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El Salvador

Fri 11th Feb 2011

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Leleth commented on Features: Don't Touch my Samus: Metroid's Cont...:

So after reading a lot of mixed reviews (bad/good), one of the which actually directed me here, i finally ended up with a copy of the game in my hands. I got it from a friend, i asked if he was playing it and he told me he got it from another friend that just gave it to him and now he didnt cared for it, so i was like, yes!, SCORE!.... not really.
After 1 day of trying the game out, all i can say is, its now sitting in my shelf,like from the person i got it from, dusting up, till the next person comes along and picks it up, if you havent seen this review on the game (see link below), i HIGHLY suggest you do.


Ive always been a metroid fan, always lenient with the story and plot though, but after 1-2 hours of this title, i kept seeing all the ways the game tries to get the player to get involve into the plot so i said, hey ive got it, now ill go through with it, to my own dissapointment i did (till i couldnt bear it no longer).

So the game starts off with a real eye candy cut scene, controls are/were lackluster though, but it kept me excited to keep on going. So as i was progressing through the game (already irritated by the NO, you cant use that! mechanic), and reached the so called Hell Run, (check the review link above and scroll down a few and youll know what im talking about, it was the exact same thing i imagined, it also made my day i couldnt stop laughing) i had heard about it before but after witnessing first hand i was left with a distate for the game that ive never actually felt before, i took the game out and put it on my shelf, story/drama/controls/gameplay aside, im positive every or most players felt/said/thought to themselves, omg, what is going on!?, that part of the game sent out a really unhealthy message out, lackluster controls aside, that was/is powerful enough to get a reaction (bad one) from anyone, because it surely did from me and im usualy w/e for that type of moments.
Heh, at one point i was about to get some popcorn and call my sister and ask her if she wanted to see Twilight in Space.

Having said that, the graphics are good, not the greatest but good, controls are just poor, i understand the wii brings a whole new ball game when it comes down to controls, but someone dropped the ball on this one, the story is something that needs to be looked at, story came to play ALOT in this title and it really has a few dark aspects to it.

The next metroid title that comes along will not have a high priority on my list and it will go the same for ALOT of people, that being said i hope people try out this game and come up with their own conclusions of it, after all to each his own.