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United States

Mon 21st Jul 2008

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LunarX commented on USA VC Update: Super Fantasy Zone and Gley Lancer:

North99, is, I have to say, not only overreacting, self-centered, juvenile, selfish, ungrateful, whiny, annoying, and completly and utterly wrong in every misinformed word of garbage he's spewn..... but he also just demonstrated that he can be offered something like, not only GOOD VC release's, but TWO of them, and still find the sheer ungratefulness and the gall to actually WHINE about being offered games for download.

Super Fantasy Zone and Gley Lancer are both great games. Wii may have some bad-third party games. But ignoring those, the Wii still has better overall original titles in far FAR greater numbers, and literally dozens and dozens of the greatest games ever made for all time already on the VC.

Just another selfish, whiny, incredibly immature person who cries like a complete baby whenever he doesn't get the one thing out of one million things that he wants right now, by pouting,sulking and throwing a hissy fit like a 2-year old in a grocery store that can't have his candy bar today.

Yes.. if he wants to throw away a great system with great games, by all means, at least he should do the right thing and sell it to someone who appreciates good games, and who doesn't whine like a 2 year old over nothing, and who also appreciates quality.

I'm sure he'll find MANY people willing to take the Wii off his hands, quickly without a second thought for at least 3 times the store value. It's completly his loss.

I would love to see someone capitalize and get themselves a Wii, by taking full advantage of North99's unbelievable ignorance.

Sounds to me, like it'd be similar to a neglected pet finding a better home then the one it currently has.

I have one already, obviously, but i'd be willing to buy his just out of spite for his foolishness. Just to make sure he doesn't have it anymore.

He clearly doesn't deserve to have it. I doubt he deserves a game system at all with this attitude, because it doesn't sound like he'll be happy with anything in the universe even if it was hand delivered to him by Jesus on a golden platter.