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Mon 10th Jan 2011

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LostTomorrows commented on Last Story Tops the Japanese Sales Charts:

All signs are pointing towards a release overseas: great sales, great reception, and a massive following globally already. Nintendo's being backed in a position to the point where, if they say no, they will be seen as purely heartless to their fanbase (including me). Perhaps they're just apprehensive due to the epic fail that was Arc Rise Fantasia (though it had none of those three things that I listed); perhaps, rather, they're just being Nintendo, and have actually been working on a translated port for months and are just being cryptic - thereby making us want the game even more...? The more talk about a game gives it more hype, the more hype gets it known; the more known, the more wanted.

I've wanted it for over a year damn you!



LostTomorrows commented on Nintendo Has "No Plans" to Bring Last Story We...:

Nintendo needs to get back to embracing the RPG; after the two juggernauts (Tales of Symphonia and Baten Kaitos) came out for the Gamecube, Nintendo's been largely overlooking the genre, with the Wii being nearly devoid of any. The best systems of theirs have the most variety, and to me it is still the GCN.
I'm one of the many who have seen this game and cannot wait to see more. Nintendo's riding the 3DS and the fact that Skyward Sword is very loosely interpreted to be out in 2011, so they'd better say yes to this one - as I'm positive it will be a hit here regardless of its reception in Japan.