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Thu 31st Jan 2008

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Lochlan commented on Riot Zone:

@Damo: the PC engine was released a full year before the Mega Drive (in Japan) and almost three years before the Super Famicom. Even the Genesis and PCE are not really comparable (see the PCE port of Altered Beast/Juuouki).

The PCE version of SF2 is the worst of the three, btw.

My point was that the gameplay engine was solid (IMO) and the lack of bells and whistles could be attributed to under-powered hardware. Your review of Riot Zone is basically accurate, but overly critical. I think most fans of the genre will find something to like about Riot Zone.



Lochlan commented on Riot Zone:

I just played (and beat) this game on my Supergrafx/SCD setup. For an arcade game, it is remarkably easy (at least this port is). However, it wasn't so easy that I was able to 1cc it on the first try, although I feel that with a few more playthroughs that goal could easily be accomplished.

However, I feel that the above review and comments are overly critical of what is essentially a good game.

Riot Zone is a blatant rip off of Final Fight, and severly lacks bells and whistles. There are no destructable objects, the backgrounds are poorly drawn (although a few of them have a two-frame animation -- simplistic, but not something you typically see in "retro" beat 'em ups), and the game isn't two-player.

However, having said all of the above, I think this game is one of the better beat 'em ups I've played. All the above criticisms can nearly be excused by one reality: this is a PC-Engine game. Even though it is a Super CD-ROM2 game, there is still a black bar at the top of the screen; this game pushes the system nearly to its limits IMHO.

The control is perfect, the graphics and animation are excellent, and although the music is rather forgettable, it is still passable and rather enjoyable.

For a Final Fight clone that lacks co-operative play, it's one of the better beat 'em ups I've played. If you enjoyed Final Fight (beyond nostalgia), and can overlook a lack of bells and whistles, you might just get a kick out of this game.