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Mon 23rd Dec 2013

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Lindragon58 commented on Not All Super Smash Bros. Characters Will Make...:

My personal reasons why I want 5 charaters to return though most of them are actually on the popular list of ones that should leave.

Toon Link because I grew up with zelda the windwaker and it was 1 of the first two video games I ever knew. With Windwaker hd out he has very good chances of returning (Yes I know he already has). Everyone was saying because of the spirit tracks prop he wouldnt come back but on 75 mm we had a donkey kong prop and It didnt change a thing.

Next Pokemon Trainer. Firered being the other of those 2 games I knew all the starters have a very special place in my heart. The choices of which starters in which stages were great. Charizard being the coolest Squirtle being the cutest even though blastoise is really cool and ivysaur being in the middle. I dont have any good points on why he should return though.

Next Lucas. Mother 3 being a very good game although I have never played it. At the time i played the most brawl I was really into chuggaconroy. I watched his lp of mother 3 and the game touched my heart. Lucas's heart breaking story really made me love him in brawl. Plus his Up and down smashs feel extrememly powerful to use and ness doesnt really have that. With only three Mother games I dont see any reason as to remove lucas. If one on these 5 had to go Lucas would probably be the easiest to deal with.

Next is wolf from the star fox games. Now growing up I was obsessed with wolves so wolf quickly became a favorite on mine. He is a common one to get rid of but he his very unique. He has different speeds, different smashes, similar specials to fox but still more different than Falco is. Falco is probably stuck in the series even though I feel he is more unoriginal than wolf as far as brawl goes. Plus wolf being the only villian representing Starfox he should stay.

Next is olimar who has no reason to leave with pikmin 3 out very recently. His games are awesome and hes already been in a game so I feel it would be simpler to just use olimar that try to make a reskin of him in the form of alph

Anyway thats my 5 favorite charaters from Brawl and my first world problems as why they should stay.