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Mon 17th January, 2011

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LeasTwanteD commented on Microsoft's Ken Lobb: Metroid Prime Wouldn't H...:

If you're really passionate about being a dev you'll make something that hasn't been done before. Some day people will become tired of getting the same thing over and over again so gaming would be in a very hard place if it doesn't have something up its sleeve when that time arrives.
I'm not saying simple sequels that basically only evolve graphically don't have their place in the industry but there should be lots of new and breathtaking stuff as well.



LeasTwanteD commented on Six Portable Mega Man Games, Including Mega Ma...:

Good thing this wasn't posted today. Despite not really being a fan favourite i still enjoyed the VC release of the first GameBoy Mega Man a lot. And this is not an April Fool's joke.
And since i prefer to play games chronologically gimme Mega Man 2 first please. :)



LeasTwanteD commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Major Wii U Retail T...:

I for one really liked the MH3U demo on the 3DS. Only having the actual fight without the need to go through a lot of stuff and get equipped got me really interested in the game. Had it been otherwise i doubt i ever would've cared.
The in-store demo of GameCube's Windwaker also made me want to get that console asap which really got me back into gaming after some years of only dabbling really.
While personally i'd like to see demos for Game & Wario, LEGO City: Undercover, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, Nintendo Land and Wii Party U i think about every Nintendo game could use one. Not to mention the lots of third party game's i'd like to see a demo of.



LeasTwanteD commented on Keiji Inafune Stills Wants To Make Mega Man Le...:

I'd love to see the first two titles and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne on the 3DS, Wii U or PS3 in one way or another. What i've seen from Legends so far looked great and really made me want to play it.
And while i'd prefer to play these game before Legends 3 i might still cave in and buy this if it ever became available on the 3DS, Wii U or PS3.



LeasTwanteD commented on Capcom Shows Off Graphical Improvements In Ace...:

Not bad. The 3D effect probably wouldn't be as good with the older graphics. Which is the real selling point to me.
I like the Japanese boxart more than that of the western ones for the second and third game too.
So a boxed version in Europe for 30 €? Definite buy! I wouldn't mind it being in English only, it doesn't really have to be in other European languages for me.

Hopefully that'd sell good enough to warrant a second collection containing Apollo Justice, Investigations and the first ever western version of Investigations 2. I'd even get that as a digital only release.



LeasTwanteD commented on Dead Pixel Entertainment Announces Sync, A Wii...:

It reads to good to be true and with a graphical style like that you better have the overall atmosphere match up.
Like @Sean_Aaron i'd like them to implement Wii Remote maybe Wii Remote Plus controls. GamePad scanning should not be overused since i don't think it'd be too great to hold it up to your TV every two minutes or so. It should feel special, not like a chore.
Can't wait to hear more about this and Starbeast.



LeasTwanteD commented on Expect Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty To Cost Around ...:

While the screenshots on the official site sure look very detailed that could also be a detriment to the gameplay. Having one screen at a time in the original was good to have a better overview, this could maybe be lost here.
And even if this gets perfect scores all over the board any more than 20€ doesn't feel right to me for remake without a box.



LeasTwanteD commented on Nintendo Download: 20th March (Europe):

Yay, 60Hz Castlevania. I will definitely do the upgrade for this one whenever i transfer all my Wii stuff to the Wii U.
Might also get Pure Chess if it's got good tutorials and things like that.



LeasTwanteD commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

Damo wrote:

Senran Kagura Burst is actually quite a good game, with chaotic action, a long storyline, great music and some excellent visuals

Which is the only reason i'll be buying it whenever it actually releases in Germany.

I don't like the portrayal i've seen in the trailers and pics very much either and i can understand females that are offended by it and i wouldn't feel like i've missed out on much if this were never released in Europe.
All i'm saying is that i wouldn't "fight" for this game like i would for The Binding of Isaac where I'd say they should just put a warning there that it contains stuff that religious people might get offended by.



LeasTwanteD commented on Wii U eShop Exclusive I've Got to Run! Will Hu...:

At first i thought it'd be a sequel to the DSiWare game I Must Run! :o
Anyway, your prototype's good for playing a few minutes, @Ony and it will be interesting to see what this brings along that makes it stand out from other endless runners. Even if reviews make it sound fun i guess i'll have to wait for a discount if you play for nothing more than for getting a new highscore each time. I'm not really into that.



LeasTwanteD commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

So the reservations were justified, quite a bummer there.
From the trailers i got the impression that this could be a good evolution of the original but i read the previews before so i knew i'm better off with a careful approach.
Will wait until i can get it for cheap then.



LeasTwanteD commented on Review: Weapon Shop De Omasse (3DS eShop):

Nice, now i can finally download it. I had very small doubts left in me but the review makes it sound like i's exactly what i expect.
I think it'd be even better on the Wii U though since the weapon crafting would surely feel that tiny bit more natural and special on the seperate screen.



LeasTwanteD commented on Capcom Is Aware That We All Want A New Mega Ma...:

It depends on many things for me.
How does the boxart look? What extras does it bring along? Are there any achievements or unlockables that seem worthwhile? How much will it cost?
All of this would influence my decision if there were new digital and / or physical collections coming out.



LeasTwanteD commented on Video: This Steel Empire Footage Makes Us Jeal...:

@unrandomsam Yes, i do. The cartridge means as good as nothing to me since so far i didn't ever trade a game.
Personally i'd love if they came in boxes with the download code included instead of the cart. Full flexibility and still a nice little box to look at. I couldn't ask for more.



LeasTwanteD commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (3DS eShop):

You run and jump through 32 different levels

I've only counted eight. :o

But seriously while it would've been great to get wireless multiplayer and the option to save the images you unlocked on the SD card and maybe even to use 'em in Miiverse i can't complain about this as a freebie.
I don't mind the different ratio, i actually prefer it to playing the NES game on the 3DS and the Challenge Mode's really fun. It's a nice little love letter to this masterpiece that reminds me of the Game & Watch Gallery games which i'd wish were more of on the 3DS VC already.
I don't think i'll touch this version's "The Lost Levels" before i give it a serious attempt on the Wii or Wii U though.



LeasTwanteD commented on Review: BLOK DROP U (Wii U eShop):

I don't think i'd want to replay levels just because i can't continue where i left off.
There's also the uncertainty of not knowing how good the DLC will be which i'd feel like i've already paid for when getting the game.
So i might have to wait for a patch and the DLC before i consider buying when it becomes available in Europe.



LeasTwanteD commented on EnjoyUp Confirms Abyss for the Wii U eShop:

I was always interested in the DSiWare release but never got around to actually play it.
I might even get both versions when / if this comes to Europe since the game really seems to profit from the new graphics.



LeasTwanteD commented on Nintendo and Retro Studios Speak on Resistance...:

What we're focused on is just making a great game. Wherever it ends up, that's not our decision, so I think we need to concentrate on making great content and let Nintendo decide what box they want to put it in

Could it be that Tropical Freeze initially was planned as a 3DS game but when Nintendo saw that the Wii U keeps on struggling they just gave the 3DS a port with a bonus world instead and moved the new game to the Wii U?
Would they have made more use of the GamePad and implemented a better co-op mode if it was meant for the Wii U from the getgo?
I can't help but think that way.



LeasTwanteD commented on Latest Mega Man 2.5D Beta Adds New Single Play...:

While i'm not interested in playing beta versions i've gotta say the trailer doesn't look half bad.
And co-op in a Mega Man game? Why wasn't this in Mega Man 9 and 10? :o
This would surely look good with the 3D effect on the 3DS.