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Wed 18th Dec 2013

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luke88 commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

Have always found the reviews here to be very informative and readable, myself.

P.s I thought Jurassic world was awful, so cliche, and every single character arc was tedious and predictable. But myriad opinions makes life far more interesting.



luke88 commented on RCMADIAX Announces Skeasy, Expected to Release...:

I played a game called 'right click to necromance' recently. It's only in beta, I think, and I believe it was made in just 48 hours for a competition. It is still better than anything RCMADIAX has put out thus far. I don't want to be mean, but it's hard not to be cynical about RCMADIAX.



luke88 commented on Site News: A Brief Update on Our Mario Tennis:...:

'No immediate rematch option,' honestly, can anyone think of a reason for this? Even Street fighter IV, a 3ds launch title, had that option for heaven's sake. I was hoping Nintendo had included a full compliment of online options. That doesn't seem to be the case, from the sound of things this game does not deserve to sell well.



luke88 commented on Feature: Reflecting On Three Years With The Wi...:

I absolutely love the gamepad myself. I think it has been desperately under-utilised by Nintendo and the majority of third parties, for different reasons. In terms of Wii u highlights, I would have to choose affordable space adventures. It is an utterly brilliant game.



luke88 commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 12t...:

Did anyone else think that Nntendo (NOE at least, I haven't seen the NA direct) itself seems aware that amiibo festival and Mario tennis are both a bit lame? That segment of the direct was so understated.



luke88 commented on Minecraft Wii U Edition Has Been Rated By PEGI:

@ToniK I certainly wouldn't of. I'd actually like to suggest your idea to the @NintendoLife team. Maybe we could have a header that says 'potential direct spoiler' for articles like this? That way those of us that want to could avoid such news. It certainly wouldn't hurt anyone.

Edit: the subheading could have even been, 'this is big...' That would have been fun.



luke88 commented on Minecraft Wii U Edition Has Been Rated By PEGI:

@Peach64 surprises like this are so much fun though! I'm also a bit disappointed to have had the surprise ruined, if this turns out to be true. Not that I blame NLife of course - it's their job to report Nintendo news, this is most certainly that.



luke88 commented on Splatoon's Content Update is a Little Early Th...:

I'd love to see a sizeable update sometime before Christmas - maybe a few new maps and another game mode, and I think it's pretty crazy that the rotation has not already been increased to 3 maps per game mode. I'm pretty sick of playing the same map 4, 5 or more times in a row. Still an utterly brilliant game though, am still playing almost everyday.



luke88 commented on Free Origin Story and 'Remaster' Update Coming...:

@ejamer hey there! I'm not trying to get in to a fight with you here - you're entitled to your opinion on this, obviously - but this is genuinely one of the best games I've ever played, seriously. It is just impeccably designed. I think you should make an exception to your rule for this one.

Ps. I'm not being paid by nifflas or Knapnok or anything, honest. 😊



luke88 commented on Video: See Splatoon's New Heavy Splatling Deco...:

@Jazzer94 I dunno, I don't use the kraken that often but find the best defence against it is just to stay totally still and hide, the point sensor could make that tactic impossible if used just before activating the kraken. It seems a good fit, to me. Guess that's one of the reasons splatoon is so good - there are so many different ways to play. 😊



luke88 commented on Target Reservation Cards Re-Affirm Fire Emblem...:

Yeah for sure. Personally, I'll certainly get all the content whatever happens, as I think it'll be worth it. However, I can totally understand people feeling a bit miffed paying more for the same amount of content For reasons that are never properly communicated to us.



luke88 commented on Target Reservation Cards Re-Affirm Fire Emblem...:

@JaxonH unfortunately we don't all think as you do on this. I would literally bet may life on fans complaining, even threatening to boycott the game entirely, if there's a significant pricing discrepancy between the US and Europe. No matter which side gets the better deal, the other side will complain. I posted on here a couple times whinging about the Mario golf price difference. 😄



luke88 commented on Video: The New Animal Crossing: amiibo Festiva...:

I can't even make it to the end of the trailer, this game looks awful as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure some people will disagree with my appraisal and maybe I'm wrong entirely - will have to wait for reviews. However, I think the vast majority would agree that the first real 'vehicle for amiibo,' by which I mean game that requires amiibo in order to play it, could've been something really special. This does not appear to be very special at all. I'm glad Nintendo created splatoon, were it not for that I can imagine myself feeling a tad disillusioned with Nintendo in 2015.



luke88 commented on Preview: Hitting the Courts in Mario Tennis: U...:

And I thought open was desperately short on content...

I'd really like to know as much as possible about the online component. Particularly, whether it's possible to enter customised matches with strangers online. I'll certainly need to wait for a review, but this seems as lacklustre as I feared it might be.



luke88 commented on Midora Developer Admits He Knew Kickstarter Fu...:

I think this sentence is the real problem -

"I knew that the game would need more than $60,000 to be made. However, like many others, I didn't think for one second we could reach a goal higher than $60,000..."

Did this guy claim that the game could be made for $60,000 in the initial pitch? Does anyone know?



luke88 commented on Midora Developer Admits He Knew Kickstarter Fu...:

Just read through some of the update comments - the Internet is an unforgiving place and I do pity the developers, reading through some of that. I'm not really familiar with this project, this is the first I've seen of it, and I've never read through kickstarter's own rules so it's probably best I refrain from judging anyone. I think that part of the problem here is that most of us have an idea of what Kickstarter is that is probably contrary to the reality. Anyone actually know if any of Kickstarter's rules have been broken here?



luke88 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015 - Q4 ...:

I can't find project zero on the Nintendo uk store, the only physical version I can find is on Amazon and it's listed for £130. Does anyone know what the situation is with the physical version? I thought it was being sold through Nintendo uk, they can't have sold out already?

Oh, @DoctorOverbuild perhaps you can help me, did you order that from Nintendo UK? Any idea if they all sold out? Sorry, info was probably here on at some point but I must have missed it.



luke88 commented on Yo-kai Watch Release Date Moves Up to 5th Dece...:

Oh man, would absolutely love to hear similar news for Europe but I certainly can't begrudge Aus/NZ this; from what I can tell they're often left waiting. Though If Australia beat England in the rugby tomorrow - thereby knocking us out of the World Cup that we're hosting - I'm sure my goodwill will evaporate.



luke88 commented on Nintendo Hammers Out A New Update For Super Ma...:

@dizzy_boy am off work today, will try out some of your levels and throw a few stars your way.

Edit: I'm having trouble finding your courses on the NLife page you linked, is there an easy way? Perhaps if you put one code here I can use that to 'follow' you in-game?



luke88 commented on Miyamoto: Star Fox Zero Has Been Delayed, "I A...:

I think this is great news, personally; the game looked underwhelming, and quite a few previews supported that view. Hopefully now, upon release, it will be as good as we all expect main entries in Nintendo's core franchises to be.