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LightSuitGuy commented on Miyamoto Talks Up Star Fox Wii U's "Fun And Un...:

What I truly hope for is a redesign of Fox that makes him look like an actual Fox again! Not the weird dog-hybrid he's been in Command, Brawl, and SSB4.

But anyways, regarding story, I don't expect an RPG level; but I at least want an overall goal to achieve over the course of the game. Leave the ultra-simplistic plots to Mario. :P

As for gameplay, I enjoyed Assault the most because of its variety and fairly interesting story. The seamless transition from one style to another (running on foot, then jumping into a vehicle) should definately be kept. I'm also really hoping they stick with the epic, Star Wars-esque atmosphere that Assault had; because like Metroid, Star Fox doesn't need to look Nintendo-y just because its made by them.



LightSuitGuy commented on Video: Use Your amibo Figures Without Removing...:

I'll never understand the "not opening the box" mentality many collectors have.

If I see a figure or whatever that I've been wanting to buy, I want to be able to hold it and play around with it; the very thing it was made for. (shocking!)

What's the point of keeping it in the box if you're not even going to resell it? You might as well just print out pictures of the boxed figures and tape them to your wall.



LightSuitGuy commented on Sakurai Explains Why Ridley Is Not A Playable ...:

At least he gave an explanation, I guess.

But what's the reasoning behind neglecting Dark Samus to an assist trophy? She's definitely more than qualified to be a fighter; the attacks she uses are basically her Up/ Down/ Side B moves.



LightSuitGuy commented on Sonic Boom Exploit Allows Players to Skip Larg...:

@Nintendo_Ninja Hey, don't insult the almighty GC!

In all seriousness though; most AAA Gamecube games look better than Boom does. Metroid Prime 1-2, Super Mario Sunshine, and Star Fox Adventures quickly come to mind.

Heck, even some of the Sonic games released multi-platform like Heroes and Riders look more graphically-appealing than Boom's fairly uninspired art direction.



LightSuitGuy commented on Here's A Fascinating Look At The Design Proces...:

@Nictendo64 I respectfully disagree.

The fact Samus' suit is still designed the way it is, despite modern trends, is quite a remarkable feat. Its female-like in it own unique way.

The Zero suit on the other hand... complete opposite direction. It was a mistake to make it in the first place if you ask me. It took away most of Samus' mystique, and just made her another female game character with revealing attire.



LightSuitGuy commented on Video: Super Smash Bros. Announcer Xander Mobu...:

He sounds like a cool guy, but I wish they gave him a different approach to being the announcer, instead of just being similar to Brawl's.

I still prefer Melee's announcer overall though; he was so energetic and mysterious. "Supah Smash Brothers... Meleeeeeee!!" "Fixed Cam-er-ah!" "Gaaame... Over!"



LightSuitGuy commented on Video: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Opening Cin...:

I really don't get why they can't do another unique opening movie like Smash 64 and especially Melee, that's what made them so much more special and awesome.

Also, does anyone else miss the announcer saying the game's title at the end of the opening? It was that tiny extra oomph Smash 64 and Melee did that made me that much more pumped to play the game, even to this day.



LightSuitGuy commented on Mewtwo Returns to Super Smash Bros., Ridley an...:

Extremely bummed that Ridley isn't a true fighter. :(

I could care less about Mewtwo, but at least he's just DLC. I think he, Dr. Mario, and perhaps even the Ice Climbers should've been a 3-for-1 "Melee Deja Vu" DLC pack or something.



LightSuitGuy commented on Poll: Nintendo Minute Debate - Is Super Mario ...:

Hands down Super Mario World.

A fantastically connected over world, great power-ups (Yoshi included), secret levels, secret worlds, amazing music, delightfully colorful graphics, and one of the most intense Bowser fights in the entire series!

I own and cherished the GBA release (which was also my first-ever GBA game) to this very day. :)



LightSuitGuy commented on Video: Footage Surfaces of Cancelled Wii Star ...:

Man... where do I begin?

The Lightsaber duel mode alone would've been so much fun. THAT'S what I imagined when I thought of a SW game on Wii that took advantage of motion controls; not that Force Unleashed crap. The fact they showed Leia (in her slave outfit no less) might've meant almost any character could've been wielding a Lightsaber. I bet Jar Jar would've been included as a character; and it would've been totally awesome!

Then with the addition of levels from Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike, perhaps it could've been like with Metroid Prime Trilogy and the improved motion controls added to the GC entries. But the fact they would've allowed you to play with any controller is great gesture.

Factor 5 would've truly pushed the Wii's hardware to its limits like they did with the Gamecube's. The Rogue Squadron games were nothing short of excellent, and I'm truly sad that this game never came to be. :(



LightSuitGuy commented on Video: You'll Be Able To Play As Metroid's Sam...:

Bring back the Prime 2-3 suit please. I'm tired of the unabashed love for the Other M suit lately. Its gotten an affordable, high-quality figure (as opposed to F4F's expensive Prime suit statues), it'll be in Amiibo form, it was in Nintendo Land, its being used for SSB4, its already been in a couple TV commercials, etc. etc. /rant over.

Anyways, this is a very weird crossover; Samus using her arm cannon to hold a giant arm cannon looks ridiculous. Also what's with the Atari-like sound effects for when the gun is fired and when she's walking? But I gotta say, Zero suit Samus' in-game face looks a bit better than her Other M/SSB4 one to me for some reason. Lack of unnecessary beauty mark maybe?

I'm not a MH fan, so I'd rather have an actual Metroid game be announced.



LightSuitGuy commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

@Caryslan I highly doubt whether or not a series is currently "dead" determines if they should have a new rep. If anything, more reps would help the series get more attention.

Other M was a polarizing game, but it wouldn't be the reason to not have any new reps. Because every other series has had 9-10/10 games every time, right?

Sakurai just doesn't care for Metroid or F-Zero. Goroh and Dark Samus had every right to be playable. Making them assist trophies and instead adding Dark Pit (and Dr. Mario, I still don't get that) is nothing short of insulting. He simply favors the series' he's worked on; and judging by this final roster, I stand by that.



LightSuitGuy commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

@SamirMalik You're kidding right? Dark Pit is more interesting? Dark Samus' creation alone is more interesting.

She was the result of Metroid Prime's combination with Samus' Phazon suit following its defeat. In Prime 2 she was Samus in name only; she was a feral, yet calculating creature who's mission was to harvest Phazon all over the planet Aether, in order to gain strength. Her and Samus had multiple, intense encounters with little more than body language as their "dialogue." No quips, no generic "faker" banter; just body language.

In Prime 3 she basically became a god-like figure to the Space Pirates; brain-washing the ones who would serve her and making them her disciples, then outright killed those who opposed her. Throughout the game's Pirate Logs you find out she searched for planet Phaaze: the source of all Phazon; as well as discovering the Leviathans, which were basically controllable Phazon missiles. In the end she becomes one with Phaaze in order to fight Samus but ultimately fails.

Yeah, Dark Pit is so much more interesting. "A flawed, incomplete clone of Pit." Pit in looks only, huh? I think you've got it backwards. Those other tropes you listed for him don't help break the "cliché evil doppelganger" vibe he gives. He's no different than Shadow the Hedgehog.



LightSuitGuy commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

@C-Olimar What's even more irritating is that from the looks of all the alt color palettes, Pit still has his Dark Pit colors. Also, we totally needed Dr. Mario back as his own character, instead of a just being a simple alt costume.

Nice going there Sakurai, getting rid of clones and all...



LightSuitGuy commented on LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham DLC Season Pass i...:

Hopefully Wii U does get the DLC as I'd love to play The Dark Knight and Batman 75th packs. If not then they'll have lost a(nother) potential customer.

I'm a sucker for First Appearance Batman's suit and since we never got any legit Dark Knight or Dark Knight Rises games, a Lego version would be the next best thing.



LightSuitGuy commented on Rumour: Concept Work from Former Next Level Ga...:

@JaxonH To me, the Primes 2-3 design of the suit was just about perfect in all respects.

It remained true to the suits' roots, (suits' roots?) while evolving into something more modern. The little details; like the tweaked visor shape, extra panel-lining and green lights spread throughout, the slimmed-down but still imposing look to it all, the sense of weight it looked like it had whenever she moved, etc.

Other M went a full 180, and basically made Samus' 16-bit sprite in 3D; devoid of anything interesting to look at besides Samus' overly exposed face (how's it a protective helmet if you can see her whole head through the visor?)

I don't know, I think Retro put a lot of effort into redesigning Samus' suit and it was unfairly scrapped in favor of something inferior.



LightSuitGuy commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS S...:

I'm disappointed with Samus, since I was hoping there would be actual alt. suits instead of palette swaps. The Light, Dark, and Fusion suits are the only ones of the bunch that aren't palette swaps in the actual games.

Meanwhile Zero suit Samus gets her two-piece outfits from Zero Mission/Fusion's endings, and Little Mac gets a wireframe look and his pink hoodie.

Are only some characters getting costume swaps or what? :



LightSuitGuy commented on Gallery: It's Time for a Shulk Super Smash Bro...:

Another realistic human being; wielding a sword no less?

What happened to the zany, oddball aspects of the character roster? SSB4 is starting to get full of Final Fantasy would-bes. It sort of ruins that special charm SSB is known for.



LightSuitGuy commented on Nintendo Has Nothing to Say About Recent Smash...:

I've noticed that Smash 4 has added a lot more realistically-proportioned humans into the mix. I find it boring in the sense that "that's the best they can come up with?" At least Wii Fit Trainer is quirky.

We need more zany characters like Bowser Jr. and Duck Hunt Dog, should this leak prove to be true.



LightSuitGuy commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

Wow nice! So it begins...

But why more Mario and Peach variants as racers? Regular, metal/gold, and baby versions aren't enough? :P

Love that SNES Blue Falcon though! I'd love to see Samus's ship become a kart now; with her driving it of course.:)



LightSuitGuy commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

@Trikeboy The thing that bugged me personally, was that it felt like Samus was two completely different people in Other M; the one you actually control and the one in the cutscenes. One minute you're blasting up a boss in an over-the-top fashion, suddenly a cutscene starts and she's all mopey about what Adam thinks about her; its so alien.

Samus did have a personality in the Prime trilogy though; she was a super tough female bounty hunter, true. But she also put her life before others in order to ensure their safely (the Luminoth, GFed troopers in Prime 3, etc.), she had compassion; lamented the deaths of her allies, and she never let the loss of them stop her from completing her mission.

-Prime 2 cutscene where she finds the GFed Troopers (starts at 0:30.)

-Prime 3's 75% ending

Most of the Fusion and Other M connections regarding her characterization have to do with the fact that Yoshino Sakamoto directed them both. She was fine in Fusion, but I think the lack of VA helped.

If Other M was a prequel or even sequel to the first game but before the Prime games, I think it would've worked a lot better; Ridley break-down scene and all.



LightSuitGuy commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

I miss when you barely saw more than her face Prime 1, even at 100% completion; She had more of a mystique.

Even with the Zero suit invented by Prime 3, at least Retro used it tastefully. (showing only parts of her face and body, and never being sexual in any way) Samus nowadays is just blatant, over-done fanservice. (Thanks to Brawl mainly; a body suit doesn't work like that for a woman's chest-area)

It used to be a treat to see the heroine take off her suit; now its just commonplace and honestly uninteresting.

Its like a Batman movie where Batman's Bruce Wayne most of the time. ;)



LightSuitGuy commented on Brinstar Confirmed as Classic Stage for Smash ...:

Nice! Brinstar is one of my favorite stages!

While I'm all for these alt. suits due to them being more practical and all (and a nice nod to those ending pics from Zero Mission), you can almost hear the creeps hyperventilating...

Sakurai's lying about the designer being female, obviously. I remember seeing some translated notes of concept art for Zero Mission; with one saying "I'm really going to enjoy drawing this!!!" with an arrow pointing at Samus' behind.



LightSuitGuy commented on Retro Studios Ramps Up Recruitment for a Varie...:

Fingers crossed for Metroid!

They seriously outdid themselves with Prime 3 in every way possible. The art design, the gameplay, the epic story, and its cinematic elements were all just top notch. They took advantage of the Wii's capabilities and added motion controls effortlessly to the experience.

Its been my all-time favorite game ever since! :)