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United Kingdom

Thu 26th Aug 2010

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LuWiiGi commented on Review: Mighty Milky Way (DSiWare):

These devs don't disappoint. I may pick this up on 3DS one day, along wuth Shantae. Now I think WayForward should make some games for 3DS and Project Cafe.



LuWiiGi commented on Miyamoto: "Please Be Patient for Wii 2 Details":

They really should reveal it at E3. I'm sorry but even announcing a batch of top-quality Wii titles won't save it now. It's time for a new console.

Miyamoto is so awesome. Too bad he lives on the other side of the world.



LuWiiGi commented on Review: Slingo Quest (DSiWare):

@TikiTong I haven't checked the DSiWare store for months because nothing great ever seems to come out of it anymore. Still need to catch up on Shantae, Zenonia and Aura-Aura Climber, but that's about it.
Now that the 3DS is out I reckon the DSi Store is basically dead.



LuWiiGi commented on Talking Point: What You Want in a New Nintendo...:

I could post a huge list of things I want, but I'll keep it short:

It needs to do more than just catch up with the HD consoles. It needs to bring something new to gaming that isn't just a gimmick. It needs awesome games of all types, for all gamers, and from all developers. And it needs to have a built-in coffee machine.



LuWiiGi commented on Rumour: Wii 2 has Blu-ray Drive, Controller Co...:

Oh man, E3 is gonna rock this year! The 3DS was awesome last year, but this year - a new Nintendo home console, tons of anticipated games (Super Mario 3DS and Mass Effect 3 at the top of my list) - bring on June!



LuWiiGi commented on Review: Okamiden (DS):

I'll probably get this on 3DS, I love the art style and the gameplay definitely reminds me of the Zelda DS games.

It's ages since I last visited NLife. Glad to see the reviews are still quality!



LuWiiGi commented on Super Mario Galaxy 2 Collects 4 BAFTA Nominations:

Black Ops shouldn't be anywhere near most of these lists...Artistic Achievement? Best Story? Really? I like Black Ops, but it's so overrated. Of course, trust the average British gamer to vote for it as best game of 2010.

I hope ME2 wins a lot of awards, it's one of my favourite games ever. SMG2, Layton and Super Scribblenauts should also win something.



LuWiiGi commented on Interviews: WayForward - Mighty Milky Way:

So many hints! This guy is awesome, I got MFC and I'm planning to get Shantae so I'll def be buying this. Also can't wait to see a MFC sequel, MMW64 (if he really wasn't joking) and whatever they do with the 3DS.



LuWiiGi commented on First Impressions: 3DS Operating System and Bu...:

The game notes thing sounds cool. Also, it would be great to have a FPS where computer generated characters move around in real environments. Like you actually are in the game. So basically Face Raiders, but more advanced.