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Fri 14th Mar 2008

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lockelocke commented on Demiurge Studios Handling Aliens: Colonial Mar...:

With Nintendo pushing the idea of third party support and cross-platform games, I will be a real sad panda if developers just farm out their Wii-U iterations. Hopefully this won't be a trend across the life cycle of the console...



lockelocke commented on Review: Dragon Crystal (3DS Virtual Console / ...:

I actually really like this game, and it's left me wondering why portable hardware hasn't become home for rogue-likes. They're perfect pick up and play titles, that still offer a greater depth over a long period of play.



lockelocke commented on Nintendo Reacts to PETA's Tanooki Campaign:

Thank God PETA has the courage to confront the issue of Mario's injustice towards animals. This is an issue that has been raging for decades.

Now there's just the matter of Halo's implied cruelty toward hostile alien species, Shadow of the Colossus' fetishizing mistreatment of mythical god-like creatures, and of course Katamari Damacy's brainwashing campaign that says, "its ok to roll everything in the world into a giant ball." Go PETA!



lockelocke commented on Silicon Knights Working on "Most Requested Tit...:

This has got me super super stoked, but there's no mention of what Silicon Knights intends to do with their "upcoming project." It's just as likely to end up on Sony or Microsoft hardware as it is to end up on Wii U. Just sayin'



lockelocke commented on Analogue Stick Add-On for 3DS Revealed:

hahahaha this is hilaaarious.

if they bundle it with monster hunter, i'm in. otherwise i cant really see myself shelling out money for this hideous contraption. plus it looks hella uncomfortable/unnatural



lockelocke commented on These Are The 10 NES Ambassador Games in Japan:

I would've liked:

Kid Icarus
Super Mario Bros. 2

Instead of:

Donkey Kong Jr.
NES Golf
Yoshi's Cookie

but overall, it's a great list. also, i'm kind of relieved at the lack of Punch-Out! I'd really like to see it as a 3DClassic.



lockelocke commented on Talking Point: The NES Games You Want on 3DS V...:

I, for one, am satisfied with the ambassador program, but I can totally understand people who are not. I mean, some people don't even like retro games. I don't understand these people, but they exist.

It is a bit lame that there's no system in place to migrate games purchased from the Wii Shop to the 3DS. This was a non-issue because the eShop seemed like it was only going to offer classic handheld titles, but now that NES games have come into the picture, I feel a bit taken advantage of. I personally can't complain because I'll be getting the games for free, but I've already paid for The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. What gives?



lockelocke commented on Fils-Aime: "3DS Didn't Launch Prematurely":

retail line is one thing, but i think the eshop should have been up and running with a decent selection of games at launch (more than we have now, even). they want to convince us that they're taking online services seriously and turning over a new leaf, but their actions are speaking louder. while both the friend system and digital distribution service are slightly improved, i think it was time for a complete overhaul, not a slight upgrade.



lockelocke commented on Review: Resident Evil 2 (Nintendo 64):

it's a brilliant game, no doubt. But I think the ps1 murders the n64 version in terms of visuals. Either way, like I said, it's a brilliant game. Much more action packed than the first.



lockelocke commented on Review: Resident Evil (GameCube):

yeah, I agree with WaveBoy. The remake looked beautiful and was pure fanfare, but I wouldn't call it the definitive version just because it looks better. the remake didn't really improve anything apart from the visuals, and aside from a new area, the games were identical.