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Wed 18th December, 2013

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luke88 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Asks for Fan Trust With Metro...:

Next Level games are super talented, based on much of their previous work. I'm willing to believe that this will be a really good game. I was just disappointed to essentially receive confirmation that we won't receive a mainline entry in the metroid franchise on Wii u. It seems a real missed opportunity, I think you could say that about the Wii u, in general, despite the number of top quality titles already out and coming out. I wanted an awesome cricket game with asynchronous multiplayer, I wanted an LA noir style game with the game pad as your notebook. I could go on; a great many missed opportunities. Still, we have had so many great games this generation on both Wii u and 3ds.

Edit: RTS games could've been great on Wii U.



luke88 commented on Video: Here's Everything That Was Shown On The...:

@TheFurminator I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, I expect it will be fun. I've no doubt the gyro controls will be optional, and Nintendo so rarely release games that don't control well or at least well enough. That is what I think, anyway. Yeah, the graphics looked poor in places but passable in others, not good. I don't think that's going to stop the game being fun though, obviously I'm being optimistic - much of what we have seen and heard doesn't bode that well. We'll have to wait and see what the finished product is like, I guess. Would love us both to remember this conversation come release/reviews. Of course I shall admit I was wrong if it turns out not to be rubbish. 😉



luke88 commented on Video: Here's Everything That Was Shown On The...:

Thanks for breaking these up and putting them in one place NLife! I think almost everything looks like good fun, and I've now set any disappointment I felt aside. The exception to that is Animal Crossing amibo festival; can anyone actually tell me what it even is? I watched as much of the treehouse segment as I could bear. There doesn't seem to be any mini games? Just randomly awarded prizes with accompanying bits of text? I don't really understand.



luke88 commented on Sony Is Assisting With The Creation Of Shenmue...:

@OMC79 @Tender_Cutlet A pleasure to meet you both. I understand the debate surrounding this kickstarter; it does seem contrary to the 'spirit' of kickstarter itself. However, the second I heard about it I lost all self-control, it was frightening. I'd have fought, till death, any man, woman or child that tried to stop me backing the project. I don't have even own a ps4 or a pc.



luke88 commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

I also feel sorry for next level games; they're definitely really talented people and Dark Moon was superb. I think this game will turn out to be loads of fun too. It's just not what I wanted at all. Coupled with the monstrosity that was amiibo festival it was all just a bit too depressing. I have to blame many of you for the latter, I'm afraid. If you hadn't all started buying amiibo like loons we wouldn't be in this mess. 😉



luke88 commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Brought ...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR hahaha, I know, I know, I'm definitely looking back on star fox 64 with rose tinted glasses. You're right, I haven't played It since it released, I did play it again on 3ds. The trailer got better as it went along in my view but, honestly, what did you think when you first saw Corneria on star fox zero?

Edit: Because I initially thought, "is this really it?" I did think it got better as the trailer continued, as I said. I believe I also said I've no doubt that it's going to be a great game. 😜



luke88 commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Brought ...:

@Kogorn733 I don't know, I'm not one of those people that thinks graphics are the be all and end all but at the start of the star fox demo, when they showed the first level from the N64 game, I really wasn't sure what I was looking at. I thought perhaps they were doing some sort of history of star fox segment and that was the N64 game. I've absolutely no doubt it will be a great game, but perhaps one could expect remastered N64 levels to look better than they did in that trailer?



luke88 commented on Metroid Prime: Federation Force Is The Metroid...:

Agree with most of the above; was very excited for this presentation for a long time and feel it was a huge disappointment. Absolutely none of the new reveals excited me. I'm sure Marino tennis, this 'metroid' thing and the co-op zelda thing will play well. I'm just not particularly interested in any of them.



luke88 commented on Rare Replay on Xbox One Will Include 30 Games,...:

@TwilightAngel Hi, sorry to be pedantic but I've seen this comment half a dozen times here recently and it's driving me crazy. I know, I know, I need to get a life. 😅

Don't you mean to say "I couldn't care less." ?

Have seen so many people here writing "I could care less," and that really doesn't seem to be what you all mean, judging from the general tone of all of the posts I've read it in.



luke88 commented on Ryu, Roy, New Stages and More Now Available in...:

£6.29 to access one character and one stage on both copies of essentially the same game that I bought for two platforms is more than I'm willing to pay, personally. That's the same price I paid for don't starve what with the buy one get one free promotion. I would love to try out Ryu, though.

All in all it was a disappointing direct for me. Online tournaments were promised, and promoted, prior to release and I don't think it should've taken this long to implement that feature. It irritates me a little that so much paid add on content is good to go but online tournaments still aren't. I've no problem at all with DLC in principle.



luke88 commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Slashing Its Way to 3DS:

Really hope that this isnt something Nintendo are intending to fill the 3ds' bare release schedule between now and Christmas. In other words I hope they didn't class this as 'a big' announcement, and that they can do much better than this at E3.



luke88 commented on Nintendo Announces a Special Video Presentatio...:

I'd like online tournaments available shortly after the presentation. Didn't Sakurai say that only a small number of people are still working on additional smash content? Why are they working on Lucas, a character few requested anyway, instead of delivering the promised online tournements? It's been months and months and I can't recall seeing or hearing many complaints - I've not made them myself till now, but it is starting to get a bit silly.



luke88 commented on Feature: The Making Of Body Harvest:

Absolutely loved this game, hope everyone involved in making it is proud of what they achieved even if it didn't turn out exactly as initially planned. In my, pretty limited, experience though, creative projects rarely do.



luke88 commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

I'd buy it day one if it were releasing with only two maps and no single player, I enjoyed the demo so much. I hope this game sells well, thereby encouraging Nintendo to take more risks with new IP.