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Sat 8th Aug 2009

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Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Talking Point: The Virtual Console's PAL Problem:

Thank god for the PS3's ultimate megadrive collection; it's such a joy playing games like sonic and streets of rage in 60hz with no borders. Going back and playing my old VC megadrive games after that is like playing with a concussion or something.



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Nintendo Download: 9th April 2010 (Europe):


I also couldn't resist and downloaded it.

I agree with your summary, the only thing I'd like to add at this point is to complain that there are no online leaderboards. You simply have to with arcade type games like this, it makes it so much more interesting when you can compare your scores e.g Onslaught. What an oversight by the devs!

Edit: Sorry! I don't want to complain too much and put people off. It's a very nice game with great graphics and two player mode.



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Red Steel 2 Blunted After Poor UK Chart Debut:

@JebbyDeringer You're right. Personally I would be much more tempted if I didn't have a PS3. As it is, for the foreseable future, on retaill Wii, I will limit my purchases to SMG2 and Metroid. Anything else would have to get highly favourable reviews, like Monster Hunter Tri or S&P2, for me to buy first week.



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Red Steel 2 Blunted After Poor UK Chart Debut:

@Luigi78 Yeah it's partly out of respect for others in the house. I can sit peacefully and play most games, but it just doesn't seem right to be acting out a ninja sword fight when others can see or here me bang about, it just seems inappropriate to do it on my own.

Unfortunately my girlfriend feels the same way, which why occasionally I have to play Just Dance. lol Untitled

Edit: Sorry, my point is: Red Steel 2 needed multiplayer



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Red Steel 2 Blunted After Poor UK Chart Debut:

Am I the only one not buying Red Steel 2 cos of all the swinging etc. If it was two player it might be fun, but I can't bothered with it on my own.

If it's just me I'd rather chill out on the couch with a good VC game or something.

I wonder what these sales figures say for Wii Zelda? I guess if any game can make Motion Plus work it has to be Zelda.



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

If people want Cave Story go ahead and buy it. And if you have points left over don't worry about it, it's not like it's going to be your last ever Wii Shop purchase. Actually sometimes it's fun to have points leftover, it gives you a boost for your next purchase. Plus I don't remember all this kind of uproar for Tetros Party, which also cost 1200 points



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Nintendo Download: 15th March 2010 (North Amer...:

"Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (900pts TG-16 - Konami) – Released nearly two years ago in Japan, many doubted this would ever see the light of day on the Virtual Console in other territories"

Europe gets gazumped by North America again. What a jib



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Review: Flight Control (DSiWare):

For 79p it's a nice little distraction on the iPhone but (without owning DSi) I would have thought you you could do better for 500pts. Now Doodle Jump that's a high score game!



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Sony: Publishers Pulling Resources From Wii De...:

It wouldn't suprise me if he's right.

Nobody talks about the multi-platform owners, who probably only buy first party games on Wii and everything else on thier PS3/Xbox360. That has to have an impact as well.

And if there is a culture of only buying first party games on Wii, then I think Nintendo is partly to blame. For example, why not give out Star bonuses with 3rd party games as well? That would help them to sell.



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Nintendo Download: 5th February 2010 (Europe):

This is crazy. I've been waiting ages for a decent update for the Wii Shop or PSN and it's like they all come at once. Should I get Excitebike, Final Fight 3 or Final Fantasy 8. I want them all but what to get first? I don't know.



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Review: No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle (Wii):

I don't think you're in the minority retrobuttons, this game isn't going to sell millions. Any curiosity people had was likely satified by the first No More Heroes and judging by the amount of copies on the second-hand shelf I don't think the average gamer was too impressed.

No More Heroes 2 is only really catering to a niche market so there's no reason to pick on it, afterall it's a bit of an underdog trying to do something different on Wii. It's not coming from some big developer who could be doing something else.



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Review: de Blob (Wii):

I'm sorry Sean but I felt that everything else about that game was great: the graphics, the sound, etc. But why did they create this beautiful game and then just sprinkle a few repetitive challenges around the levels. That killed the experience for me, which is why I was so dissapointed with. By the way I bought it at full price when it first came out and I hot very little for it on eBay.



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Review: de Blob (Wii):

If only those guys who invented the original IP had made De Blob for Wii, I think we would have had a much better game and probably would've had a sequel by now. The people who messed up the development of what was such a great concept should hang their heads in shame.



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Review: de Blob (Wii):

I hated the way THQ (or "Blue Tongue Entertainment") made you do the same missions again, again and again. De Blob would have been so much better if it had of been put in the hands of better developers.



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Luigi's Mansion to Get Sequel?:

It would be so much better if this was a new game. Come on Nintendo make the effort, people will buy it, look at the success a pretty average Mario Bros game is having on the Wii, which is basically a DS game without the fun minigames. When was the last time you made a great game for the core audience Nintendo? You owe us.



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on WiiWare Devs Call for More Advertising From Ni...:

The amount of criticism Nintendo gets for it's Wii shop I thought upon joining the Playstation Network that going to the store would be a dream. But let me tell you the that Wii shop is much more user-friendly than the Playststion Store, where they mix PS3 games, game add ons, psps games and little indie games into one huge mess, they don't even give you charts of best selling games. My point is that Nintendo games are so nice and easy for customers to download ( I think the popular games list helps a lot) yet all these devs blame nintendo when they're games don't sell. That's Rubbish!



Luigi-la-bouncy commented on Review: Agatha Christie's The ABC Murders (DS):

I'll have you know that Poirot is not the only famous Belgian. Jean Claude Van Damme is also a famous Belgian. He played the role of Guile in the Street Fighter movie. There is also Magritte the Surrealist painter, who drew a picture of a pipe and wrote underneath - "this is not a pipe" in French.