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Mon 2nd Jan 2012

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Light_Knight commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Digital Pricing:

I think that I will buy physical copies, instead of digital download. Unless, Nintendo can justify why digital download should have the same price with physical copies. As we know that physical copies contains many costs, such as boxes, paper guide, game card itself, shipping, inventory and re-sale value. Does the digital download have these kind of costs? I think it is only inventory cost that digital download has. The other costs would be unnecessary. Please note, that I am not disagree with digital download. I know that It is more convenient for some people. But I just need to know why digital download should have the same price with physical copies. If you just say it is more convenient for customers to just buy the game from internet, is it just same for the developers? It will become more convenient for not only developers, but also retailers to not have many inventories and costs. They can just upload the full games and they can minimize the costs. Please note, that if we buy digital download, it means that the costs, that should be on the developer side, will be transferred to us. We need to have internet connection and large size of SD Card. It means that we must pay more costs, instead of the developer. I think that Nintendo must really have good justification on this price matter.

In my opinion, should the digital price be lowered than physical copies? Yes, it should. But HOW MUCH is the designated price? I do not know. But if I may say, it should be at least 15%-25% lowered. It means that the digital price should be ranged on $30- $34.