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Lasermaster123 commented on Talking Point: Horror and Metroid Could be a P...:

Nope. Good idea but anything more horror and the series would become niche and would deviate from the adventure setting of Metroid. I would like some horror but not as the primary genre. The SA-X is a perfect example: tense, scary but not full on horror. Now I think I better play Metroid Fusion again.



Lasermaster123 commented on Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct...:

Oi Nintendo all this news is all fine and dandy but I want a representative from Golden Sun, preferably Isaac!

I think that this separate release time is good as now the two versions will eat less into each others sales although I do hope that the fact there are no transformations does not decrease the effective size of the roster. More newcomers!



Lasermaster123 commented on Nintendo Defends Influx of New Mario Titles:

All of these Mario games are great as long as they have different gameplay each. Also these games are just what the company needs to rev up its Wii U sales which are low and need to be boosted, especially since the other 2 8th gen consoles are arriving late this year.

Mario fatigue is a more common attitude among anti-Nintendo people (the ones who don't even play Mario) who say Nintendo milks their franchise while they play the 10th CoD released in 10 years vs. 8th Mario Kart in 22 years.



Lasermaster123 commented on Corecell Turns To Crowdfunding To Bring Aetern...:

Looks neat. We haven't had on the fly time rewind since Prince of Persia and that was a 3D action adventure platformer game (correct me if I am wrong). If it is a good game, the more the merrier, especially if it comes to the Wii U. Too bad I can't donate otherwise I would have.



Lasermaster123 commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:


Well whatever the case may be, when the Wii U sales will hit the roof with the great upcoming IPs (especially in 2014) EA will then miraculously be able to run Frostbite 3 flawlessly on the Wii U as if the whole Frostbite 2 fiasco never happened! You can EA to change its colours pretty quick.



Lasermaster123 commented on Atlus' Parent Company in the Midst of Financia...:

Woah! I hope this issue gets resolved as soon as possible! Shin Megami Tensei games are some of my favourite games on the DS and 3DS, I want them to keep coming! SMT x FE is a game that I am greatly looking forward to and wouldn't want this to influence its release. Etrian Odyssey is also a great game!

Yes, if things turn out bad (which I hope they don't), Nintendo should atleast grab the IPs.



Lasermaster123 commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:

Yea it makes complete sense!
Especially considering the fact that EA said that it is very proud of their 4 games on Wii U and due to low sales is not developing further on Wii U till sales of the console rise. This makes sense mainly because 3 out of 4 of those titles were botched up ports or released too late with features missing.

EA does have a total different way of making sense.



Lasermaster123 commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:


This is just a rumour and I do not have any evidence of it but I have read somewhere that some people in EA got Frostbite 2 running on the Wii U but EA hushed it up as they were not interested in supporting the console. Might be true looking how EA is supporting the Wii and NOT the Wii U. They are even supporting the PS2!



Lasermaster123 commented on Capcom Teases More Mega Virtual Console Releases:


No problem. That collection is amazing. It has all of the 4 games and best of all, the games remain unchanged so one cannot say that good parts have been removed from the game. The price point is also pretty appealing at this point and a physical copy is always great :D

You might not have known about the collection as it came around the end of the DS's lifetime.



Lasermaster123 commented on Super Smash Bros. Will Have The Same Character...:

Well this news was already pretty much expected and may be taken as good or bad.

@DkFluttershyGuy @Ideal_Hero

Having the roster same across both versions would limit complaints that there are characters unique to a certain console. The bad is that this puts a question mark over the fact whether the 3DS will limit the Wii U version.

Overall I think that this news is actually pretty good because I feel that Nintendo has already realized this and will make the games in such a way that the 3DS version will not compete with the Wii U version, and instead will prompt one to buy both for the complete experience. They have already denied cross play which is GREAT! The Wii U can now have bigger stages and glorious effects and all that. The different stages across the version also adds to the appeals of both the games. Such moves make it so that the 3DS version is neither limiting the Wii U AND is not the same as the Wii U version causing the Wii U game to remain popular due to better graphics, bigger stages and much more things on a grander scale.



Lasermaster123 commented on Capcom Teases More Mega Virtual Console Releases:

@Pichuka97 @Beta

Yea, I would love to see the Battle Network Series come onto the Wii U AND the 3DS. Bring GBA games on the 3DS! They shouldn't avoid a handheld virtual console on a current gen handheld!

Battle Network Series was my favourite GBA Megaman series along with Megaman Zero. Played both versions of all games except Megaman Battle Network 3. I wonder how they will handle Giga chips. You need a friend for that right?



Lasermaster123 commented on Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Download Needs 6,789...:

I am so excited for this game :D I have played Superstar Saga and Partners in time. I still have to play Bowser's Inside Story. I am on the fence about this. If I buy physical I will have to import it and pay extra but I get the box and a shareable copy. If I download, I can never share the game but it is more instant than the physical and I will have to pay less.

Nevertheless, this is on my must buy list :D



Lasermaster123 commented on Sakurai Aiming To Please "The Silent Majority"...:

I just hope the game does not become too much of a casual game looking at how he speaks. It is the casual gamers who are the silent majority, people who don't make an account to comment on forums or articles or the ones who don't pay too much attention to game announcements.

On a character roster note, I just hope that more characters like Wii Fit trainer are not included. One wacky character is funny and amusing, but too many will spoil it all. Also I hope he does not decide that the silent majority wants Matthew to represent Golden Sun instead of the more popular and sensible choice Isaac.



Lasermaster123 commented on Kingdom Hearts III Highly Unlikely To Appear O...:

I really think that Square Enix should re-analyze their situation. They are a company gone downhill that has gone from making great console games to porting a lot of great games to smartphones, diluting the experience somewhat and removing the uniqueness of a game. TWEWY for example on iPhone/iPad takes out the whole unique dual screen function!

Kingdom Hearts is a series whose tie in games have all appeared on handhelds of Nintendo with the exceptions of Kingdom Hearts: Coded on Mobile and Birth by Sleep on PSP. It has a much larger fanbase in Nintendo gamers than Xbox gamers by a very large margin. I was also introduced to KH through 358/2 days, a game which I loved contrary to a lot of its detractors. If KH3 was coming on PS4 only, then this move wouldn't have been a big surprise since numbered games have only come out on Sony PS2 before and re-releases on PS3. Now that KH3 is no longer Sony exclusive, it should also be ported considering the fact that the game trailer looked like it could be ported to Wii U (I know it is a teaser and not actual game fottage). The Wii U has enough juice for it considering the fact that KH uses cartoonish graphics. DX to OpenGL conversion can be done and an efficient port made on the Wii U. SE is most likely being reluctant to take the effort to port to the Wii U considering the console is not riding at too high sales at the moment.



Lasermaster123 commented on Smash Bros. Director Pushing Himself "To The B...:

Take care of yourself Sakurai. We wouldn't want you to seriously affect your health just because of a video game. Health comes before all this. I can understand the stress that guy must be facing. It must be very stressful to live upto the expectations of the fans as well as the company while also looking at fan feedback and making a fan-friendly game all at the same time.

Yes I also want Isaac (definitely NOT Matthew) to be in the series. Isaac is the poster boy of the series as well as canonically the most important character due to his primary role in the events of the Golden Sun as well as the potential power he holds. He has so many different abilities, attacks and a whole djinn system of summoning to make him an entirely unique character. It is a shame that Nintendo has neglected this series, a series which initially was very similar to the handheld Final Fantasy and their highest rated/most popular RPG. His inclusion as playable character (not assist trophy like in Brawl) can give this overlooked series a good exposure for Golden Sun 4 (with Isaac in lead again :D) while also adding a very diverse character in the game. He would be my only character in SSB :D



Lasermaster123 commented on Warner Bros. Believes In Wii U, Thinks E3 Game...:

We have a WINNER!

It is great the Warner Bros. intends stick it out with the Wii U as well, unlike Ubisoft which is now considering backing off unless sales rise. Warner Bros. is also making good ports evidenced by the fact that Arkham City was one of the better ports on the Wii U and utilized the Gamepad quite effectively. Scribblenauts Unlimited is exclusive to Nintendo in consoles and looks to stay that way due to their belief in Nintendo. Also because Smartglass will be unable to play games while Vita cannot be made compulsory for a game on PS4. Other publishers, including Ubisoft now that they have changed their attitude, should look at the Wii U in that light. This is also considering the fact that if Wii U goes down, the industry will surely suffer.

The Wii U will recover and will sell a lot more the coming holidays as well as in Spring 2014.



Lasermaster123 commented on Review: Mega Man Zero 2 (Game Boy Advance):


Haha thanks. It is the main picture you get of Isaac on the net, before Golden Sun 3 so its not much of a choice unless you count bearded Isaac. That beard spoiled his looks and that game took away his main spot (give it back in GS4!) and almost spoiled the series.



Lasermaster123 commented on Waiting For Wii U To Drop In Price? Not Going ...:

A price cut might be a dual edged sword fr Nintendo. Another early price cut may not be as effective as for the 3DS as customers might see it as another desperation move qand a high price difference can actually make the Wii U appear much more inferior than it is. A price point will help out though.

Storage is not everything considering the fact that external storage drives are pretty cheap. It is the package that counts. Wii U deluxe has 1 game, 2 stands (1 for the console, 1 for gamepad), a sensor bar and also a eshop retail programme where you get 10% back for every purchase (a full retail game).

PS4 does not have a game while PS+ is paid. I admit they offer free games but games like Driveclub are not full version and offer only limited content. Any stand, Playstation Eye and Move have to be bought separately. The 2nd screen, which is being made compulsory to develop for, is the PS Vita which one will have to purchase for $240+ in addition to $399.

Nintendo is already selling at a loss, it is actually unlikely they will reduce price but they can offer game bundles likes Super Mario 3D world version and DK versipon to boost sales. If they do announce a price cut, they will announce it near the release of Xbox One.



Lasermaster123 commented on Talking Point: E3 Exposed the Strains of Ninte...:


Yea. Nintendo might have made some mistakes in the past but it will producing games that offer FUN experiences that can be replayed. Nintendo has a really good consistency to keep what is good while adding new innovative ideas!


Yea. Publishers are supporting the Xbox One which is most likely NOT going to outsell the Wii U due its bad DRM policy along with the various check ins and limitations. Microsoft reps were even found to be trolling at the Nintendo Best Buy events! Publishers have so much bias against Nintendo. Before we used to have quality games, now we just have uninnovative rehashes or money grabs where game experience is degraded a lot. Ninja Gaiden was one of my favourite, super high difficulty, action games. I even occasionally take out my copy of Ninja Gaiden Black for play but Ninja Gaiden 3 was a colossal mistake, They degraded so much quality of what makes the game unique to sell to the masses. Razor's Edge improved upon it but still not completely! So many other games as well going downhill!


Yes, it is a lot of danger that Nintendo might face if it is not able to pick up sales BUT I think that after some big hits which are coming, even casual hits, sales will pick up and third parties would start coming in. EA might be bouncy, have bad business practices as well as anti-Nintendo sometimes, but it has already expressed interest in returning when sales pick up. EA for all it is, is still a big publisher and influences many other publishers as well as the unwary customers.



Lasermaster123 commented on Talking Point: E3 Exposed the Strains of Ninte...:


Haha. It did sound weird and philosophical at the same time while adopting a naive attitude.

Although yes, the other companies aren't caring much for Nintendo but they do have to keep their own financial stability in mind. Nintendo should be given a proper chance (not half-baked ports) because otherwise as someone else stated, the Wii U is in a loop in terms of the 3rd party.

1) Wii U sales will rise when the no. of games increase
2) 3rd party Publishers will sell games when sales rise...



Lasermaster123 commented on Talking Point: E3 Exposed the Strains of Ninte...:


Yes you are absolutely right, there is a new building. 1500 employees does not necessarily mean 1500 NEW employees. I apologize if I meant it that way.. :)
I read your article about Nintendo bringing its staff together and to be honest, I did not come across that article before. As I said, information is pretty dispersed around the net with only paid access available to Nikkei Online (the original news publisher). Atleast this move would help games as your article said about bringing all devs together to help enabling working together, and better flow of ideas.

I expect that Nintendo will also hire atleast more developers considering that such moves accompany such launches. I hope they do. They really need more talented developers to amp up their development while maintaining quality.

We will truly see what happens when the thing is over and done AND Nintendo makes an announcement.



Lasermaster123 commented on Retro Studios Working on "One Major Project at...:

@DaveGX That is a great thing that Nintendo can do!

They should make the next Metroid game either before the events of the original Metroid/Metroid Zero Mission OR after the events of fusion, where we can see the fusion suit in action!

Nintendo would do great if it has its own FPS, still having the Nintendo completeness and uniqueness though.

@2Sang @Dark_Link

I found an article thanks to another NintendoLife member, antonvaltaz, in the comments section that suggests that there will not be 1500 developers but the new facility would house 1500 people.

The article is from a relatively unknown site which says that Nintendo aims to bring all its development teams together in a new facility so that they can communicate better and produce better games. Information is obviously still not complete but if this is true then new developers might be hired but not in such large numbers.

I am sorry for the goof-up in advance, if there is any (since official news from Nintendo will come out later).



Lasermaster123 commented on Talking Point: E3 Exposed the Strains of Ninte...:


Nintendo is actually launching a new development studio this year. By the end of December is the tentative time. This news is not that well known though and I haven;t seen any news articles on non-Japanese news sites. Nintendo is probably being secretive about it.

It is the Unnamed Development Studio.
It was reported by Nikkei Online Edition (Nikkei is one of the largest media corporation in Japan and specializes in Business news) that Nintendo will open a new development studio at the end of December 2013. Its going to have around 1500 employees which is pretty large for a development studio considering Retro has only 120+ish people.

Here is another article here:



Lasermaster123 commented on Review: Mega Man Zero 2 (Game Boy Advance):

Man this game was amazing, As mentioned in the article, the progression of the games was a nice thing to see with the plot clearly progressing forward towards the end in Megaman Zero 4.

The game is tough and it is really hard to get a rank of A or S the whole time making it all the more difficult to master boss skills although forms are always unlocked. I like the fact that the game does NOT punish you for using subtanks unlike the first game.

The boss fights are tough and the levels varied. Graphics have been upgraded and it truly is a marvellous title. I am planning to get the Zero Collection (DS game) for my 3DS. Megaman ZX and ZX A is also nice but I would have like it if Zero's storyline continued although both the games allow you to play as an exact copy of Zero.

Zero is my favourite MegaMan followed by MegaMan.exe :D



Lasermaster123 commented on Review: F-Zero GX (GameCube):

Nintendo should really look into this series again. They need a racing game to attract those racing people with great online elements. And there is nothing more hardcore than F-Zero. Make the easiest mode something like n00B mode that is funny but not insulting :D



Lasermaster123 commented on Super Smash Bros. Won't Feature Cross-Platform...:

Haha I often get sidetracked in these conversations as well. Often monologuing about the game. Isaac actually had a slight personality change in the 2nd one, he gets pissed off much easier. He was game for taking on Karst and Agatio while he was about to take on the Proxians when they saw that the one responsible for Saturos and Menardi's deaths was among them. Its probably cause he was frustrated at Babi's death and didn't want to fail another quest. Seeing the old characters are nice and we should even play as them considering they haven't even aged. Especially Isaac.

I still want Megiddo! It is the ultimate solo attack in the game and is wielding by Isaac and Felix both. They can introduce Isaac and a swappable version as Felix. Both having the moveset considering they are almost the same in the 2nd game (till the end where we find Isaac passed a test to gain a HUGE amount of power). I hope they use the younger version of Isaac, considering that was the version present in the previous game and second, I don't like the bearded one (although it would be unique having him).

Yes, no cross play is a smarter decision than most people are thinking. If there was cross play, as I said, maps, characters, combat, etc. would all be effected on the Wii U. This lets them get the best for both.

Why Shantae? Just because a title is coming onto the 3DS? I think Isaac would be more popular than her although her addition adds another female name to the roster.



Lasermaster123 commented on Super Smash Bros. Won't Feature Cross-Platform...:


Yea I know that you prefer Felix, you already told me but Isaac is the only character who has appeared in all Golden Sun games being a major character in all thus being the best representative, like Marth is for FE. Although in the 3rd game he was more of a behind the scenes major character, being referred the most as well and it was also being said that he is in danger. It would be nice if we get him as a playable character in GS 4. The Mourning Moon drained him of his controllable earth energy (basically a way to make him level 1 again :P - he still has the dormant fire energy) and he is the main character again (not another new guy or even Matthew).

His final smash could be Odyssey or Judgement. Catastrophe is cooler though or Iris as she is the Ultimate Summon of Golden Sun. I also like Death Leap although that is a Ninja move or Quick strike. Or we could just go with Meggido (actually HD version would be an amazing final smash) :D His weapon being Sol Blade of course! Or maybe a new move (GS 4 hint hint).

If they could beef up the combat on the Wii U, have larger/more varied maps and other things to fully use the juice of the Wii U, I would obviously not mind the 3DS. No cross play makes it easier for the combat to be a bit varied across the 2 versions along with better bigger stages as well. No cross play also removes the point of limiting the Wii U as cross play would have TRULY limited the combat. It is actually a pretty smart move to keep the stages different. Smash Bros. on the 3DS would help actually convert only 3DS owners to Wii U owners just to experience HD and much grander combat.



Lasermaster123 commented on Retro Studios Working on "One Major Project at...:


Yea. It was nothing. I saw someone else refer to the wiki article somewhere, I just looked around a bit more although not much news came out. Even the mention on the Wiki article was only one line long.

Yes, Nintendo, in this age of leaks and reveals is pretty good at holding its secrets. We had no clue that the Retro game was Donkey Kong and the leaked Best Buy game list was almost completely wrong.

Miyamoto is a legend man. He does not handle "hardcore" (subjective term) games. To me, the original Super Mario Bros. was much more hardcore than Halo. Halo on legendary was also not as hard as Super Mario Bros. Hard mode.

Nintendo will sort its game out, always has, always will.



Lasermaster123 commented on First Impressions: Donkey Kong Country: Tropic...:


DK's fur is much better now, realistic as well as the fact that the game is in HD. The game also has all these view changes and camera changes that the 3DS won't be able to handle in the same quality. There is a reason SSB 3DS is using very different graphics style to not show the graphical disparity if it was same in both versions.



Lasermaster123 commented on First Impressions: Donkey Kong Country: Tropic...:


I don't think so. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D was a port of a Wii game and even then it managed only 30 fps (albeit with great 3D). DKC:TF is a Wii U game and they would not make a direct port as the game is coming out on a current gen console, so they don't have a reason to re-release it and the Wii U needs more games now anyways. They would have announced a 3DS version if it was in the works.



Lasermaster123 commented on Wolfenstein: The New Order Looks Set To Skip W...:


The point of comparing Mario Kart 8 and The Last of Us is pretty much comparing apples to oranges. Mario Kart 8 is using cartoonish graphics albeit very good graphics while the Last of Us attempts realistic looks. The Mario Kart 8 is definitely next gen, just look at some of the detail provided + the fact that the game will be in 1080p in 60 fps.


Everyone is going to jump on the Wii U train when sales start to start truly. Like always, everyone is underestimating Nintendo and joining the general bias that Nintendo is for kids. They have been discounting Nintendo for years. Nintendo did not make a train wreck before and it won't either in the future. Nintendo is here to stay for a LONG time while I doubt the same for atleast Microsoft. Xbox One games are being developed upon but the Xbone will suffer slow sales eventually while the Wii U catches up.



Lasermaster123 commented on Retro Studios Working on "One Major Project at...:

Yea. The only thing is I can't find too much news on it on Western news websites while the site where the article was published Nikkei Online, is a paid news site. I just found a reference on an Edge website:

"Edge reported last week that Nintendo had spent some $141 million on a 40K-square-meter lot that will be home to a new R&D facility" It is mentioned in the article over here:
Note that the above article is about Sora Ltd. with Sakurai, they are making Smash Bros. now. Edge did not know whether this land for Sora or the other one. It is obviously the other one as 40K square meter lot is more appropriate for 1500 employees, not Sora's group of 32 (mentioned in article) :P

I also found an article over here:

Apparently Nintendo is not being very open about this news. A new studio would definitely help them out working on new IPs or less popular IPs. We also actually don't know how it will contribute, software or hardware. Nintendo obviously needs software departments right now. We will actually find out by Jan 2014. It looks like Nintendo was prepared that it would need more people to keep up with the competition.

Let's see how Nintendo fares! This old timer probably has a few tricks up his sleeve :D



Lasermaster123 commented on Wolfenstein: The New Order Looks Set To Skip W...:

@Spartacus3765 Nintendo can definitely hold out without 3rd party support. Their games are still going to appeal to the families. Sure, Nintendo has lost a lot of its casual audience but families will still love Donkey Kong and Super Mario 3D World. Donkey Kong is more of a system seller than Metroid, which can be a surprise. Donkey Kong returns sold more than 6 million while Metroid Prime 3 was around 4 million. Super Mario 3D World while unimpressive through video alone has been impressing people when they play it. Pikmin 3 is for strategy fans. The Wonderful 101, I feel should be available as a demo. It might not look super impressive to people from afar but trying atleast 15 minutes would really ramp up interest. Nintendo will boost loads of sales with Mario. Maybe more than expected. Never underestimate a Mario game. Word of mouth is a strong medium of advertising.

Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. are the cavalry that are arriving next year while these products are the infantry. Bayonetta can be said as the .(having a hard time here) artillery? (I was going to say tank but then that would place it above Smash Bros., I just picked any word :P Feel free to attach a meaning) It appeals to the "hardcore" gamers or action gamers. X is coming out for the RPG fans, definitely a system seller as long as Monolith does a great job.

By 2014 end, we will easily find out how Nintendo stands.

Also there is that new studio coming up in December. Surely that will Nintendo churn out more quality titles?



Lasermaster123 commented on Retro Studios Working on "One Major Project at...:

Exactly! This studio can really ramp up Nintendo 1st party games production and might lead to revival of franchises as well as faster games! Great new IPs is another thing that Nintendo can get. Something to appeal to the "hardcore" gamers perhaps while keeping the Nintendo spirit of course.

It has probably been under construction for a year or so. I am not sure as I could not find much news about it on the net, or I just did not look hard enough.