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Mon 28th October, 2013

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LuckyTJ commented on Sega Has No Plans To Bring Alien: Isolation To...:

Aliens colonial marines SUCKED so bad. they didn't add it to the wii u. But why aren't they adding aliens: isolation to the wii u?! Is this game gonna suck too or are they just too lazy to make it for the wii u?! Explain why Sega!!!



LuckyTJ commented on Rosalina And Luma Work Their Magic On The Supe...:

At first I thought this was a new kirby air ride game. Then when i saw the karts i thought, "Kirby in MARIO KART?! Then when i saw Luma, "Luma in MARIO KART?!? Then i saw the beautiful hi def Rosalina. Then when i saw the smash bros text... am i dreaming?!