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United Kingdom

Sat 11th Jul 2009

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Lugas commented on Corruption Saves Incompatible with Metroid Tri...:

I don't think this is an issue. If you're XX% of the way through Corruption, you don't have to stop playing just because you got the Trilogy disk.

It's certainly not an issue to people who haven't played any of the Prime series ever.



Lugas commented on Japanese Monster Hunter 3 Sales Slump:

I agree that magazines and websites try to sensationalize any sales drops on the Wii. Just any tiny drop could cause others to declare the Wii as doomed.

I agree with KDR_11k, this often does happen to "hardcore" games: sell like crazy for the first week, and then practically forgotten about the next. (although, I think that the word "hardcore" can only be used on gamers and not the games themselves)