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Sat 5th Jun 2010

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LabGnome commented on Review: Mister Bumblebee Racing Champion (WiiW...:

Really too bad, sounds like an awesome idea. I feel like there is a racing game void right now. You have Mario Kart Wii and several wannabes and anything trying to use realism in any degree falls short.

ModNation Racers sounds very promising. Maybe when I get a PS3 I can get it. I thoroughly enjoyed LBP, so I have a lot of hope in this new trend of user created content (and I have been arguing ever since Mario Kart Wii that it would be nice if the game had added longevity either through expansions (maybe DLC) or UCC).



LabGnome commented on Review: Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville...:

My wife loves these types of games. I would love to surprise her with one in the near future (especially since she really feels overwhelmed by so many options whenever she thinks about buying a game). I could get her this; anyone seen better out there that I should try first (we have none of these types of games on the Wii but a few on the DS)?



LabGnome commented on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years:


I know it has been several months since your post but just in case other people were wondering a similar question.

The 3 300 episodes I enjoyed the most:
Lunarians Tale
Edge's Tale
Then, it is kind of a toss up... I suppose Porom's Tale

However I think the final chapters bundle is better than the side character ones if you don't already have it.



LabGnome commented on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years:

I enjoyed the whole experience. While shelling out $37 rubbed me wrong at the start I realized I was getting as much enjoyment (actually more) as I would from a modern title so when I started thinking of it as a rate of fun over money spent it actually was priced just right.

Compare to DS titles that people pay similar prices for similarly 'retro' gameplay it really isn't too bad! The fact that it is episodic I think was also nice, I honestly do not think I would have tried it if I had to buy the entire package just to see if I liked it.

I think to date this was one of the best WiiWare purchases I made. That being said 7 sounds right. It is a great retro title, but if you are rating it with all gamers in mind it can't realistically be rated higher. If you like this sort of thing I would say 8-9 is what it should be for you.