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Sun 7th Jul 2013

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Lehtisiika commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

I believe region locks are thing in the past as people coming more clobal.

I have imported two games so far they being Little Busters (pc) and Hatsune Miku Project Diva (ps vita) from Japan and i think how would i have feel if i couldn't play those games? Sad, its because they are something so different what most of western games are (guns guns guns), you can say they are cultural bonded and i love Japanese one. One thing that makes me angry is when they happen to release rpg games here (in outside Japan) why of god there is no orginal dup in the game why only bad english yea there was only english on that Pandoras tower but happy to say that in Xenoblade you coud choose Japan dup if you so prefer, like i.

Localization isint problem to Sony and Microsoft i am astounded that is to Nintendo yea stubborn is stubborn it is interesting to see what future will bring as we move towards digital download, there is no oceans in internet.

But end of the day i`am a pc gamers so i do not have problem with region codes, but for consoles i cheer for Nintendo.

When i was traveling in Japan few month a go i went to game store and oh my god it was like kid in candy store "what this game is" "wow i have never seen this one" at the time i thought PS3 is region locked so i diddint buy anything ,but now i know that it isint and the next time i go there... ouh you see!