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Re: Review: GoldenEye 007 (Wii)


This settles it I'm getting it. I'm just glad there is a good bond fps out because qos while good was sort of a dissapointment. What makes it better is that it is for the wii. I think the wii is going to finally start paying off in the 2010-2011 year.

Re: Nintendo Considering Online Play and DLC for Future Zeldas


For the online game options you could either be on team Ganon or team zelda. Team zelda would have the hero's obviously including zelda, link, etc. Team Ganon would have Ganon and some henchmen. There could be mode like the golden gun mode in goldeneye but for the triforce. ther would be the three pieces scattered across all of hyrule. Each character would have a special ability when they had a piece of the triforce. Link could ride Epona zelda could turn into Sheik etc. There could also be a standered deathmathch type game were you run around shooting arrows and slashing swords. DlC's would be great I would love more dungens new abilities sidequests and other things. As long as they dont cost to much and are well polished I would by it