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Thu 29th Aug 2013

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LattePrince commented on First Impressions: Hometown Story:

Is it just me or is Wada's work getting worse by the game? I grew up with Harvest Moon - been playing it before I could even read (about 15 years ago now). While growing up, it seemed that the games only got better and better... that is until A Wonderful Life (and Another WL) had been released. Seems that any new title after that just couldn't compare in my opinion, even though both AWLs could have used some work. After AWL, I think the game's art, graphics, and sound went downhill (fast), the soundtrack became more obnoxious and distracting, the potential spouses became flatter, so on and so forth. What other HM game has you (the protagonist) age along with your spouse and child? Don't know about you guys, but I LOVED that element.

Over all, Harvest Moon has become a disappointment to me... and just looking over Hometown Story, I have absolutely no urge to try this game. Personally speaking, I'm not a fan of handheld consoles (even though a majority of HM's games /are/ such); I think the graphics are... decent... to put it nicely, but the art itself is mediocre. The game's plot seems too stagnant (you have to stay inside... in a rather bland store... for how long, now? Just selling crap like on Grand Bazaar? What's the appeal in that?). I just... I don't know, I'm very disappointed. I've been really hoping an HM game with great graphics that is more console friendly (released on multiple systems like Assassin's Creed or Final Fantasy) would come out, but nope. Guess not.

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