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Thu 14th February, 2013

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LtAldoRaine commented on Video: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Opening Cin...:

It's all right. I just think the main theme of this game is a bit underwhelming, especially after coming from the ridiculously epic Brawl theme. The Brawl opening was, like this one, a bunch of SSE cutscenes (in the new one's case, character trailers) with some gameplay footage, but it was still pretty good mainly because the theme song made everything look epic. And this theme song for me it's just... OK.

Melee's is still the best for me, that's a awesome opening.



LtAldoRaine commented on Feature: Breaking Down Over 50 Must-See Things...:

That was great, can't freaking wait. Also, I love that announcer.

And I'm guessing my 3DS copy will be left behind. I don't really think I'll even play it on the go that much. Still, I have over 100 hours on it,so I don't regret anything. And it will get me free Mewtwo.

I don't think they made this clear,though: will we be able to transfer the unlocked custom special moves from the 3DS to the Wii U? Because I REALLY don't want to have to unlock the ones I have again, the process is annoying as hell when half the moves you get are the ones you already have. That's a really bad design choice.



LtAldoRaine commented on Nintendo 64x64: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's ...:

Another Zelda thread, another bunch of comments saying which ones are underrated or overrated. I don't think there is another franchise so divisive among its own fans, it's kind of interesting.

To me, MM is the third best Zelda game among the ones I played.



LtAldoRaine commented on Nintendo 64x64: Pokémon Stadium:

The first Pokémon game I played, I didn't have a Game Boy. I actually really liked it, I spent a lot of time raging and trying to win those damn tournaments. Thunder betrayed me a lot of times. And the minigames were just awesome.



LtAldoRaine commented on Nintendo 64x64: Paper Mario:

Oh, I love this game so much. I remember how stupid I was back then. I rented games, and didn't know how to start from the beginning, so I just chose the save files from other people. One of them was on Bowser's Castle. Yeah. I remember I got into a battle with some Koopatrols and just did crap like jump on their heads and use Star Beam repeatadly on them and be like "yay, I'm doing something!" The fact that I didn't know a lick of English didn't help.

I just really started playing it after a buddy came with a Nintendo magazine with a walkthrough that got me through the beginning and made me learn the mechanics. Then my dog shredded the magazine and I had to do the rest of the game on my own after Chapter 5, I think. Nowadays I think it's good that I did at least a part of the game on my own.

Sorry for the rambling, it's just that I love this series (first three anyway) and this game immensely. I like TTYD even better. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems, please do a REAL Paper Mario game again.



LtAldoRaine commented on Gallery: Enjoy a Cuteness Overload in These Ca...:

That looks beautiful. I liked the Toad levels in 3D World, but I was a bit worried that the concept wasn't enough for a full game. If those pictures are any indication, it looks like the game is much more varied and expanded in comparison to the levels in 3D World. I should've expected that, but hey, I try to be cautious in order to not be disappointed. This looks promising.



LtAldoRaine commented on Nintendo 64x64: Conker's Bad Fur Day:

I played this one for the first time three years ago, I loved it. I think the only problem are some dated references, but the game is hilarious and it plays almost perfectly. Yeah. It's cliched to say this, but I miss the old Rare so much.



LtAldoRaine commented on Nintendo 64x64: Banjo-Kazooie:

For some reason I didn't pay attention to this game as a kid. How wrong I was. Played it two years ago, and it's amazing. Just one more reason to miss the old Rare. I played Tooie as well, and I think I like it even more than the first. I was seriously hooked. They sure don't make them like that anymore.



LtAldoRaine commented on Rumour: Secret Chant Within Super Smash Bros. ...:

I never really liked playing with the Ice Climbers, but I hate that the Wii U version in the end will lose things because it has to be equal to the 3DS one. I really hoped that wasn't going to happen. I hope that's the only thing they had to cut because of the 3DS.



LtAldoRaine commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Kart 64:

I don't think this one aged very well. It's still fun, but to me the controls are kind of terrible compared to any MK that came after it. I'm still fond of it, played it a lot with my brothers.

May I ask, do you guys plan on doing something similar with the GameCube games in the future?



LtAldoRaine commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

I think this is a good roster. The only thing that pissed me off is the laziness of some Final Smashes. I hate that Toon Link and Sheik still have the same from Brawl. And I haven't seen Lucina and Dark Pit's yet, but Dr. Mario's is basically a reskinned Mario Finale. Come on,man. There was so much potential in there.

Still. can't wait. I'm hoping for DLC in tue future for even more characters.



LtAldoRaine commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

@HappyHappy It is its own character, it's a got a separate spot on the select screen and everything, like Dr. Mario and Lucina. Sakurai said that if a character has even a minor difference in properties, they will get their own slot. Alph,for example, is the same as Olimar, so he doesn't get his own.



LtAldoRaine commented on Mega Camerupt, Mega Gallade, and Mega Sharpedo...:

Love all three designs. Initially I was kind of bummed that Mega Sharpedo doesn't have Speed Boost, but it can be worked around before with Protect. And I'm hoping they don't give Mega Gallade a pointless boost to Special Attack like they gave Mega Gardevoir more Attack. GameFreak trolling at its finest.



LtAldoRaine commented on All-Star Mode in Super Smash Bros. is a Histor...:

@RaphaBoss Eh, it ain't the same thing, in Classic you fight 12 enemies or so (unless they changed it up on this one) and All-Star you fight every single character in the game, it's kind of the ultimate challenge on harder difficulties. And to me, who tries to get at least all the character trophies in the game, having always a set order makes things get tiring much faster. To each its own, I guess.



LtAldoRaine commented on All-Star Mode in Super Smash Bros. is a Histor...:

I actually really dislike All-Star having a set order of opponents, like in Brawl. It's cute that it is on chronological order, but to me it's pretty dull knowing who your opponents are before you play it, especially when you have to play the whole thing with each character to unlock trophies and stuff. I liked it better random, like in Melee. That's just me, though.