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Luigifan141 commented on New Fighter for Super Smash Bros. to be Reveal...:

@sinalefa I don't understand why people are asking for Captain Falcon either. Regardless, they'll be disappointed that he won't be revealed on Monday, but he's definitely going to be announced later anyway.

Also, Cranky Kong is already on the Jungle Japes stage in Smash 3DS, unfortunately. He's not going to be playable.

@Sensei_Sendai I'm glad that I'm not the only one here that watched that show. :P



Luigifan141 commented on New Fighter for Super Smash Bros. to be Reveal...:

@sinalefa It's going to be a newcomer, as they get trailers while veterans don't (except for Sonic's 30 second gameplay clip). The title of this article even explicitly says "New Fighter".

If anyone is expecting a veteran character like Captain Falcon or Ness to be shown, they'll still be in the game one way or another. They just won't be announced on Monday's trailer.



Luigifan141 commented on The Nintendo 64 is Now 18 Years Old in Japan:

64 words: I can not believe that it has already been eighteen years since the Nintendo 64 released in Japan! I still use it pretty often, as it has the best multiplayer games on any system, such as Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye, and many others. I have many memories of playing it, and it is my favorite system of all time. Happy eighteenth birthday, Nintendo 64!



Luigifan141 commented on Poll: A Tale of Two Blockbusters as Mario Kart...:

@Spoony_Tech I never said that Ubisoft wasn't "good", I just said that they're a cash cow company. "Good" can be subjective, though. For instance, I love the Pokémon games and think they're "good", but there are people out there who think they are "bad". That's how you and I feel about Ubisoft's games. I've played games like Rayman Origins, Assasin's Creed I, and ZombiU, and to be quite frank, I didn't like any of them. Origins was very easy, linear, and repetitive (which Legends didn't improve on, according to the demo in the retail Wii U units), Assasin's Creed was also very linear and vastly overrated, and ZombiU, admittedly, was a lot scarier than I expected and personally didn't like it for that. I know you probably loved these games and have a polar opposite opinion, and I respect that, but to outright claim that these games are all-around "good" is biased and doesn't speak for everyone. Plus, I wouldn't hate these games if I didn't play them. How else would I form a personal opinion?

Also, the reason that I claimed Ubisoft to be a cash cow company is because they really are; they make these games because they sell. Why do you think there are way too many Assasin's Creed games? Because people love the series and will buy any games for it. Why are people so hyped for Watch_Dogs? Because people loved Assasin's Creed and are loyal customers who will buy any of their products. Could Watch_Dogs get sequels in the future? Absolutely. Because their games make money, and that's one lf the biggest reasons that they make games in the first place.



Luigifan141 commented on Ike Joins the Battle in Super Smash Bros. for ...:

I love how you guys are assuming that Chrom won't be in the game because Ike "replaced" him.

Seriously, just because Roy got replaced by Ike in Brawl, that doesn't mean history should repeat itself. I'm expecting three Fire Emblem characters this time around.



Luigifan141 commented on Site News: Check Out Nintendo Life's eShop Pic...:

It's neat how you guys got featured on the eShop again. I remember being undecided at the time if I should get Mighty Milky Way or not, and then after seeing that you guys featured it back then, I decided to take the plunge and enjoyed it. Thanks for that.



Luigifan141 commented on Kosuke Yabuki Explains That Every Mario Kart i...:

@JaxonH Not everything has to be a game changing feature, but change can certainly be welcomed sometimes for the better. Nothing in Mario Kart 8 feels or seems too different from previous installment, so I feel like it's more of a cash-cow than a new, innovative experience, which would make me a lot more excited for the game if it was innovative. There's nothing in Mario Kart 8 that screams out "buy me", since every Mario Kart has roughly had the same feel and gameplay since DS. If we can get a major change that can rival Double Dash's two-characters-on-one-kart, then I would feel a lot more hyped.

I want to bring up the point I have that the "gameplay changes", like underwater, hang gliding, and anti-gravity don't actually add anything new and fresh to the game, but I've already used that point several times. There's no reason to bring it up if you're going to neglect it again.

Anti-gravity didn't add anything to the experience in F-Zero; it was the experience. It's not the entire experience for Mario Kart 8 like it is in the F-Zero series. F-Zero and Mario Kart 8's anti gravity mechanics are totally different. You don't get a speed boost for bumping into something in F-Zero, you lose your health instead, which isn't a mechanic in Mario Kart 8. F-Zero GX also has 30 racers, Mario Kart 8 has 12. F-Zero doesn't have items, Mario Kart 8 does. Falling off in F-Zero kills you for the rest of the race, Mario Kart 8 always brings you back afterwards. F-Zero is fast-paced, Mario Kart 8 is slow-paced. It's like you never played a F-Zero game before, so stop comparing apples and oranges.

It's good that you like it, but you don't speak for everyone here. Neither do I. Mario Kart 8 will definitely be fun, but it won't be ground-breaking and the best Mario Kart game of all time, because it won't do anything to make it as such. Plus, no one else cares about our argument, so I'll stop replying to whatever you'll say next. Enjoy this underwhelming cash-cow of a game.



Luigifan141 commented on Kosuke Yabuki Explains That Every Mario Kart i...:

@JaxonH Someone didn't thoroughly read my comment.

It's great that you played Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed. However, it's not great that you missed the entire reason on why I brought it up in the first place; driving a boat and plane can greatly and dramatically change the experience. In Mario Kart 7 and 8, it doesn't. That's a huge difference right there, because like I said, you have to adjust accordingly for the plane and boat controls, and keep in mind what they can do that the car can't, and vise versa. For Mario Kart 7 and 8, there is little to no adjustments that can be made, and they don't feel that different at all compared to regular driving. Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed doesn't use gimmicks, but Mario Kart 7 and 8 do. Speaking of gimmicks...

Yes, gimmick is an overrated word. No, I don't care. The hang gliders, underwater, and anti-gravity sections are indeed gimmicks because they add little to nothing to the land driving gameplay, and don't have to be there. Hang gliders could be big jumps off of ramps, underwater could just be dry land, and anti-gravity could just be slants on walls that can be driven on. You probably wouldn't think "hey, there should be a hang glider section here" if the feature wasn't introduced yet, and if you did think of it, then you would probably imagine it in the way that Diddy Kong Racing and Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed did it with their planes. Mario Kart 7 and 8's sea, air, and anti-gravity gameplay are nothing but gimmicks, since they are just there for show and add nothing innovating or game-changing to the experience.

lolwut, F-Zero and Mario Kart is like comparing apples and oranges. They're totally different racing games altogether. In F-Zero, all of the cars are always using anti-gravity, while Mario Kart 8 only uses anti-gravity sections every now and then. All of the F-Zero tracks are designed with that in mind, considering it's a sci-fi racer, while in Mario Kart, it feels shoehorned since the controls feel exactly like the land driving controls. I know because I've played the Best Buy demo back during E3 2013, and the anti-gravity felt just as shoehorned then as it seems now. I'll reconfirm it when I go to GameStop this weekend to try out Mario Kart 8.

I did clearly explain why anti-gravity, along with hang gliding and underwater, add little to nothing to the gameplay, both in my last comment and in this one. Also, is anyone really welcoming any of those additions with open arms? Updated graphics are a guarantee, it would be kind of shocking if the graphics for this game were MS Paint quality. I didn't even consider the graphics to be a huge deal, since they naturally progress as technology marches forward. New items aren't a huge deal either. I mean, did anyone have a wishlist of new Mario Kart items that they wanted to see? Did anyone openly request that they should have the boomerang and Piranha Plant as items in the game? Did anyone care when other recent items like the Lighting Cloud, POW Block, and Tanooki Leaf/Tail got scrapped? The answer to all three of my questions is no; all people seem to care about are mainstay items like the iconic Blue Shell and the useful Mushrooms, which can easily make or break a game, much more so than any other item that they could possibly ever add. Also, the new characters are controversial no matter how you look at it. People either love or hate the Koopalings, and no one asked for or wanted Baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach. Of course they don't add anything, because people are so split about them and there could've been other fan favorites in their place. I mean the Koopalings are kinda cool I guess, but wouldn't it be a better compromise to just have Bowser Jr. only and call it a day, so that there can be more room for other characters that people want as well?

It doesn't matter if I want "plain jane racing" or not. The gimmicks still make the gameplay feel like that either way. I want the gimmicks to turn into innovation like how Diddy Kong Racing and Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed handled it, but Nintendo doesn't care to jolt notes down from its competition and likes doing things the outdated and lazy way. That's Nintendo for you.



Luigifan141 commented on Kosuke Yabuki Explains That Every Mario Kart i...:

@JaxonH I'm not saying that I personally want something, it's just that the game shouldn't turn people off from battle mode by only including a new idea that not many people when it could include both the new type of battle mode courses as well as the old ones. However, anti-gravity is still a gimmick either way. There have been a handful of tracks in the past where you indeed drove up walls and ceilings, like in Rainbow Road DS with the loop and corkscrew. It's nice that there's more of those tracks, but the way that Mario Kart 8 handles the whole anti-gravity gimmick is extremely underwhelming and doesn't seem to actually affect the gameplay much other than the bump to get a speed boost thing. The underwater and glide sections are also gimmicky, and I know why...

Have you ever played Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed? That game was a Wii U launch title, and it's gameplay was a lot more solid than Mario Kart 7 imo. Why? The plane and boat sections are a lot less gimmicky, and they actually change the controls and make the races feel more engaging. This is because you have to now steer your airplane differently than you would with your car, and there are waves that you can do tricks off of with only your boat. In Mario Kart, underwater is exactly like driving on land, and the hang gliding is always too short to make that much of a difference. Sonic All-Stars Racing handles those "gimmicks" a lot better by changing the gameplay and consistently making the game feel fresh, which the hang glider, underwater, and anti-gravity segments in Mario Kart 7 and 8 attempt but fail to do. If Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed had a version of the anti-gravity gimmick, then it would feel different to the other three vehicles and add even more to the gameplay than Mario Kart could ever dream of doing.

The Koopalings are nice I guess, but the fanbase for those group of characters are really split. People either love them up like you do, or they wish Bowser Jr. got in instead because they don't care about them and want the room for characters with more variety like I do. I mean seriously, is that really a fair compromise? If all of the Koopalings got in and everyone used all of them, then I guess it is. However, there are so many other characters that deserve to be in Mario Kart, and they probably will get into future installments. It's just kind of annoying for me that not only did they take up the spots that any newcomers might have had, but they also ditched characters like Diddy Kong and King Boo just to make room for them as well. Everyone wins some and loses some.

I can agree that the track editor isn't necessary. However, I can also agree that anti-gravity, hang gliding, and underwater gameplay isn't necessary either. All of those things add nothing but some uniqueness to the game, and can potentially flesh out the experience more. The hang gliding, underwater, and anti-gravity parts of the game all do a poor job imo, but features like the track editor and adventure mode could potentially make it everyone's favorite Mario Kart game and add some much needed longevity to the game that will make people come back to that particular version of Mario Kart, much like Double Dash's brilliant double driver idea. It would especially be awesome if they made the track editor like the F-Zero Expansion Kit's.

There still hasn't been a Mario Kart that has surpassed my all-time favorite one, Mario Kart 64, because they don't experiment with the formula too much (except for Double Dash) and are always what you expect them to be. Nintendo just thinks that this game and Smash Bros. alone will sell Wii U units like hotcakes, but every Super Smash Bros. game is a major evolution from the past one in terms of content. For the Mario Kart games, it's basically just new characters and tracks only. For the general public, that may not be enough, and Mario Kart needs to innovate in the way Super Smash Bros. is and make Mario Kart 8 the Mario Kart to own. I will still be getting Mario Kart 8 and enjoy it regardless, since I liked the Best Buy demo from E3 last year, but there is absolutely nothing in the game that makes me want it immediately. I've been extremely excited for Super Smash Bros. since they announced it at E3 2013. That's a pretty big difference, considering that Mario Kart 8 is almost here and Super Smash Bros. still has some ways to go, especially the Wii U version, which looks to be the definite one.



Luigifan141 commented on Kosuke Yabuki Explains That Every Mario Kart i...:

@LittleIrves If that's the case, then you should be wanting unique battle mode courses that play like the race tracks in VS. mode, as well as new battle arenas in order to satisfy everyone and not just you. You should also want unique and polished characters like Nabbit, Professor E. Gadd, King K. Rool, Cranky Kong, Pauline, Goomba, and other characters that actually do deserve to be playable instead of the Koopalings, a generic baby, and a shoe-horned metal-based character.

That's why you shouldn't hope that every game turns out to be rushed. Mario Kart desperately needs new features like an in-depth track editor, an Adventure mode (like in Crash Team Racing and Diddy. Kong Racing), or even just a better item switch where you can actually adjust the items that can appear, like in Super Smash Bros. Adding a poor gimmick that doesn't drastically change the gameplay like it should, such as underwater driving and anti-gravity, isn't enough to make Mario Kart feel new. The gameplay is already solid and near-perfection, it just needs more content and features instead of rehashing the previous game's modes with lazy twists.

If rushing is the standard that you think all games should be at, then we won't get anywhere. This is why the video game industry can be a joke sometimes. Just because Nintendo's consoles can inovate, that doesn't mean that their games shouldn't, too.