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LztheQuack commented on Rumour: Nintendo and DeNA Will Be Revealing th...:

Interesting ideas...

Advance Wars is possible, but I don't think there's an audience big enough for it to go mobile. Then again, I may be surprised.

Warioware is feasible due to its nature.

Dr. Mario or some other puzzle game would be good.



LztheQuack commented on Video: Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village Gets...:

Anywho, back to topic, while it does seem visually impressive, I'm not moved at all. I prefer the much more colorful and simple design of Ocarina on the N64 and 3DS. I'm not a big fan of realism, though I am occasionally impressed by large improvements.



LztheQuack commented on Video: Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village Gets...:

@Nerevar I'm not sure if you are a flaming bait troll, but if you are being serious here, then let me point out some flaws in your argument. I will ignore the more opinionated points since, well, they are opinions.

"All of their consoles are s generation behind" Actually just two are behind if you want to be technical.

"The game cube? What an embarrassment. The Wii was a joke. The Wii u while better is also a joke. There's no improving going on." You seem to be confused here about what "improve" means. It can mean taking small steps going up. The Wii U is an obvious improvement due to its bigger game capacity, higher resolution, and bigger specs over the Wii. Then again, that somehow is not an improvement at all...

"And then there's the ps vita witch actually tried to modernise handheld gaming but it's been struggling." Probably because Sony failed to strike a chord with the market. They royally screwed up the launch with those memory cards and failed to give most people a reason to own a Vita. Sony also tried the PSP Go and that failed miserably.

"Instead of truely moving forward they're happy to keep taking people's money without bringing something worth while to the table" Nintendo DS introduced a second screen and was a smash hit, but I guess that doesn't count for anything...

"That's basically what Nintendo is now, a toy manufacturer ripping people off with their 'mascots'" Uh...most toy companies "rip people off" with mascots. Matter of fact, what is your point here?

Are you convinced that upgraded graphics are the only improvements in gaming?