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Mon 21st Jan 2008

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Luigi182 commented on OFLC Update - Super Mario RPG On Its Way To Eu...:

I guess what Rexy is trying to say is that she feels that SMRPG is way too over-rated. I agree with that statement, whole heartedly. Ever since the late 90s, Square RPGs have become these graphics heavy, whiny teeny bopper, bore-fests. Combine that with a magic system that damn near requires a college degree in Quantum physics to fully understand and use(FF10, I'm looking at you), and you wind up with the most over-rated RPG series in modern times. Somewhere along the way, they abandoned their rich storylines in games like FF4, Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger.

Yet, many people have been clamoring for this and the other over-rated RPG, Earthbound. Well, I just wish Nintendo and Square would just hurry up and release those games for the fan-boi's, so the rest of us can find more rare gems we couldn't have played back in the 80s and 90s.

Besides, when the hell are we supposed to get the Mega Man games in the US?!



Luigi182 commented on Breath of Fire II:

I d/l-ed it shortly after X-mas and didn't get around to playing it until about a few weeks ago. I must say, this has been the only game I've played since. The game really sucks you in. For me this game is easily falling into the category of my favorite RPGs. Right up there with FF4, Secret of Mana, SoulBlazer, Chrono Trigger, Paper Mario, Dragon Quest 8, etc.

Taterschoice: To compare it to the final series...hmmm. I'll just say it reminded me alot of an early FF story(like part 4) but with the multi-character mechanic of Chrono Trigger and uses a Dragon Quest style battle mechanic. A tasteful blend that sucks you in after about the first hour or so. A word of caution, much like Dragon Quest 8, you won't be doing much level grinding but you will be starved for cash alot. So you will be doing a lot battles for a while to afford your weapons and armor. That is until you learn to use the hunt ability... Not to spoil stuff but Selling the roasts you retrieve from hunting is a good thing.

SPOILER WARNING!!! I can't answer shoemaker's question without spoiling a bit of the game.

The shoemaker: I ran into a similar problem that the game kind of expects you to know about. And I almost forgot until I looked at the VC included manual. (Btw, the VC manual isn't very clear either) Anyhow, I finally remember this explained in the original instruction manual I read when I rented the game ages ago. In the overworld map, who you have in the 'front' of your party changes what you can and can't do. I say 'front' in quotes because pressing the L or R buttons changes who's in the front of your party only for the purpose of the overworld map. It won't change your battle formation. Anyhow, in the overworld just South of Windia you'll see what looks like a pair of pegs with water seperating them. Well, this is for Sten 's (the monkey character in your party) ability. He can stretch his arms like a grappling hook so to speak. How does one do this? Well, just press L or R until Sten is at the 'front' of your party, stand on the aforementioned peg and press the Y button. Sten will stretch his hand over to the other peg and you'll be heading back east. Other characters have similar abilities when you press Y and they are at the 'front' of your party:

Ryu: You must have a fishing pole of some type and some kind of bait equipped in you extra slots below your armor. When you see a fish jump out of the water in the over world, go to it and press A and you'll be in a fishing mini-game. Haven't quite figured out how successfully nab a fish... yet...
Bow: Go into one of the random grassy knoll icons with him in the 'front' of your party by walking up to it and pressing A. You'll go into a one screen hunting field where you can hunt down deer and pig like thingys by pressing Y. You can get roasts if you manage to kill one. Selling these at the item shops gets you lots of gold. Also work good as free elixirs as these roasts restore all hp to one person when used as an item.
Katt: Similar hunting abilities like Bow's. Also can crush rocks but I haven't figured the usefulness of that yet.
Rand: Your party rolls up into a ball and takes your party across the overworld fast with no battling. However, it's hard to control and you'll most likely get attacked if you crash into a bush, wall, mountain, etc.
Nina: Nothing that I can figure out yet. Perhaps later in the game?
Jean: Turns your party into a giant frog and you'll get into less battles. You can also swim across lakes and stuff. Much like Sten, this is very much needed later in the game to progress.

I've only just got Jean in my party and am at Simafort.

Overall a great game. 4/5 rating is right on the money!!

Damo: One final note, it seems like the youtube clip you have on there is from a different game. The game I d/l-ed looks more like this: