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United Kingdom

Wed 1st Dec 2010

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Lorfarius commented on New Retro Magazine "Pixel Nation" Launches:

@KAI7321 Nope, we are going to keep publishing it ourselves. We want to become a retro specialist publisher. Not just our own books but from the retro community too, that's why U-Publish is available to all. Already have a free example on there plus a couple of other authors work.



Lorfarius commented on After 25 Years, The NES Gets A New Magazine:

I'm one of the guys behind this mag and also the chap behind NES-Bit. Just like to say thank you to NintendoLife for mentioning the mag, real great to have some coverage. For the moment the first issue is testing the water to see if it will take off so the more people who pick up a copy, the more chance of an issue 2
Really proud to have been involved with this, we have had some excellent writers on board (all volunteers) and I'm sure there will be something for everyone to enjoy.
The mag is based on the site itself so I'm afraid it's NES only, so no SNES, N64 etc I'm afraid guys.