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Lord commented on Lost Reavers Developers Reveal More Details Ab...:

From the beta the biggest flaw was the lack of voice chat! You can't comand a team with picture texts (zelda triforce) and you can command a team with pre set sentences (mh4) so why oh why have these dam games not got voice chat!
Free or not it's gonna be dead in the water without chat!



Lord commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

I'm sure starfox would be a 5 if released this week.
I'm still worried that when it releases in 2016 without multiplayer and voice chat. Online co-op and other modern features it will still score badly.



Lord commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

I'm sure Iwata mentioned a year ago that Nintendo will try to create more smaller simpler games.
Hence the green light for triforce, chibi, federation, code steam, paintbrush, home designer etc.
Hence the low scores for all of these titles.



Lord commented on Feature: Reflecting On Three Years With The Wi...:

Ok here's how it is! I love the console and wow they are getting a lot out of it nowadays. The Nintendo stuff is as awesome as ever! The only problem I have is not with the console but with Nintendo!
Since 2005 Nintendo have failed to move forward with thier programming views towards online multiplayer and online chat!



Lord commented on Star Fox Zero Launches on 22nd April, 2016:

@DarkKirby yes I had heard Feb 26th. The UK direct introduced it as 'great news we have worked really hard and am pleased to announce starfox is now going to be released.......'we all thought pre Xmas' .........April 2016



Lord commented on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Is Rece...:

More importantly is the release date!
If this comes out in March and we have other zelda releases/rereleases between now and March.
When do we think zelda u will land. I feel that they might be feeding us zelda games to plug the gap and allow then to move zelda u to September/October 2016 just before the NX port in November!



Lord commented on Capcom "Will Consider The Possibility" Of Supp...:

I'll settle for a port of monster hunter 4 on to the NX so I can finally enjoy this game in HD with voice chat rather than playing with crab hands, eye strain and frustration.
I'll also take revalations 2 port with voice chat and co-op.



Lord commented on Valhalla Game Studios is Being Sued Over a Tra...:

After many years in marketing, the above to logos would not create a 'sueable' case as both are based on a historical imagining. With both companies names being different and the only word being same is a non trademarkable word.
Would say that even under the three key changes between artwork this many be where they get pulled up as although the art styles are different the choosen colour pallet is similar. Again the content displayed is an artists representation of a historical boat at sea.
CONCLUSION if judged in a court of law, the logo created after the said original would be required to make some key changes mostly to colour pallet. Rather than cease and desist or pay a fine.



Lord commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Endures Awful UK Launch ...:

I'm just amazed at which titles Nintendo choose to make. I mean why spend money on making a chibi game? The programming hours alone could have been used for ice climbers, or f-zero (other simple to produce games). ESHOP ports. Is something I seen Nintendo needing to utilise more. For the cost of running a team who buy and tweak classics so it runs on the eShop eg old Nintendo and other companies. Eg they could buy eternal champions from Sega and reconfigure it to run on the wii u purchasable from the EShop. Surly this would cost less than making games like chibi a produce greater profits.



Lord commented on Nintendo Download: 12th November (Europe):

It's very odd how Nintendo have not loaded the EShop heavier in the lack of first party releases this Christmas.
I'm awaiting a rodea review as they said above it was a massive fail in Japan.
I know everyone is screaming for a direct at the moment and in pyshical weeks til Christmas terms they would need to be penciling one in this week or next. But I ask the question to myself based on speculation that they may announce twilight and each time my answer is the same. I'm not really interested in replaying this title nor adding a third version to the collection.
As for 2016 I think I'll be asking Santa for cash so I can survive the onslaught.
Wii u/3ds/NX starfox, zelda, pikmin, retro, mario Galaxyish, explorers, fire emblem fate, shinXfire, total outlay £1000



Lord commented on Yuji Naka Expresses Interest in Sequels to Ivy...:

I was hyped for this game until Nintendolife posted a video of gameplay and it just looked so dull and still very clearly a wii game!
I imagine from the video that the review is not going to be great!



Lord commented on SNES PlayStation Prototype Gets Turned On, Ope...:

I heard that the cartridge that came with it, had been mistaken for a faulty game, but actually was required to enable the rom slot to function fully.

Who knows until they find a rom disc.
Are we saying its an optical drive or magnetic? From the logo it implies optical.
(Disc with 'c' optical. disk with 'k' magnetic)



Lord commented on The Final Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC Update...:

I've heard that the core monster hunters have stopped playing this entry due to the frustration of no voice chat and the fact it's painful to play for any lenght of time on the 3ds.



Lord commented on Rumour: Retro Is Working On A Game It Pitched ...:

It's amazing how Nintendo can go from having a fab line up of games and boasting about the metracritic scores. To this year having nothing to release and the worst metacritic scores around.
Devils third 4/10
Triforce heros 5/10
Mario tennis 5/10
Black water 6/10
Chibi 5/10
Animal home 6/10
Yoshi woolly 7/10



Lord commented on Rumour: Retro Is Working On A Game It Pitched ...:

I really want a new metroid and a new retro so either way happy! Sadly since 2014 when Nintendo mentioned they wanted to focus on smaller games, I feel this when slightly naff games such as zelda triforce, fed force, starfox, chibi, animal crossing festival board game crap, where all gren lit!
Let's hope Nintendo didn't green light any more crap.



Lord commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

With the NX being download only games and no pyshical the issue of price will need to be addressed. Also the ability to sell completed or crap games will no longer exist which means that purchasers will be less inclined to jump in and sell if not thier cup of tea. Maybe demos will resolve this. Black water is Nintendo first test of this purchase style which I imagine will be rolled out to all releases between now and the NX.



Lord commented on Red Fly Studio is Trying to Resurrect the Canc...:

@rjejr quality auto correct! Third to Thursday great work!
As for the Star Wars films well 1/2/3 where awful with 1 holding a small amount of love due to maul and the use of the force. Rather than the political stories and cgi trash of 2/3 the fact he turned his back on the original cast and writers as Hollywood stepped in to guide Lucus through a new over to top trilogy meant we where always destined for what we recieved, I had heard that Lucas went back to one to remove the puppets and replace with cgi. From what I can see 7 is true to the original 4/5/6 and Disney are trying to repair the damage caused by 3 with additional films bridging the gap between 3/4.



Lord commented on Review: Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water (W...:

In the UK the pyshical release is so limited, that in most cases it has now sold out and is on eBay for £99.
I've pre ordered mine and if I can't get onwith it I should be able to sell for more than the purchase price.



Lord commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015 - Q4 ...:

@ThomasBW84 why is there no 'none of the above' option because although this poll is to show who is intrested in your line up I'm sure there is many Nintendo wii u console owners who are thinking 'none of the above'.
This would be very interesting to see alongside.



Lord commented on Star Fox Zero Delayed To Achieve a "Platinum F...:

The way I see this!
The games delay is not to give it the much needed graphical overhaul (because it would then fail to achive 60fps) the delay is not to add multiplayer or online (because this would make sense) the delay is not to add more valued content....but purely to try to make the awkward and worthless motion controls/ second screen feature to work! A feature that most people want turned off! EPIC FAIL THIS DELAYED GAME WILL BE A BAD GAME FOREVER.