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Sat 4th Jul 2009

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LEviathan commented on The OFLC Rates More Capcom and Sega Classics f...:

"Where do Batman and Spider-Man appear?"

They're the bosses of Level 6. Also, in the first version, Rambo-lookalike mooks start appearing in Level 3 and the Level 7 boss its Godzilla.
Spiderman's appearance was apparently cleared with Marvel (unlike the others) so he's in every revision.

It's a given that Sega will used the final revision that was released on Sega CD and Dreamcast (with everyone but Spiderman changed). But will they go through Marvel again to keep Spiderman or get rid of him?
Either way, considering how Nintendo has steadfastly refused to release EarthBound on VC because they didn't feel like removing a couple of Beatles samples, I'm glad Sega is at least looking into Revenge of Shinobi.