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Sun 26th Oct 2008

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longtimegamer commented on Club Nintendo Distributing Tomodachi Life Demo...:

Yeah. Kinda sucks. You would think that they'd want to use this to get more people interested in this. Thiat would have been helpful. I wish that they had atleast warned us and and gave it to all platinum and possibly gold as well.



longtimegamer commented on Review: 4 Elements (3DS eShop):

You do realize that you can zoom in on those searching and spot the difference parts? I actually thought they did those parts very well. They did a good job hiding things and not being cheap about it.



longtimegamer commented on Review: California Super Sports (DSiWare):

@Midnight: Ah.. this means nothing. I'm sure they have some stinkers too. Besides, not many suck this bad. There are tons of great games for this system right now anyways. This is the system that I play most nowadays. Besides, I love playing games in 3d.



longtimegamer commented on Review: Crystal Adventure (DSiWare):

I finished this. You top at level 60, though that's pretty close to the end.
You can open doors accidently at times, though using the dpad fixs that. It's not quite as mindless as it sounds, as you have to pay attention to the fights to see how the're to get a feel for how the battle is going. also, you should save things till you need them.
It would have been nice if it had a story. Music didn't bother me either. I enjoyed this for what it was. I think it was worth the 2 dollars.



longtimegamer commented on Review: Newton Vs The Horde (WiiWare):

I found a least one. killing 3 in a roll, I think. I was going to go back and try to do the stared ones after I finish. Of course if they're hidden, it'll take a little time. I think the monsters are creepy enough (hate getting munched by them tho. )

I also like seeing the different ways that things can be used from whats set up. It gives me a clue to what can be done.
Two things that I thought would have been good on here: Having a counter that shows how many kills you got and just being able to zoom out and see the whole screen, when I want to. I have to worry whether there're going to sneak up on me while I'm doing something this way. (Tho I did like you having him say "HEY" to let me know something was close to them).

The first part of the music reminded me of Zombies Ate My Neighbors btw.

Hopefully you'll get to do that one game you wanted to do.



longtimegamer commented on Review: Newton Vs The Horde (WiiWare):

I got this and you can't just use lightbulbs through the whole game. At first it seems to be the case, but later you can't do that. I'm well over the halfway point of the first run thru, tho I still need to go back and do the stared goals. I've been able to set off traps too. I'm actually suprised that the humor in this was actually seen as a negative with you guys. To me it was a positive. It got some laughs from me.

Edit: Where are the small words that you were talking about?



longtimegamer commented on Review: Stonekeep: Bones of the Ancestors (Wii...:

@Mrchills: Yup agreed. I keep coming back to it. So I think I'll definately finish it (unless I have too much trouble with the end boss.) In my opinion It's definally not poor, as the 3 rating would suggest.
One thing that might help is that dusty slowdown spell. Then just hit it fast (I don't remember for sure if he regenerates like the giant ogre and such. I'm still having fun with it. I Keep getting new spells which is fun. somehow I stopped a bunch of enemies, then wasted them easily. That was cool.

oh.. and it doesn't tell you this but, you can kinda look up and down alittle with the nunchuck. It helped me when I was jumping down from those ledges. Just aim for the "mist stuff" and jump to it.



longtimegamer commented on Review: Stonekeep: Bones of the Ancestors (Wii...:

I've got this and I dont think it's that bad.

@Bauster: I don't think it's glitchy. I wouldn't say shawdy either. That did put some effort into it. I think the graphics are decent (maybe not the style some like, I guess) for a "3d" type dungeon crawler on wiiware. They have plenty of magic spells and quite a few weapons to use.

I do agree that at first I had a hard time getting used to attacking and not dying. I'm better now, though. It's true that there is all sorts of motions to do things (including different motions for different weapons). By the was little easier to avoid getting hurt once I got the shield. It's not easy to remember every magic move, BUT you can stop and practice on the magic menu even in the middle of a fight, not to mention look through em. I try to remember a few spells like one that slows the all the enemies down and a vine one that holds grounded enemies in place.

There's just a little intro, that I know of, when it comes to story. I'm starting the 4th level today.

I don't quite agree with this score. It's definately not broken and so far I've been able to get through it. I like trying to use different spells to make it easier to deal with enemies.
I think this was worth 500 pts. It could have had more story and maybe optional controls (though I think it's kinda fun to do the magic) for people who want them. Not much, that I can tell, in the way of "secrets" except breaking certain barrels.

@Omega: I think it was worth it. Though I was frustrated at first trying to get the attacking down without getting killed. I actually thought it looked better than the still pictures to me once I played it.



longtimegamer commented on Stonekeep: Bones of the Ancestors:

I just got this around an hour ago.

@Mrchilz: You said you liked this. What did you think about the controls? To me it was really hard to consistantly do melee attacks. I'm getting better, but I still swing and the attack doesn't finish sometimes. I wonder if that happens if I'm moving at the same time.



longtimegamer commented on Nintendo Download: 27th October 2011 (North Am...:

@Link79: Well there's some info on this at Fantasy Flight Games (Adam informed me). Apparantly they made the controls more responsive, improved the map, made changes to the difficulty level and learning curve, as well as giving a (new control scheme?) for the classic controller that, I guess uses all it's buttons.
Maybe this'll be better now. Apparently changes were made according to the feedback about the Europeon version.
Hopefully, someone here will cover this and let us know how things turned out.