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Tue 15th Oct 2013

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Leafia_Barrett commented on The Pokémon Company Lays Down The Law On Chea...:

I'll just come out and say it. I have no issues with people who hack pokemon, PROVIDED the created pokemon is 100% possible. 31 IVs in everything? Sure, go ahead. Obscure breeding moves (did you know Rattata gets Flame Wheel via breeding?)? Why not. Premade EV spread? Fine by me. Magikarp with Hyper Beam and 999 in all stats? Absolutely not, and screw you for doing it (unless it's for purely personal use, then it's just whatever, it's your game to derp your way through, just as long as you keep it well away from me).

I'll admit it, I've hacked for pokemon that are competitively up to snuff. I tried doing it the legit way, believe me I tried. If you haven't tried breeding for competitive, you really won't understand just how time consuming and oftentimes frustrating it is; I'll try to paint the picture for you.
Even if you have guaranteed IVs for 3 stats (I dunno how to do that, I'll be honest), if you want perfect for the other 3 (or imperfect as the case may be - an exact value all the same), it's a 1/32768 chance. For a comparison, the chance of a shiny is 1/8192. Combine that with getting the nature right (1/2 with a Ditto/female pokemon holding an Everstone, provided she has the right nature to begin with - otherwise it's a 1/25 chance), Ability (for dual-ability pokemon, 4/5 chance if both parents have the desired ability, otherwise 1/2), Hidden Power sometimes (I don't even KNOW how to do the IVs on that, I just know you need exact IVs or maybe a couple possibilities for any given type if you want max power, oftentimes requiring pokemon to have just UNDER perfect IVs) and then EV training to exact numbers (you have 2 points of wiggle room out of 510, that's it), is it any wonder some people might want to find another way?

If you want to go the standard route and train/breed to perfection manually, that's your decision, and more power to you if you can pull it off. I mean it - if you can actually do it, then you have my genuine respect, as that's not something that most people can do. What you have to understand, though, is that there are people who enjoy Pokemon strictly for the STRATEGY aspect of it, and strategy usually does not entail having imperfections that could potentially cost you matches. It's not like the anime, where just doing enough training and having a strong enough bond with your pokemon can help you win any matchup, no matter how unlikely. Like it or not, Pokemon is a game of numbers, and if your numbers are lower, then more often than not you WILL lose.