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Luigifan141 commented on Ninterview: Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman on Mast...:

He came out to Illinois not too long ago in order to compete in a tournament called EXPosure 8, IIRC. I live not too far away from where that event was happening, but I couldn't go to it due to me being on Spring Break vacation while it was going on. I hope he comes back out here one day so I can play against him; I would be honored to fight any top-level player, even if I know that I'll probably lose, especially if I'm against one of the all-time greats like Mew2King.



Luigifan141 commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

The amount of negativity in the comments is really pathetic. I've been playing Project M since Demo 2.0, and it's a great alternative to Brawl. Not a replacement, an alternative. Plus, even though it plays like Melee, the metagames are still very different between Melee and Project M, and they have a completely different feel and presentation from each other. You don't play Project M to play Melee on the Wii, you play Project M to play Project M.



Luigifan141 commented on Massive Pokémon Reveals Occur During Super Sm...:

I main Charizard in Project M, where he's by himself (along with Squirtle and Ivysaur), and I never thought he would appear to be by himself on any other Super Smash Bros. game. I'm extremely excited that he's flying solo in Smash 4, and I'll definitely main him again!



Luigifan141 commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:

I got my Saturn a couple years ago, and it's a really underrated system. With games like Radiant Silvergun, Burning Rangers, NiGHTS, and many others, it's one of the most "hardcore" systems out there. Plus, the Action Replay is a must; not because I'm horrendous at games and need an infinite lives code for Astal, but because it makes your console region-free, as well as letting you back up your saves in case the internal battery runs out. I still love my Nintendo 64, and I'll always feel like it's my favorite console of all time, but if I knew how expensive the Saturn overall could be by today's standards, I would have jumped the shark and bought a Saturn instead of a Nintendo 64 when I was younger.



Luigifan141 commented on Sonic Lost World Producer Takashi Iizuka Wante...:

"There has been much mix and collaboration of Mario and Sonic in the “Mario & Sonic” series, and they have parts that resemble both games. There was also the idea that the combination of the two might not be that interesting to the audience."

"There was also the idea that the combination of the two might not be that interesting to the audience."

"The combination of the two might not be that interesting"




Luigifan141 commented on The Videogame History Museum's GDC Nintendo Ex...:

I own the Virtual Boy and also managed to get all 14 games that were released for it, and I feel like the system is underappreciated. Sure, you look like a alien while playing it and the graphics do hurt your eyes, but the games that are made for it are actually pretty fun (except for WaterWorld) and interesting to experience. Virtual Boy Wario Land is my favorite, of course, but other games like Galactic Pinball and Nester's Funky Bowling do a superb job of showing off the 3D effect, which feels much more powerful than the 3DS's 3D effect. The Virtual Boy isn't amazing, but it's definitely worth experiencing at least once and it isn't as bad as you initially think it is. If you see someone that outright hates the Virtual Boy, there's a great chance that they actually never used it before and are just going off of what they heard about the console from some gaming website.



Luigifan141 commented on Ninterview: TriForce Johnson - A Journey From ...:

@noctowl If you actually read the article, he says that he has various members of his group hold his place in line every 3 to 4 hours, so that he could clean himself up. You seriously didn't think that he would wait outside for months without moving at all, did you?



Luigifan141 commented on Super Smash Bros. Melee Confirmed for Evo 2014:

@DiscoDriver43 I've actually just started going to Super Smash Bros. Melee and Project M tournaments this year, but I've been keeping my eye on competitive fighters in general for a long time.

Also, Super Smash Bros. N64 is my favorite SSB game too, but I feel like it's not meant to be played competitively compared to Melee and Project M. I know that SSB64 has a decent competitive scene, but I've never been a fan of playing that or Brawl competitively.



Luigifan141 commented on Super Smash Bros. Melee Confirmed for Evo 2014:

@KeithTheGeek Well said. I still think that Project M at EVO would be great for the Super Smash Bros. fandom, but it's okay if they never hold Project M at EVO also, as long as it has a great competitive scene and some major tournaments (like it already does). Plus, like you said, having an official game like Melee over a more niché mod does make a lot more sense if Nintendo is going to sponsor it, and since more people play Melee than Project M, that means that it will have a higher turnout overall.

Also, an update should be released for the Wii U that allows Wii U Pro Controllers to function as wired controllers if they're plugged into the USB slot. That would be a decent workaround for the wired controller problem.

@DiscoDriver43 Brawl is much worse competitively compared to Melee, as well as not as popular. If you ever watched a Brawl tournament, you'll notice that tripping can make or break a match, the metagame somewhat relies on camping and stalling, and the Top 4 will usually have at least one Meta Knight. Meta Knight is known as the most broken and easy-to-play character in the game, bar none. In Melee, there's tons of advanced techniques like wavedashing and l-canceling that take some practice to use efficiently, a more balanced roster of characters, and much faster gameplay that makes the game even more exciting to both play and watch.

As for MvC2 and 3 being played competitively... let's just say that, as long as there's a fighting game, it will most likely have a competitive scene, no matter how big or small it actually is. Even though MvC2 is horribly unbalanced (Serv ot? Really?) it was a popular game to play until MvC3/UMvC3 arrived, but it still has a following even today. UMvC3 is much more balanced, but as you said, it's not perfect. In fact, no fighting game has a perfect balance, and they never will. It's hard to balance out characters who have different playstyles, and there will always be a character that can do something else better because of that. Regardless, the Marvel vs. Capcom games will always be popular choices for competitive play, as will many other games that have balance issues. Why? Because people love to play what they play, regardless of how good or bad others think they are.



Luigifan141 commented on Super Smash Bros. Melee Confirmed for Evo 2014:

@Chaos_Knight That's no excuse. Project M has already got a lot of tournaments in the past few years, including at APEX (where there were more people playing Project M than Brawl), The Big House 3, and CEO. Plus, it's actually not bad at all for Nintendo; in fact, Project M is actually great for Nintendo. The PMBR have been trying to do their best to stay in Nintendo's good graces by not including any new characters that aren't already in Brawl (Mewtwo is a trophy, Roy is a sticker and also has a song), as well as using costumes that are still the same character (Doc, Dry Bowser, Pajama Ness, etc.). Plus, you don't have to pay money to play Project M, which is great because it makes it a legal mod to use, as well as letting Nintendo potentially make money off of new Brawl copies that are used to play Project M. If Nintendo wanted to get rid of Project M entirely, along with other mods like Brawl Minus and Balanced Brawl, then they would've done so a long time ago.



Luigifan141 commented on Video: Ace Attorney Collection Promotional Tra...:

I think it's time that Apollo Justice got a remake, too; it's been around for seven years already, and Capcom has never bothered to port or remake it since it first released. Since Apollo himself appeared in Dual Destinies along with his popularity getting skyrocketed, it would be very nice if his game was included with the first three games in this collection.

(Also, localization please!)



Luigifan141 commented on This Year of Luigi Diorama Brings a Dark Moon ...:

I remember how annoyed I was when I missed out on the 3DS XL charging cradles. I had over 1,500 coins to spend on stuff, and that was the only thing that caught my attention. I didn't even bother with the Zelda posters either, since I've never been a huge Zelda fan. I thought I was just going to waste all of my hard earned coins...

Then this glorious statue pops up, and now I know why I saved my coins; good things come to those who wait! I managed to pre-order it, and I can't wait to get it in time for Dark Moon's first anniversary!