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Laethnes commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Online Braw...:

@Grumblevolcano I know about the Gamespy thing, however, for example, Pokémon Dreamworld was shut down even before that happened (only one year after B/W 2 were released). Yes, I know Gamefreak is separate company, but it works very closely with N. (Btw. there is no need to explain me that servers as costly etc.; in fact, that is one more reason why I don't trust them to support the network much longer after new generation is released.)

(Well, in fact, Nintendo lost my faith during last few years - it's not like they care - e.g. I don't take that they will support 3DS network tomorrow for granted.)



Laethnes commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Online Braw...:

Why so long? It doesn't make sense; about 6 years should be enough, because after that they're stopping online for 3DS anyway... And people wouldn't be freaking so much, becase they wouldn't realise that anyway.

(Just look at the DS - they stopped online after about 9 years and 3DS is here about 3 years, so 6 years remains. Roughly estimated.)



Laethnes commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Makes Progress on New Nint...:

To @Vriess and everyone else who has similar opinion, especially "...should go play with rooted smartphones and PC's and leave gaming hardware alone...":

I'm a developer - it is my hobby, otherwise I'm just a gamer and as-normal-as-I-can-be person. As a hobby-programmer, I would LOVE to create games and apps on 3DS. Why? Why not mobiles? Because it has some cool features, which mobile phones lack; it's not about graphic or CPU power or RAM. But I can't. Why? Ask Nintendo. I could do that only if I would have really lots of money to buy their devkit (and it's not even sure if they purchase it to me) and to rent a workplace with security high enough (their requirements). I don't have such money, so only way is homebrew. I don't care I would do that for free, because I would do that for fun and to be creative. To entertain myself and others.

Is it really that much wrong that I just want to do what I want with hardware I purchased? Without any piracy, just write code, compile and play. Is it really that much wrong that I just want to add another functionality to device I purchased, to device I admire, to device I like? For me and for others? Live-chat, playing videos(1) and other endless possibilities? What's wrong with that? What's wrong with me? What's wrong with US?

(1) Well, it's not like I have experience with programming codecs and playing videos (only a few knowledge from uni), but as I imply in my last sentence, I'm not talking for myself only, and I know there are people willing and capable of doing that.

P.S.: Imagine that Windows (C) would be like that too - meaning that nobody could code for the platform unless Microsoft (C) would allow them to. They decide who to allow and who not to. And if they allow, they would still decide what can be released and what can not. World... with IE being only Internet browser... everything by only MS or big companies... sounds great, right? Wait, sounds like what is MS trying to achieve with their latest Windows, doesn't it? I guess that all means that that's the correct and right way to do...

I don't want to live on this planet anymore!



Laethnes commented on Pokémon: DP Battle Dimension Shows Now Availa...:

1.) Well about Pokemon episodes in general: can't you watch them on ? (Note: this is pointed to discussion, not main article. I know that these are little different things from article.)

2.) You know you can create your own Nintendo Zone spot, don't you? It's not safe, because you have to turn off encryption on your WiFi AP (if you have one; if you don't you can buy cheaply WiFi dongle), but all the magic is in name of your AP. (Note: if you name your AP correctly and use encryption with password, Nintendo Zone will activate, but it won't be able to connect even if you set up it in connection settings.) See Google for more details. (Note: if you are going to experiment with it and the AP AND Internet connection isn't yours, ASK your parents and/or owner of the AP first!!!)

3.) Nintendo Zone is not good for watching, I agree with that. One of the reasons is that it does not buffer video much (only a few seconds) so with slower connection, you will experience one pause after another. (And I have theory that the video does not use good codec.) And waiting until more is downloaded doesn't help.

4.) Quality of the show is really relative. I loved it 12 years ago (watched until (including) Johto) and now I find it boring (a few months ago I did some experiments with activating Nintendo Zone and succeeded. I saw one episode with Gothitelle and now I know that this show is not for me). (Also I started re-watching the show 5 years ago and stopped with episode with pink Rhyhorn/Rhydon because I found it too repetitive.)

Note: I apologize for my errors in English. It's not my native language.

EDIT: grammar errors, added end of 4.)



Laethnes commented on Review: Rayman DS (DS):

From my experience: Rayman DS and Rayman 2 on PC are exactly same games except different resolutions (of course :3), DS does not use texture filtering (so PC looks little better) and textures has smaller resolution, a very few things has less polygons (I noticed only Raymans hands), different music (DS is bad) and DS has really, really bad controlling. The last thing makes DS version from 8/10 to 4/10 score. Anyway, I tried 3DS version (one friend of mine borrowed it to me for a few minutes) and except overworld, it's same as PC version (excluding resolution :3) including excellent controlling and music. Only problem was that sometimes (rarely!) fps went down and that I couldn't find how to rotate with Rayman flying on rocket (shell) (which makes last level and last boss little harder) (I mean - rotate without changing direction of flying, on PC version it's with CTRL and left/right arrows).



Laethnes commented on 3DS Patent Covers Vibrating Stylus, New Kinds ...:

Wait, do I see a possibility of new The Worlds Ends With You which does not destroy touch screen? I like it :3.
My old NDS touch screen is now highly inaccurate and cannot be calibrated, all because of TWETY (and Wario Ware) -.-; ...

Batteries in stylus does not sound nice to be, too, but tracking stylus with camera - that means that it wouldn't be 2D motion (like with PC mouse or classic touch screen) but 3D one (like with Wii), which sounds cool.

Btw. although I don't own Kid Icarus, I think that that could make aiming much, much better and controls would be on another level. With update, of course :3.

So I really hope this will be released soon and not, like, after 10 years (nor never).



Laethnes commented on Talking Point: The Future of Pokémon:

I don't mind a billion of different species, I don't mind 2D graphic, I don't mind top-down view. But what I really, really miss is old good nice story mode.

I would like to have Pokemon game like standard JRPG; nice, good story with more characters etc. and if would be there also gym and so, it would be also nice. I imagine it like Golden Sun game (now I'm talking about first one) with gyms in some towns. I don't mind what is already in games, but I miss more of JPRG elements. (Playing in-game alone, with no friend in party - I always, in every game, feel lonely.)

Also, it would be nice that different versions would contain different worlds and/or stories. In multiplayer mode, visiting others worlds (is connection between 3DS fast enough?) like we saw in Animal Crossing or Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time (but of course no real time battles).

I agree mostly with the article (nice written ) except parts I mentioned (which I simply don't mind :3).

Also, there would be many, many other different possibilities, but I'm too lazy to write book about that XD.



Laethnes commented on 3DS Finally Gets Messaging with Nintendo Lette...:

Finally! :3

@pntjr (15): This is an interesting point. I'm from EU and ALWAYS we got things as (one of) last region. Now I'm surprised that many things are here earlier... and although I enjoy not waiting long time, I believe it would be best for everybody to release things at the same time at most countries as possible.

@Hardy83 Absolutely agree