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Mon 3rd Oct 2011

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KyleDusk commented on Review: Aliens: Infestation (DS):

The game keeps getting 8 out of 10 reviews from famous sites and also players like us on their sites/blogs

We're celebrating the Aliens movie 25th anniversary in 2011 and if you like both Metroid and this movie (or just one of the two) or just want an old school 2D run n' gun but with focus on exploration and atmosphere rather than non stop shooting, this one is a gift to any handheld gaming lover



KyleDusk commented on Review: Aliens: Infestation (DS):

I've been playing this game a good amount of hours the past days and trust me this is THE best WayForward 2D game EVER..

I'm a big fan of them and played games such as JL : Flash, X-Men : Official Game (both on GBA), Contra 4, Batman : The Brave And The Bold and Thor (all on DS).

I do think AI is an upgrade towards those games.

WFT guys are said to be read anything about them from us fans and critics so they surely listened to our complains about games like Contra and Thor.

The first one was extremely harsh and punishing and the ultimate frustrating experience on a video game .

Of course Konami created Contra this way but having to look at BOTH screens of the DS was extremely complicated and made the game harder than ever.

As for a game like Thor, it suffers from the same problems as games like The Flash one :

you need five to 7 hits to kill a normal enemy ! it takes basically forever to kill the weakest of them and, since they're respawning, I ended up getting bored to death by it.

A shame cause both games offered unique boss battles.

Back to Aliens : Infestation.

I do think this game corrects the said problems above :

It's way more easier and less frustrating than Contra and you don't take more than two hits to kill a normal Xenomorph, face huggers or chest busters (only the androids are tougher when it comes to "normal" enemies).

Good use of both D.S screens , good variety of items and weapons to use like a tank with aliens running after you and most important, exploration and a real atmosphere.

It feels like the 1986 James Cameron's movie itself with those arrogant marines thinking highly of themselves and believing they're too strong and well equiped for the enemy.

I love the fact each of them can die and he is gone from the play you've started , once and for all !

If you do have fave marines like me (Cameron, inspired by the real one, and Zoe the "goth chick"), you will feel a real emotionnal "connection" to them , something I've not felt in other WTF Games.

The fun of not knowing who will die first and then who will take his/her place (out of a grand total of 19 marines) spices things up considerably.

So far this game has gotten 8 out of 10 on 99 per cent of the sites which reviewed it (only one guy gave less, a 7 ).

Trust me, it's the closest thing you will ever get to both Alien 3 (Snes/MegaDrive/Genesis) AND Metroid on the DS and current handheld generation.

Well played WayForward Technologies, ending The DS life with a big bang !

Don't miss this adrenaline rush and go get it !