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Love J-Idols, manga, comics, movies, tokusatsu, animation, Hatsune Miku, and Hello Kitty. Just getting back into video games. :3

Wed 10th Jul 2013

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LoveSugoi commented on Nintendo Download: 29th October (North America):

Too busy playing Apollo Justice to care about the fact the 3DS new release section was so small that I accidentally scrolled past it.

Revelations at $5 is a steal but I'm not sure I want it taking up 3GB...



LoveSugoi commented on You'll Be Able To Stuff Your Very Own Pikachu ...:

HNNNNNGGGGHHHHHHHH I love Build a Bear! I was hitting up their Hello Kitties when I was working full time. I needed a Build-a-Pikachu like yesterday. I normally like to go to the store but that Charizard hoodie....



LoveSugoi commented on Review: Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden (3DS):

I see Vegeta, Gohan, and Android 18. Those are the only playable characters I need. I don't care about online for most games so no loss there either.

This wasn't a Day 1 for me but I'll download the demo and pick it up down the line if I like it.



LoveSugoi commented on SEGA and M2 Reflect on 3D Classics Series and ...:

I'm not as fussed about having another excuse to re-buy S3&K as I am about S2 but they may as well complete the trilogy now if time and resources allow it.

3D Virtua Fighter would be wonderful but who did I need to sell my soul to for a 3D Eternal Champions?



LoveSugoi commented on Review: SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson (3DS):


Good thing I had just put down my drink when I read this or I would have did a spit take right into my computer screen.

I'm not the type of gamer to get butthurt over scores and reviews but I do take issue with a review that barely discusses the story in a game that's part Visual Novel. I guess that was left out of the score to achieve some neutrality but considering how much time the author spent discussing the overtly sexual themes anyway I don't think it did that at all. Oh well, I'll experience it for myself when I get the game. Double D edition of course.



LoveSugoi commented on Potential Massacre Averted At Pokémon World C...:

The social media age, ladies and gentlemen. What's next? A guy uploading pictures in gruesome detail of how he killed his wife on Instagram?

These guys look like the type of losers that thought they looked cool carrying these weapons and making empty threats at a freakin' Pokemon tournament. Wow, so bad@$$ committing an act of terror at a gathering of geeky adults and children. What idiots.

I don't feel strongly about gun control one way or the other, but at what level of tragedy does it need to reach before it's obvious something needs to be done? There's just too many idiots and psychos getting their hands on these things.



LoveSugoi commented on Talking Point: Pokkén Tournament May Not Be a...:

The talks of this "saving" the Wii U are just LOL. People keep harping like Pokemon on home consoles is a big deal but sales of console Pokemon games have hardly shown that to be the case. The best selling one is still the first Stadium game and it's been all downhill since. These occasional Poke-ventures on the home console front are of no more relevance than the Ranger and Mystery Dungeon games.

That said, I am looking forward to Pokken Tournament... just as soon as Greninja is confirmed in the lineup.



LoveSugoi commented on Masahiro Sakurai Tackles Criticisms of Bonus F...:


No! Naturally I must whine and moan about a bonus feature I can totally ignore because how dare it be there if I don't like it!! Let's hope it gets patched out because no one else who might actually enjoy this completely optional feature that can I totally ignore should be able to use it!



LoveSugoi commented on 3DS Can Last For Another Two To Three Years In...:

One year? Definitely. Two years? Pushing it but reasonable. Three and above? Uh no. The 3DS is great mainly because of it's library, it alone is not some cutting edge massive hit device that can stand the test of time. Make another handheld on par what the Vita can do and THEN they probably leave it alone for about 10 years.

I will agree with him on the part about smaller publishers though.



LoveSugoi commented on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Dominates...:

I think HHD's sales say more about how strong AC is there rather than just taste. Looking at the legs New Leaf has had and how much it's sold, I wouldn't be shocked at all if a new main AC entry cleared a million first week.

Splatoon still got legs for days (or in this case, months). They should do a 3DS version just to see how much milk this cow can produce.



LoveSugoi commented on Interview: Senran Kagura Producer Kenichirō T...:

@Fee I'm just going to assume questioning this claim will result into some kind of anti-feminist denotation which I'm frankly not interested in engaging.

But yes best girl Yagyu would indeed be criminally cute inking it up with the squid kids.



LoveSugoi commented on Interview: Senran Kagura Producer Kenichirō T...:

There's a fine line between objectification and sexualization, I think Senran Kagura rides it dangerously but ultimately comes out on the right side with it's ahem well developed characters and gameplay. Really refreshing to see the creator so honest about what he wanted to achieve and isn't the slightest bit apologetic.

Now about that Senran Kagura x Splatoon crossover with water guns... WHERE DO I THROW MY MONEY?!



LoveSugoi commented on Weirdness: Revenge is a Dish Best Sold on eBay...:

Sounds like a real beach and a freaking idiot honestly. I don't care how mad I am, if I'm going to do something that spiteful, I'm going to make sure I benefit from it to the fullest instead of just tossing away hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars.



LoveSugoi commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Plans to Bring De...:

Now begs the question if the rumor was true to begin with and this is a reverse decision or if they were afraid of letting the false rumor snowball and decided to smash it.

@Dweezicus LOL Honestly, that's annoying me more than anything. Things were pretty good here for a while after E3. People were voicing their opinions with hardly anyone getting uppity and defensive in return. Now we're back to the endless cycle of complaining where everyone's moaning about everyone moaning.



LoveSugoi commented on Rumour: Nintendo Isn't Bringing Devil's Third ...:

This is going to flop anyway but NoA is in no position to be picky about what they release with the current lineup the way it is. If it weren't for 3rd parties, I'd have nothing to play on my 3DS until Fates... in 2016. How many Wii U owners had this as one of the few games they're looking forward to until Zelda in 2016? Quality control my arse. If it's good enough for Europe and Japan, it's good enough for us.



LoveSugoi commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:


Lol, more like the indignant squawks are going to come from those that apparently think Nintendo doesn't need to replace their handhelds. Because obviously 3rd parties on handhelds don't take power into consideration. That's why the super flop Vita is getting ports and more 3rd party supp-- oh wait a minute.



LoveSugoi commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:


Most have been stuck on the traditional home console bandwagon since it was first announced because the Wii U is the "sinking ship" that needs to abandoned. We have just as much "evidence" (more like rumors and picking apart of official statements) that it could be a Android based device, or hybrid but nothing is going to change their minds until the big reveal.



LoveSugoi commented on F-Zero 'Spiritual Successor' Kickstarter Makes...:

And here comes the fallout of the "spiritual successor" trend. Now there's going to be more idiots and scam artists like these popping up. At least the guy got cold feet and there were only 14 people stupid enough to back something so unconvincing, the projects that DO look convincing will be something to worry about in the future.



LoveSugoi commented on Feature: What If The SNES PlayStation Had Actu...:

If Nintendo had been foolish enough to go through with the deal as it was, Sony probably would have sucked them for all they were worth, eventually went their own way regardless, and Nintendo would have fallen to 3rd party irrelevancy faster than you can say SEGA. Ironically, this probably would have turned out in SEGA's favor though.

But tbh, I don't think this would have been successful.



LoveSugoi commented on Pokkén Tournament Dated For 16th July in Japa...:

Ugh, that's cool and all but CONFIRM GRENINJA ALREADY DAMMIT.


Probably because in this case, Nintendo owns the IP? There's very few Pokemon games we haven't gotten over here and tbh, the majority of it was stuff best left in Japan. Porting it would be the most no brain-er way to add another big title to the Wii U/NX's schedule with development as slow as is. I'm pretty sure that's mostly the reason we've been seeing normally Japan exclusive titles like Fatal Frame and Tomodachi Life lately. I'm pretty confident we'll get this unless it bombs hard at the arcades.



LoveSugoi commented on ​Fire Emblem Fates Birthright Edition Is The...:

Ah, had a feeling the "Light" would win out over the "Darkness" in Japan lol. I wonder if it'll be the same story in the West or the opposite?

@Fath Speaking of Western tastes, LOL. It never ceases to amaze me how people tend to demonize sex more than violence on our side of the pond.



LoveSugoi commented on First Impressions: Digging Up Details on Harve...:


I'd definitely recommend Story of Seasons, I'm having a blast with it. Has a charming aesthetic and the music's good. I haven't played a lot of the past HM games to compare it to but a lot of long time fans seem to consider it one of the best entries in years.

Seeds of Memories seems to be aiming to replicate the past console HM game and drop nostalgic nods. Natsume's in house efforts like Hometown Story and The Lost Valley don't exactly have the best track record so I'd personally wait for the reviews on this one.

There's also Rune Factory which is a spin off of the HM series (the real ones) but has more fantasy RPG elements. The 4th installment came out in 2013, I have it and what I've played so far is really good. The most beautiful game I've seen on the 3DS and it even has animated cutscenes.



LoveSugoi commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Asks for Fan Trust With Metro...:

This game is low budget spin off milk that is completely depending on the Metriod Prime name to sell. It'll be lucky enough to sell 250K, even luckier to get a sequel and regardless of the sugary coated 'transformation' talk, it's quite doubtful that much of this title's gameplay will make it over to a future main Metroid title. Anyone trying to prop it up as some kind of "evolution" by making Wind Waker or Awakening comparisons is deluding themselves. Reggie's just doing his job: spinning and BSing.



LoveSugoi commented on Fire Emblem Fates Storms to Number One in Japan:

Fantastic start for FE. The wait's gonna be painful. Good to see Splatoon hanging in there with a bunch of new releases, beautiful legs on this one.


Eh, I don't really consider it "cheating" as this type of gimmick is mostly designed to milk the whales, the type of people that'd buy multiple versions anyway in support of a release (one for use, one for collection, one to gift, etc.). At least by offering multiple versions, they're getting additional content for their spending. Most people will just settle on one version/copy. I would like to see the sales split though just to see which is the "popular" version.



LoveSugoi commented on First Impressions: Digging Up Details on Harve...:

I'm all for Retro throwbacks but this honestly just looks like a cheap, facebook Harvest Moon knock off. Graphics aren't everything but come on, they could have done something far more grand for a game that's going to be on console and mobile considering what both platforms can handle nowadays.

Not impressed with what I'm reading about the game itself either. I thought Natsume would take TLV's criticism to mean they should work harder to polish and perfect the direction they taking with the series... but going off that description, it seems they just gave up on one of major differences and settled on using a gimmick-y nostalgia fueled knock off of past BokuMono games? Even going as far as to use "inspirations" of past BokuMono characters... REALLY?! Have they have no sense of pride?



LoveSugoi commented on Pokémon Shuffle is Heading to Android and iOS...:

I've been saying since the beginning that it should have been on Android/iOS. This game should be able to live up it's sales potential now.

I didn't bother with this because I already had Trozei but I'll totally download it now for my Droid.