gamers are playing Splatoon, so that is moot.

And this crap about Retro "mistreating" gamers by not releasing sequel upon sequel of the same series. How many DKC games did they make? 2. How many Metroid Prime? 3. I remember all those reactions to "another DK game?" and how ridiculous they were.

Also, Fatal Frame isn't hardcore? Zelda isn't hardcore? Bayonetta isn't hardcore? Wtf was "hardcore" before the past 2 years anyway?

And how the hell are gamers being "horribly treated" by the Wii U? Oh, it doesn't have Metroid, woe is me? Is that it?



LztheQuack commented on Rumour: Retro Is Working On A Game It Pitched ...:

@Xenocity: Don't speak for the masses like they only want one thing. If YOU want a new Metroid title, that's fine, but don't twist the argument as if EVERYONE wants it.

I have recalled quite a few posts asking Retro to make something original, hence "gamers" also ask for an original title.

Also, selling out is not what you think it is. Matter of fact, your example isn't anywhere near close to the actual definition, culture or no culture.



LztheQuack commented on Here's Some of the Changes Atlus Made to the W...:

The one thing that bugs me about some JRPGs in particular is why Japanese devs think it is okay to have random encounters that can kill the party without breaking a sweat. They seem to think that it is "difficulty", but in reality it's just stupid.



LztheQuack commented on The Team Behind Earthworm Jim Would Like to Ma...:

Update: For anyone who is interested in Doug TenNapel, do a google search and discuss elsewhere. This is not the place for political or religious discussion.

For the purpose of this comments section, only discuss the game and series itself and whether or not you'd buy the game if it came out. To clarify, you are entitled to not support it because of Doug's views, but do not discuss his views directly here.



LztheQuack commented on Rumour: Nintendo and DeNA Will Be Revealing th...:

Interesting ideas...

Advance Wars is possible, but I don't think there's an audience big enough for it to go mobile. Then again, I may be surprised.

Warioware is feasible due to its nature.

Dr. Mario or some other puzzle game would be good.