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Fri 7th Sep 2012

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Lord-Ghirahim commented on Tekken Producer: Working With Nintendo Offers ...:

I'm a fellow Tekken fan; but only have played the 3DS Tekken Prime Edition! However I love the Tekken movie; I guess I'll be the fist to admit it... because I love the characters Jin & Yoshimitsu! But Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is indeed one of the only 3rd party titles I'd get for the Wii U; because I love fighting games! And I love that the Wii U version will have Nintendo stuff in it; I like the MEGA mushroom for sure!



Lord-Ghirahim commented on Donkey Kong 64:

If we ever actually get a #400 VC game for NA, (since the removed NA VC games don't count); I'd highly doubt DK64 would be it! And I'm not counting today's September 6, 2012 VC game Prince of Persia as the #400 game... I STILL THINK DK64 should've been released months & months ago!



Lord-Ghirahim commented on Nintendo Download: 6th September 2012 (North A...:

Actually @FluttershyGuy & @Max
I was wondering that same exact thing about today's week & lame VC update! Prince of Persia would have counted as the #400 game... but if you look down the list of NA VC games on Wikipedia; I actually counted 10 that were marked through as being removed from the Wii Shop due to liscening issues! So if my math adds up; there are actually #390 games! I think if NOA continued with the Wii Shop during the first months of the Wii U & into 2013... we'd still have a ways to go to get to #400 again!