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Mon 15th Aug 2011

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LeeGarbutt commented on Video: Super Mario 64 Leaps Onto Wii U Virtual...:

@mrchills to answer your questions:
1. No idea, Nintendo certainy like to do things at their own pace!
2. Definitely!
3. I doubt it - We're more likely to get Wind Waker HD - style remakes at this point.
4. Have never played Mario Golf, worth a play?
5. Hopefully, we'll see more N64 games on the way
6. I think it would be silly to expect a deluge. Nintendo will continue to dripfeed VC games, as they always have done.
7. As a Wii digital re-release? Possible, but unlikely



LeeGarbutt commented on Video: What If Super Metroid Was A 3D Classic?:

@Kifa I totally agree that Metroid II is in dire need of a Zero Mission-style remake. It seems to be the forgotten entry in the series, which is strange considering how pivotal it is in terms of the overall story of the non-Prime series.

These little 3D experiments of mine are just a little window into what could be done on the 3DS. My technique for converting footage into 3D is nowhere near perfect, but it at least gives a rough approximation of what could be done.

Remakes can be a very good way to package a game in a way that makes it much more palatable for those who missed it the first time around. Not all remakes are great, but the aforementioned Zero Mission is the perfect example.



LeeGarbutt commented on Video: What If Super Mario World Was A 3D Clas...:

@OMC79 You might be onto something with Axelay! E.T. though...I'm not so sure

I'm going to do more of these so long as people want them, it's limited to SNES only at the moment - Not all games are possible either, but I have a nice list of possibilities



LeeGarbutt commented on Video: Donkey Kong Country Returns...To Wii U:

@allav866 As content creators, it's our job to provide content that our audience will enjoy, but we also need to encourage folks to watch that content in the first place - Titles are the quickest way to do that. We don't intend on misleading viewers, but your comment is a valid one - I'll make sure it gets kept in mind. Of course, you or anyone who wants to get in touch and wants to make suggestions and constructive criticism/praise then im always available on Twitter (@TheLastMetroid)

Back to the topic, it wasn't expected for there to be GamePad controls support, but it would have been a good opportunity to add them. But as I mentioned in the video, it doesn't detract from a wonderful game - it's just something I believe would have made it more of an essential purchase.



LeeGarbutt commented on Video: What if... Smash Bros. Had Announcers F...:

@BLPs exactly as @Damo said. I was hired by NintendoLife to create a wide variety of video content for the site - Be it informative, or on the silly side. I have a firm belief that games should be above all, fun and should not be treated seriously, unless that is the intention of the game in question. It saddens me that many don't share this outlook.