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Tue 1st Feb 2011

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LD1808 commented on Review: Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary...:

Forgive me if some of this has already been said, I stopped reading the comments half way down (there were a lot )

Okay, this game was SMAS for Wii. Is that a bad thing? many people wanted it. Yeah, maybe the price could have been a little lower, and maybe it wasn't right (by itself) for the 25th celebration. But it's a great game for newcomers to the series, people who wanted but never had SMAS for the SNES, people who have the 4 originals for the VC but wanted updated graphics, and for people who had the original SMAS but lost it (or couldnt play it)

I only didn't get it because I have the original SMB for VC, and have the GBA remakes of SMB2/USA and SMB3 (which were basically Mario All-stars as seprate games and voices, with a few updates, and portable). Yeah the only one I'm missing is the "true" SMB2, but I've never been fond of what I've heard about how hard it was.

And like many have said, this is pretty much what Nintendo advertised: Super Mario All-Stars on a Wii disc with a soundtrack and a history booklet. Maybe a few fansites said (before the release) that "this is Mario's history with remade graphics" but those were probably fansites.

For people who complain about this game (not saying anyone on here, Im talkinbg about people on diffrent sites), it doesn't really matter how much you call it a "rip off". It's sold. People bought it. Done. At least that means that they wouldn't rerelease this for the 30th (if they celebrate it).

Hopefully for the 30th, they take SMB, SMB2, SMBUSA, SMB3, SMW, SMRPG and SM64 and give them NSMBW graphics (and for Mario 64, perhaps Galaxy Graphics?). And maybe some beta stuff, interviews, etc (I'd love to hear Miyamoto talk about Hotel Mario. I hear Nintendo didn't even develop that.) And maybe somthing like a 20 minute CGI movie-like thing (with actual voice cting in sentences like Sunshine). That'd be cool.

Again, sorry if any of this has been said.